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Shop Goldshell Review: Is a scam?

A well-known clone, we had to expose Shop Goldshell and ensure no one fell for the store. However, those who have invested in the store are crying foul after failing to deliver its promise. Here’s our full SHOP GOLDSHELL REVIEW.

We received an email from warning of several cloned stores.

These stores purport to be the official partner of Goldshell manufacturers. But, unfortunately, that’s far from the case; is taking advantage.

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A review of the Shop Goldshell clone store

Shop Goldshell review pros and cons

With a website design that looks similar to that of Goldshell, it got most buyers fooled. After waiting for over 20 days without the store delivering. Several buyers have already lodged complaints against the store.

Even after Goldshell released a press statement, the domain is still up. There’s no indication the website will get pulled down soon. And that’s why we must engage with buyers by exposing the red flags found.

Most buyers make the mistake of not doing due diligence when buying miners. You must ascertain the credibility of these stores before engaging. We have come out to expose the store due to the increasing number of victims.

The people behind this store remain anonymous; attempts to reach out have hit a wall. These scammers are only looking to take advantage of naïve buyers. We must end their charade and hope search engines remove it.

With the about us page, the store uses information found on the manufacturer’s main page. You don’t see any mention of their shop on their homepage. There’s not even a single link to the shop’s page.

We also have to raise the red flag on the telegram link on the about us page. That’s the first trap set by the store. Once you head over to Telegram, they can now suit-talk you to buy miners even without following set prices.

Before you buy from the store, or any other online vendor, do some research. Try to find out each vendor’s pros and cons before committing funds. These include price points and their online reputation.

Advantages and drawbacks of Shop Goldshell

There are no advantages to dealing with a clone store. What happens after you engage with the store is disheartening. And the store won’t deliver the miner nor offer a refund despite attempts by recovery agents.

The store does dishonest business practices, so we have to expose them. As a result, several buyers have lost their investments in the platform. There’s a reason why we don’t find any satisfied customers on the platform.

Every aspect of the store is a lie, even the claim of partnering with leading mining pools. We also contacted the three mining pools listed on the homepage disclaimer part. The three include DxPool, Pool Mars, and ViaBTC.

None of these pools have any affiliation or partnerships with the store. And this goes to every solid store the store claims affiliation. So we have a store claiming to offer much in terms of reputation, which they are trying to buy.

Despite their efforts, you will find no positive review of the store anywhere on the web. If the store were an affiliate of Goldshell, there would be chatter. Unfortunately, that’s far from the case with this store.

Instead, what we have is a poor excuse for crypto hardware. The store is an utter disgrace to the crypto community. You won’t find any positive aspect even partnering with them. Therefore, we advise you to stay away from

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A detailed list of available miners on the Shop Goldshell store

Shop Goldshell products and crypto accessories

The store only sells or instead claims only to sell miners. Note that these stores only pop up when Kadena prices are high. The store collectively claims to sell 17 miners. These include five box miners, four lite miners, and 7′ professional miners.’

One of the store’s biggest lies to entice buyers is undervaluing profitable miners. The store does this to attract bulk orders from the profitable miner. An excellent example would be the Goldshell KD Max on the store’s page.

And this creates an illusion that the store is ideally the best store to get profitable miners. The throwaway price seems to attract bulk orders. And once you send funds, the seller won’t deliver even a single mining unit.

You must check the competitor’s price before signing up as a buyer. Therefore, you need to know the average cost of the intended miner. Avoid sellers who overprice or underprice miners, and they are scammers.

The store also doesn’t mention the condition of these miners. Some of the listed miners were released months ago. Are these all brand-new miners, or are there refurbished miners as well? For refurbished miners, the prices are considerably low.

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A safe way of buying crypto hardware from online stores store

Due to the rampant scams, we decided to create an airtight method of buying crypto hardware. Follow each step, and you’re buying from a transparent store.

Process 1: First, you must make direct contact with the seller and not rely on chats or emails. Making direct contact ensures you know who you’re buying from. It also creates a transparent buyer/seller relationship.

Process 2: Your next move should be to take a closer look at the intended miner. Ask for a short video of the miner in action. And that will give you a clear view of what you’re paying for. Ensure you check the condition and maximum hashrate.

Process 3: Once you’re satisfied, check the terms and conditions set by the store. Do ensure you go through the delivery and shipping policies. Avoid sellers who put all liability on buyers. These terms usually insist on a final sale with no refunds available after-sale the point.

Process 4: When making payment, first-time deals should be via FIAT. Crypto’s anonymous nature makes it impossible to track sellers. Instead, ask for the recipient’s information and a payment receipt.

Payment 5: Once the store delivers the miner, ensure you record the unboxing. This helps you to prove the condition of the miner upon arrival. If there’s extensive damage, demand a full refund. Other vendors may suggest covering repairs.

Bulk sales and discounts on offer Shop Goldshell

When you send an email requesting a discount, the vendor will respond. The question will be how many miners you’re likely going to buy. If it’s a large bulk, the scammer will claim to offer a 50 percent discount for five miners or more.

Despite these claims, don’t fall for such antics. You have to be realistic about these features and ask a few questions. What does the store gain from selling miners at such a low price? Nothing and no one’s in the crypto mining industry to give free giveaways.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any support from the store. And that ensures you won’t find anyone waiting to hear from you. Avoid stores that avoid direct contact.

Our Verdict Shop Goldshell

Stay away, and shop Goldshell is a clone store.

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