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Sinowell Review: Is a scam?

Sinowell claims to reside in Shenzhen, China. The region is synonymous with Crypto miner stores as it was a base of operation. Before the Chinese government banned crypto mining, Shenzhen was a haven for such stores. Now every store claims to reside in the region to appear legit. That’s the case with, which has already ripped off several buyers. Learn more in our detailed SINOWELL REVIEW.

Note: Experts recommend finding out more about ASIC Miners before buying them. For first-time buyers, you need to know the features of each miner. For example, learn about the available algorithm, efficiency produced, hashrate, and warranty.

About Sinowell

Sinowell claims to be the best crypto mining specialist on the about us page. Unfortunately, there’s no one to back up these claims as the store seems completely anonymous. No one knows anything about the store’s background and history.

Sinowell Pros and Cons

And this pushes investors into risking their investment with the store. The store claims to be global and even offers discounts for wholesale. But, unfortunately, no one has received a miner from the store.

With no background and history, it’s hard to prove their efficiency and reliability. And that’s why it’s hard for us to buy anything the store claims to sell. A genuine store would have some footprint in the mining world.

Someone ought to have heard about the store from somewhere. Instead, all we have is a sorry attempt to try and fool investors into purchasing miners. The store could as well be another middleman operating in the dark.

There’s little proof that the store owns any of the listed miners. If you think about it, these are mere stock photos. There’s no concrete proof, such as a photo or video of their warehouse.

Before buying any crypto mining hardware, it’s best to research it first. Then, try and confirm which miner works best for you. It’s the best and only way to ensure no one takes advantage of you.

Accessible Miners Sinowell

There are several listed miners from different brands. These include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, MicroBT, and more. The store does this to look competent in the eyes of buyers.

Far from it, the store doesn’t have any of these miners in their store. The store doesn’t even have a store. It’s only a website with stock photos of crypto miners and prices alongside them.

Speaking of prices, we did find some peculiar features. For example, the store seems to give away most of the miners. This is because the store tries to undersell these miners to try and get more clients. And this is why doing research helps buyers.

You get to know the average prices of brand new miners and used miners. Such stores won’t seem logical if the prices don’t fall under normal market conditions. It’s one of the many red flags we found in the store.

The store hands over a phone number to call to make an order. You can even chat via Whatsminer and negotiate on the prices. And that’s why we believe the store doesn’t own any of the miners.

The price ranges would be available for all to see if it did. Buyers would also know the quality of the miner firsthand. These are the reasons that make us question the intent of underselling these miners.

It’s clear that once you purchase a miner, the store fails to deliver it. Buyers are up in arms after the platform insists refunds are far from possible. Then, once the point of sale is complete, the store blocks all communication.

Sinowell Sells Faulty Crypto Mining Hardware Miners

Affiliate partnership

An affiliate program offers a 15 percent commission on all sales. However, the program insists that you will earn immediately you make a sale. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as Caleb knows it all too well. He’s a professional affiliate who decided to partner with the store.

There were no commissions after directing family and friends to buy miners from the store. The store failed to release commissions after payment. These victims also didn’t receive any miner from the store.

Now, Caleb is facing mounting pressure to explain why the store failed to deliver miners. He’s now a victim of the store’s elaborate affiliate program. The program is their way of expanding the net.

Thanks to affiliates, the store gets to take advantage of their connections. Unfortunately, Caleb won’t be sleeping well anytime soon. These victims plan to file a lawsuit against the website. There are calls to bring down the website.

If the lawsuit is successful, Caleb will be in a hot mess. The law will consider him as an accessory to online fraud. That’s why you need to know which store offers the right partnership program.

You will notice that no professional affiliate wants to partner with Sinowell. Word has gone around that the store doesn’t release commissions. No one wants to any association with the store for obvious reasons.

As an affiliate, you need to ensure that such stores deliver on their promise. You have to protect those you direct to purchase miners from such stores. Failure to do so results in a situation similar to Caleb’s.

Business holder

There’s little information to suggest who owns or runs the platform. And this means you won’t get the chance to recover any funds from the store. The owner wants to remain anonymous due to such reasons.

An anonymous crypto store should be the last option on your mind. But, unfortunately, such stores fail to meet expectations or deliver results. That’s why we have to expose the store’s red flags to protect our ardent readers.

Buyer’s protection Sinowell

You won’t enjoy any buyer’s protection from the platform. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has a FAQ section. It clearly shows that no one gets to profit from such stores. The best option is to read the terms and conditions.

Terms clearly state that the store doesn’t offer any refunds. The store also doesn’t accept returns of any kind. There’s a Risk warning one tab that reads ‘NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED,’ which says it all.

Reading the terms and conditions makes you know which terms are the best to use. It helps you realize what you’re missing out on. The terms also indicate on whose part the liability falls. Make sure to go through such documents for your good.

Does deliver miners? NO

Client testimony

As much as the store claims to be the best, there’s no mention of it on social media. The store doesn’t even have any social media profiles. If we knew better, the store has a black hole in its online presence.

It should be an indicator the store doesn’t want any interaction with buyers. Which online store doesn’t have a social media footprint? That’s the best you will get from such stores, and it’s why you need to stay away.

Disadvantages of Sinowell

Sinowell has several disadvantages, the top of them being failure to deliver miners. The store also undersells miners to try and attract buyers to buy a non-existing crypto mining hardware. So please stay away from

Final remarks

There’s every reason to believe Sinowell is a scam; avoid it.

After getting a reliable miner, your best option is to join a proven mining pool.

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