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Torob Review: Is a scam?

A Persian-based online crypto hardware store, Torob is a hard sell for us. The store’s website aesthetics is not enough to convince us to buy from them. Certain pages don’t load or work at all. And there’s also the issue of listing products and claiming the seller is unavailable. What if you place an order and make a payment? That means no delivery! Here’s our clear TOROB REVIEW.

A brief look at what Torob offers

Another crypto store claims to offer all types of crypto mining accessories. These include crypto miners and graphic cards. The store promises prompt delivery, which is not a sure thing. There are a couple of issues wrong with the store.

Torob pros and cons

These include the main fact that Torob fails to vet sellers properly. As a result, anyone can open multiple accounts and sell one mining unit to several players. And that’s how the store opens its doors to scammers.

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Torob may have a splendid idea of offering crypto hardware to the Persian crypto community. Unfortunately, the execution is all wrong as the store fails to provide much safety. With rising complaints, we have to raise the red flag.

Our Torob review exposes the dark side of buying from anonymous sellers. These are the sellers that are likely going to defraud you by failing to deliver. But, of course, nothing is stopping them from posting stock images.

As a buyer, you need proof the seller has the miner. Unfortunately, the store fails to offer a video upload section. Today’s marketplace demands such features, especially for high-ticket items. You want to see the available features.

Before buying from any store, we recommend researching more on the seller. Try and check their reviews and customer support. If that’s not available, it’s best to look for other alternatives instead of risking it all.

Advantages and disadvantages of Torob

It would be best to weigh each store’s pros and cons before diving in. The best way to do so is by reading reviews from independent sources. Others include checking customer experience through social media platforms.

Torob as you now know doesn’t have a user rating system. And that means having issues with sellers who don’t have what it takes to deliver units. You are risking buying from a seller whose online reputation remains a mystery.

Overall, website aesthetics doesn’t favor the seller. There’s no proper upload, and the images are low quality. In addition, the seller has limits to the number of photos they can upload of listed content. And that’s a huge problem for investors.

You would want to have a look at every aspect of the miner. The preferred currency is Tomans, with no currency converter on the platform. And this shows the store only sells to crypto miners around the Persian region.

For miners in Iran, kindly let us know your experience with the store. If the store is valid and some sellers deliver, kindly mention them. It will help the next buyer get to buy from a reliable seller.

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A checklist of available miners on the Torob store

Torob features and cons

There are several brands available in the store. Depending on the seller, you can get Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and Jasminer. Other notable brands listed include Canaan and Whatsminer.

The problem with these sellers is they fail to list the condition of miners. Buyers have a right to know whether they’re getting brand-new or used miners. Unfortunately, some sellers will take advantage and sell refurbished miners for the price of new ones.

Pricing is another crucial area of concern. Some of the sellers are overpricing and underpricing some of these miners. And that creates a problem, especially for users who rush to buy underpriced mining units.

Scammers will create a low price for the most profitable miner to encourage bulk purchases. The scammer will claim to be a fully-fledged partner of any of the leading manufacturers. Once you send funds, the seller deletes their profile.

There’s no way of recovering funds from such sellers. And that’s why we have to ensure no one else takes advantage of buyers. Avoid such sellers who won’t even list their full names or profile images, and they are most likely scams.

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A guarded way of buying crypto hardware from B2B marketplaces such as Torob

We devised safe ways to ensure you engage and come out happy with the terms. Follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

Step 1

Make direct contact with the seller. Ensure the seller does offer much in terms of accountability and transparency. Don’t just rely on chats and emails; set up a live meeting. That’s why Skype and Zoom were invented.

Step 2

Demand to see the miner in action by requesting a short 30-second video of the miner in action. That way, you can request the whole setup and, above all else, the maximum hashrate. That way, you know what you’re about to get.

Step 3

Delivery and shipping details must be available, including dates and shipping methods. These sellers don’t have any delivery and shipping policies in place. Demand for order tracking information to track your purchase.

Step 4

Making payments has to be the biggest task of them all. Only do so when you feel delighted with the seller. Don’t rush to buy from a seller; use crypto payment channels. You can test the seller by ordering something small such as PSU cords.

Step 5

After completing payment and hopefully receiving the miner, record the unboxing. In the event there’s damage during transit, request a full refund. Extensive damages require the seller to refund the customer.

Bulk deals available on Torob

Some sellers offer bulk deals and what seem like great discounts. We have mentioned that some of these deals are traps for unsuspecting clients. You need to avoid such stores or risk losing them all.

Before buying a miner, do due diligence. Find out the overall price of the intended miner from competing stores. That’s the only way to guarantee the seller is pricing the miner right. Avoid sellers who overprice or underprice miners.

We suggest contacting manufacturers directly for those looking to buy brand-new miners in bulk. That’s the best way to make contact and get a great deal. Manufacturers also offer extended warranties and maintenance deals.

If you are looking for refurbished or used miners, we recommend going for reliable stores. However, the best is buying from a crypto mining farm offloading miners. We recommend visiting the store and taking a glance at these miners.

Contact and support

The dealers leave their phone numbers and don’t pick up. You can only message or chat via WhatsApp. That’s why we insist on buying from sellers willing to show their faces. And that’s the best way to buy miners from a transparent dealer.

Customer reviews

There are no customer reviews on any of the sellers listed on Torob.

Our Verdict Torob

For now, please use reputable sellers proven. If you’re in Iran, ask to meet the seller and test the miner.

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