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Shop for Bitcoin Miners Review: Is a scam?

Shop for Bitcoin Miners is a name suitable for any crypto hardware store. Unfortunately, the store does a disservice by failing to offer any miners to customers. Even after completing payment, the store won’t deliver your miner. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The store will eventually fail to deliver any unit despite the name. Those who have interacted with the store are ruing the decision. Here’s more in our in-depth SHOP FOR BITCOIN MINERS REVIEW.

Advisory: Buying a miner from the store might be easy, do you know the ASIC Stats? The profitability each miner uses to stay ahead of the pack? These are the stats you need before making the decision to buy an ASIC Miner.

A Close Analysis of Shop for Bitcoin Miners store

With a short about us page, Shop for Bitcoin Miners does a shoddy job of introducing themselves. Only a paragraph fails to give the store’s complete mission and objective statement.

Avoid Shop for Bitcoin Miners store

We get a store promising buyers a shop with everything needed to own a miner. As well as buying miners, the store also claims to sell reliable crypto hardware mining accessories. Unfortunately, for all their promotions, the store fails to offer information on when the store started operation.

The Netherlands is the location the store claims as to their place of residency. However, ask the crypto mining community in the region; no one has heard of the store. And that puts into perspective everything you need to learn about the store.

From what we can see, the store tries to target miners in the European region. Once this happens, the store will change tactics and use another residency. It happened several times with the newly established crypto hardware stores.

The trend needs to stop as we help expose such stores. Judging from the face cover, it looks professional as all information is available. Navigating through the website as fast as the miners have their section.

You buy any miner depending on the mining algorithm or brand. There are also several payment methods available for use. It makes it possible for anyone from any world to purchase miners from them.

Experts recommend doing due diligence before buying from any store. Try and figure out the pros and cons of each store. It will help you make a more informed decision on which miner to go for.

Advantages and cons of buying miners from Shop for Bitcoin Miners

As pointed out, weighing the pros and cons gives buyers a chance to check out the store. It helps you know the weak points such as delivery and prices. These are some of the issues naïve buyers fail to check when buying hardware.

There are several issues to note, including the pricing of some of these miners. The store tries to undersell miners for a reason. Therefore, we must expose every possible con found on the store.

Available Crypto Hardware Miners on Shop for Bitcoin Miners

Shop for Bitcoin Miners selling faulty miners

You name it, and the store seems to have it. Every imaginable miner the store claims to have available. And if that’s the case, the store appears to be selling miners that are no longer profitable. That means the store is taking advantage of buyers.

We have to expose that there’s no proof that the store owns any of the listed miners. If you think about it, the store seems to take advantage of set miners. That’s not going to be possible for us. The store ought to have created a more manageable way of proving ownership.

If you take a second to think about it, the store posts stock images of miners. There’s no photo of the miners in their warehouse. We don’t have proof that the listed miners are available in their offices or shops.

Any legit crypto hardware store will have proof of ownership. And that includes having proof of owning the miners in a video. As a buyer, you also have the right to check the conditions of miners.

That means asking for a short 30-second video showing the miner in action. Failure to do so, the people behind the store might furnish you with a faulty miner. We have what looks like a problematic store to indulge with.

The pricing of these miners is another issue. It seems the store lowers the prices by a mile. These stores try to encourage bulk purchases. More miners mean having more profitability. And that’s their end game, for you to send more funds.

Stay away from such stores and get to know the market prices of these miners. If you find a store overselling or underselling miners, know something amiss. Avoid such stores as they could be selling used miners for the price of new ones.

Affiliate and partner programs

Once you email the store wanting to partner with them, it will respond with an enticing offer. Affiliates get a promise of earning a 10 percent commission with each sale. That sounds like a perfect way to earn passive income.

Far from it, the store doesn’t even release commissions. The store is only looking to take advantage of your connections. Those who you direct to buy from the store eventually lose their investment. Delivery is a huge issue.

As an affiliate, you must protect those you direct to the store. So make sure to investigate such partnerships in the future. These details help keep your credibility and integrity as a buyer.

Those you direct to buy from such stores will blame you for the losses. Some might decide to take legal action. After suing the store, your name will become an accomplice to online fraud. The law will see it that way as you were their partner.

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Why Shop for Bitcoin Miners is a scam

Your purchase not guaranteed by

There are valid reasons that make buying from the store a problem. These include;

Business holder

There’s little information on who owns or runs the store. That makes the Shop for Bitcoin Miners store an anonymous store. It would be best if you avoided such stores in the future. There’s no way of determining who is responsible for funds with anonymity.

Buyer’s agreement with the store

You won’t get to read the terms and conditions available between buyers and the store. That means not knowing the framework used to settle disputes. Despite claiming a dispute center, the store is not even looking to settle them.

Expect the store to fail to furnish buyers with refunds or accept returns. With a legit store, buyers expect to get a refund if the store fails to deliver miners. You also anticipate the store to accept returns if the miner is faulty.

Client testimony

Hundreds of clients have turned to social media to vent their frustrations over delivery. These clients rue the decision to buy miners from the store. But, with clients already shedding light on their experiences, it’s best to heed them.

Contact and support Shop for Bitcoin Miners store

Don’t expect any support from staff members once you complete payment. Before that, it’s all rosy as the store responds promptly to emails. However, once you place an order, the calls and emails stop coming.

Final verdict on Shop for Bitcoin Miners

Please stay away from

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