Tips on How to Beat Slots in Online Casinos

Are there any tricks on how to bit slots in online casinos? Must you enjoy and play the game until your luck runs out, or you hit the jackpot? Is there an accurate way of making money with online casino machines? Here’s how to beat that with BestAuCasinosOnline.


How does one win in an online casino slots game?


When it comes to playing regular slot machines, the only thing you can rely on is luck. You must be lucky even to get half the times right. And that creates a significant hurdle for players who want to win and make the most out of it.


All the casino slot machines have an inherent advantage over players. But, unfortunately, these machines seem hell-bent on making you lose money with every spin. There’s a reason for that; at least part of the income has to go to the house. 


Beating Casino Slots Machines

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Here are some practical tips to win online casino slot games


The truth is, you can’t beat the slots. You can only increase your chances or odds of winning. So how do you get about it? The best option is to choose a slot machine game that suits your style of play. That includes choosing one based on variance and theoretical return. 


When it comes to slot machines, dispersion is the key to success. This is because dispersion gives you an idea of how winnings get distributed. This, however, is often with small amounts and therefore less frequent. It, however, allows you to get the large prize on offer.


The Theoretical Return (RTP) is the total percentage the players bet on the slot. These are what the slot machines return as player winnings. Thus, it would be best if you went for a slot with the maximum possible return and variance you’re comfortable and happy with.


Can one slot have different results?


Of course, developers may issue several versions of the same machines. And the results will differ from one slot to another. Each slot will come licensed with a different RTP than others.

The casino, on the other hand, has the option of choosing which slot machine to use. Here’s how the casinos follow legal procedures set by regulators.


Learn How Slot Casino Games work


Developers will release several versions of the same online casino slot machine. The trick is to develop each machine with different return possibilities. It’s all done to improve these slots and offer different outcomes for other players.


Some Casino companies will want a machine that offers around 96 percent return. Other casino owners will prefer fewer return margins in terms of RTP. The flexible choice allows developers to have a broader approach to customers and results.


Manufacturers offering different variations


All these variations get licensed in different jurisdictions. The fact is that the casino or operator can’t conjure or influence the game’s outcome. The owners have the chance to get the version they want on their casino tables.


What’s not known for sure is whether the choice gets fixed for that particular casino. The operator might also have the option of changing a casino with different outcomes. No one knows whether operators can change the casino slots whenever possible.


Since the version has a valid license, the developer and operator don’t break any laws. Sometimes, this information regarding changing casino slots gets withheld for legitimate reasons. However, these reasons are legal and don’t affect the outcome.


In more regulated jurisdictions such as Malta and the UK, the RTP of each slot must have a valid permit or listing for all to see. Casinos in Curacao don’t require to give this information. That leaves everyone guessing whether a high or minimal return.


If there’s a requirement to provide RTP data, the casino may feel obligated to go for higher percentages in returns. The maximum payout is not the option you will find in casinos based in Curacao.


Is there a way to win progressive jackpot slots?


Most people will advise you not to play progressive jackpot slots. It’s especially so when it comes to large jackpots that hardly payout. Part of your betting will go to fill up or reload the prize pool. The chances of breaking the jackpot are small at best.


For those who ignore the jackpot, slot machines have a lower percentage of returns. Since the odds are against you, it’s best to go for slots without jackpots. That way, you can get regulator winnings from playing casino slot games without jackpots.

Can you Beat Online Slots machines?



Make sure to check the minimum wage requirements before going for progressive jackpots. That will ensure that your bets qualify you for winning the mega prize. Unfortunately, it’s a feature that most players fail to look into.


Here’s another great tip; bet on all lines. The more lines you bet on, the higher your chances of winning. So even though it’s not a piece of relevant advice to take, it’s still a formidable way of increasing your odds.


Taking full advantage of bonuses offered


Mobile Casino sites often offer bonuses which can be helpful if the player utilizes them. Bonuses will go perfectly with online slot machines. You get 100 percent wagering with bonuses on online slot casino games.


Evaluate each bonus offer, as some are just there to throw you off the prize.


Winning more in new slot machines, is it possible?


Some will support the idea, while others see it as a misconception. Some players believe they stand a better chance with new slots. That’s not entirely true. As the developer sets the RTP, the latest slot machines offer the same odds as old ones.


Winning Slots in Land-based Casinos


Research in Canada revealed placing machines with higher RTP close to cash registers is a close reality. As a result, these establishments will put the same machines with different RTP within the establishment. 


Under Canadian law, this is normal and acceptable. As long as the return is less than 85 percent, this practice is widely spread in Canadian casinos. How things work in different countries is all determined by the outcome.


If the same slots have different returns in the same room, the casino can arrange them to maximize profit. Therefore, the assumption becomes easier to win with slots placed near cash registers.


Slots Machine cheaters? Are they a reality or myth?


There are indeed exceptional players who take advantage and defraud land-based casinos. For example, some use wires to get to coins or blind machine that counts coins. These actions are illegal and can land you in jail.


If you’re looking for a casino workaround, you’re subjecting yourself to cheating practices. Some cheaters will try and sell some strategies to you. However, most of them claim their ways guarantee success. 


It’s a scam as if there’s a way to cheat casinos; owners would have come up with a rule against it. Casinos are set up to make money while players get a portion of it. Therefore, the casino will use all available means to prevent you from winning.


Better play safe and rely heavily on luck.


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