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TC Miners Review: Is a scam?

TC Miners ( is barely 235 days old as we publish this review. As fate would have it, we can say the store is new to the industry. New stores usually face an uphill task in getting a reputation to grow. And that’s why the review is insightful at best. We will take a closer look at what TCMiners has to offer. Is the store transparent? Here’s our candid TC MINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of TC Miners

The about us section talks of TC Miners being a United States-based company. There’s a picture of what we think is the developer or founding members. But unfortunately, we don’t know much about him or the store’s background.

TC Miners Review: Pros and cons

TCMiners claims to have partnered with Chinese crypto hardware manufacturers for this undertaking. In addition, the store claims to have grown tired of people losing money from online scammers. And so they decided to take action.

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The store claims to have a team of professionals who offer repairs and technical support. Who these experts are, just like the owner, remains a mystery. We have to question every aspect of the store if there’s a loophole.

As a buyer, you would want to buy from a transparent store. The store needs to open its doors to direct communication with members. Sadly, that’s not the case with the store at hand. As a result, there are a lot of questions for the owner to answer.

There’s a lot the owners should have done to have us fall in love with the store. Still, the store looks alive regarding information available and listed miners. We will take a closer look at the brands and pricing of these miners.

Before you engage with any crypto hardware store, it pays to do due diligence. First, find out from the crypto community whether the store is ideal. Then, protect yourself by buying from a reputable store with a proven track record.

Advantages and cons found on TC Miners

Every online store has an advantage and con that drives you towards or away from it. The same is the case with There are plenty of what seem like advantages and disadvantages.

All in all, we will provide you with details on how to protect yourself from online scammers. In addition, the TCMiners review will also guide you on safely engaging with online crypto hardware merchants.

Before buying from any store, there are some aspects you need to check. One, check whether the store is legit. How do you do that? It should have some form of business registry or traction from the crypto community.

Avoid buying from stores that don’t have any traction. A new store should interact with potential customers and leave a lasting impression. Do you want to risk being the first buyer of an unproven store?

Here are the ways to protect yourself using T C Miners store as an example;

A log of available miners

There are 19 Asic miners on the store’s product page. We have to mention the store also sells crypto accessories such as graphic cards. It remains unknown whether the store only sells new miners or refurbished miners.

Listed miners on TC Miners

You get to choose from five different manufacturers in the store. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and MicroBT. The newest miner you will find is the Bitmain s19 XP July batch.

How do you proceed with buying a miner from TC Miners? Is there a way to safeguard your interest when buying from a new seller? Yes, if you want to buy from TCMiners, there’s a way to go about it.

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A more secure way of buying crypto hardware miner

Remember, you have all the power when buying a miner. The power gets lost when you complete payment without verifying the seller. So how do I buy from the store? First, you need to follow these critical steps.

First, contact the seller and check if they are available for a facetime call. You can also call and try and set up a zoom meeting. It helps solidify the buyer/seller relationship. During the call, demand to see the miner in action.

The seller can send a short 30-second video of the miner. The video should show the condition and available hashing rate. Make sure to ask the seller to write your name on paper. The seller should place it next to the miner to guarantee ownership.

By doing this, you are eliminating the fact the store is not posting stock images. Scammers will post stock images and list prices next to them to appear legit. The next step is to check the average market price of the miner you intend to buy.

If the seller complies with these steps, the last step should ask about order tracking information. Ask about delivery and shipping and if the store accepts returns or offers refunds. These are the ideal risks you need to check.

Bulk buying and discounts

For those looking to buy in bulk, follow the above procedure. It would be best to ask the vendor to take you on a virtual warehouse tour. That way, you can rest assured the seller does have these miners readily available.

There are scam artists who take advantage by posing as bulk sellers. These scammers will lower the prices and claim to offer 30 to 50 percent off. The best way to buy in bulk is with the manufacturer.

Business Holder

Information on who owns or runs the store remains a mystery. And this, for us, is where the store loses credibility. We only have a profile picture on the about us page with no name. You would expect the store to do better than that.

A genuine store will furnish buyers with even social media links of the owner. We expected to see a page of founding members or staff members working for the platform. Without it, the store seems anonymous.

Buyer/seller agreements TC Miners

Most buyers fail to go over the buyer/seller agreement and lose a lot. These are the blueprints the store uses to operate. You have to go over, especially, the refund and return policies. Ensure you understand the shipping and terms of use.

A high-risk store will tend to put all liability on the buyer. Avoid stores that won’t cover repair costs, especially if the miner gets damaged via transit. The store should also refund users if delivery fails to happen.

Client Reviews

There are no positive or negative reviews of the store on the web. And that makes it hard to sell the credibility of the store. In addition, it means the store doesn’t socially engage with the community. Even their Facebook page only has shared blog posts with no comments.

Contact and support

Is a safe store to buy miners? Not really!

You can chat with the bot as there’s no live chat. The store fails to furnish buyers with a phone number. You can only message the store and expect to get a response.

Our Verdict TC Miners

Be careful when dealing with TC Miners.

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