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TCL Elect Limited Review: Is a scam?

TCL Elect Limited is another B2B Marketplace selling crypto hardware products. The problem with such stores is they fail to vet sellers. And this creates an influx of con artists who take advantage of the loophole. And that’s why we have decided to expose the seller. Those who engage with risk losing it all. And that’s what you need to know regarding the store’s crypto listing. Here’s more in our detailed TCL ELECT LIMITED REVIEW.

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About TCL Elect Limited

There’s no credible background or history regarding the store. Instead, we have a store that only lists limited information about who runs it. The store fails in its duty to offer accountability and transparency.

For those new to crypto mining, you need to know about the many scams in the industry. Our work is to expose these scammers and ensure a smooth running of operations. It would be best if you avoided the stores which hide information about their residency.

TCL Elect Limited Review: Pros and cons

From what we have gathered, the store claims residency in the Philippines. Most of the users we have engaged with don’t know the platform. It seems we have another exit scam pouncing on buyers in Asia.

Such stores are on the rise, with the store not having a physical office. And as such, it makes it difficult for buyers to pinpoint owners. The store also lacks basic infrastructure for handling complaints.

You would expect such a store to have a reliable client resolution center to tackle such problems. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the broker is unwilling to offer much in terms of reliability. As a result, you must stay away from such stores or risk losing it all.

Once you land on the homepage, you find a store that doesn’t offer much in terms of creativity. The store’s landing page is abysmal at best. These are the type of stores that make it difficult for members to navigate through easily.

Before anything else, it pays to do due diligence before buying from online vendors. First, you must ascertain the vendor’s credibility and delivery capabilities. If not, you might fall for the scams we are about to expose.

Advantages and Drawbacks of TCL Elect Limited

There could be advantages of buying other products from the store, not crypto miners. As we indicate, the best place to purchase miners is from a reliable crypto-only store. A jack of all types of stores is not ideal as there are many variables.

Sellers are not the same in such stores. Once you have a dispute, the seller can decide to shut down the account. As seen in this review, sellers are opening multiple accounts and selling one miner to different buyers.

An excellent example would be the sellers claiming to offer the Bitmain Antminer L7. You can easily see that over 19 sellers are using the same stock image. That should tell you none of them has the unit with them.

Due to the numerous scams, we decided to engage our readers with the truth. Here’s how you find out how to avoid scammers. In addition, we devised ways to ensure no one takes advantage of you while buying a crypto hardware miner.

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A directory of miners available on the store

There are several miners available in the store. Sellers ensure the top most profitable miners are available. These include miners that were recently released to the public. You get miners listed from all manufacturers.

Avoid buying crypto hardware from the TCL Elect Limited store

These include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Dayun, Ebang, Goldshell, and Halong miners. Others include iBeLink, Innosilicon, iPollo, Jasminer, MicroBT, Obelisk, and Spondoolies.

With each of these miners, sellers price them differently. Others seem to underprice miners. For newbies, this is a perfect place to buy a miner. But, from an experienced buyer’s point of view, it’s a red flag.

Most of the sellers you find in the store don’t have much to offer. We have a store that fails to provide many accountable products. Delivery from some of these sellers is not going to happen, despite paying the full price.

A safe way of buying crypto hardware from B2B stores such as TCL Elect Limited stores

Phase 1

Make direct contact with the seller before buying any miner. Most buyers go straight to add goods to cart after briefly chatting with the seller. Therefore, you must engage with the seller using direct means such as Skype or Zoom.

Phase 2

After establishing communication, ask the seller to show you proof of owning the miner. Doing this, you help eliminate sellers who don’t have these miners. Remember, some of these sellers are posting stock images. Others are mere middlemen looking to earn commissions.

Phase 3

The seller must now prove the miner is working or in tip-toe conditions. Have the seller furnish you with a 30-second video of the miner in action. Let the seller also share the serial number of the miner for future reference.

Phase 4

Once the seller establishes they indeed have the miner, and it’s working, start asking the next batch of Qs. These include questions regarding delivery and shipping. For example, does the seller furnish buyers with order tracking information?

Phase 5

Ask the vendor about prices and whether you can negotiate them. You first need to know the average cost of the intended miner. Please avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners. These are scammers targeting an easy payday.

Phase 6

Once you receive the miner, record the unboxing session. It would be best if you found out the condition the miner arrives in before proceeding. If damaged during shipping, the seller must accept returns and offer refunds.

Beware of false bulk discounts TCL Elect Limited

Some scammers take advantage of bulk deals. Scammers create dummy websites and claim to offer large discounts on ten units or more sales. Before you fall for such, you must know how to buy a large scale properly.

The best way is to contact manufacturers directly for the brand you want. With manufacturers, you get brand new miners, and delivery is a guarantee. Manufacturers also offer the best pocket-friendly prices on the ladder.

why store is a scam

For those looking for mixed brands of less than ten units, you can check with reputable stores. Remember to go over the above process before purchasing. Another avenue is going for miners used by other crypto mining farms.

Most mining farms usually offload some of their miners from time to time. For this, however, we recommend visiting the mining farm. You must see the condition of the unit and test it before buying.

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Business proprietor TCL Elect Limited

We don’t have any information about who owns or runs the store. These are stores that don’t offer much in terms of accountability and transparency. No one wants to engage with an anonymous online crypto hardware store.

The reason being anonymous stores can close down at any moment. No one knows who will be held responsible for transactions already underway. So please avoid such stores in the future.

Closing remarks TCL Elect Limited

When buying crypto hardware, you must stay away from the TCL Elect Limited store.

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