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Tradewheel Review: Is a scam?

Tradewheel acts as a jack of all trades. The store sells apparel, computers, electronics, and miners. There are hundreds of goods to get from the store, mind you, not directly from Trade Wheel. Sellers sign up for free, post pictures of what’s on offer, and ship products. It seems to be Alibaba or Amazon as it has two offices, in China and the United States. Sadly, these products and sellers hardly get vetted by Learn the risks found in the store in our clear TRADEWHEEL REVIEW.

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About Tradewheel

Tradewheel Pros and cons

There are claims that Tradewheel is a Chinese-based store. On the about us page, claims to be a leading B2B marketplace. We have no issues with their stand or services brought to the table.

Our main concern is the lack of transparency happening with their crypto products. Anonymous persons sign up claiming to be sellers or vendors of crypto hardware miners. The platform fails in its duty to protect buyers.

And that’s why we don’t recommend buying miners from stores such as The store is a jack of all trades and fails to offer transparency. Your safety is not their concern, as the platform wants to make sales through any means necessary.

To try and get a global audience, the store claims to have offices in the United States. If that’s the case, there should be a physical address linking the store. But unfortunately, even their address for the US location is not straightforward.

If you search for the address, the store claims residency in Delaware. We sent a person to confirm the location and came up empty. The store doesn’t have any physical office in the United States.

Before you buy a miner, we recommend doing some due diligence. Try and find out the experiences of other users with the store. It’s a perfect way of knowing what products or services to expect from the store.

Accessible Miners on Tradewheel

Tradewheel allows just about anyone to sign up and post pictures of their merchandise. As a result, we see a total of over 60 miners available in the store. These miners come from different crypto hardware manufacturers.

These manufacturers include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Dayun, Goldshell, FusionSilicon, Innosilicon, and more. The store accepts sellers to post FusionSilicon miners shows the lack of concern for buyers.

On the available FusionSilicon miners, the store claims that these are brand new miners. However, we know that the manufacturer stopped producing these units over a year ago. And that’s why we are unhappy with the store’s attempt to fool investors.

The store claims to offer the FusionSilicon X1 miner, brand new. But, instead, you get a promise of fast delivery and at an affordable rate. Once you click on the contact page, you send your message to the seller.

And this shows that the store doesn’t control what happens after. Once you make payment, the owner may decide to deliver the miner or fail. There are several complaints from buyers who failed to receive their miners.

When this happens, the store doesn’t offer a safety net to buyers. Your only option is to plead with the seller to release the miner. The store failing to protect consumers opens up floodgates for scam artists.

We believe that most sellers on the platform don’t even own these miners. If you think about it, these are stock pictures of miners. You don’t get to see the miner in question working. And that’s what makes a risky store to buy a miner.

Tradewheel sells faulty miners

Account opening and security management

Opening an account on is free; anyone can sign up. We noticed no age limit, and anyone can sign up. That’s the problem as scam artists look for these loopholes. The store ought to comply with international online store regulations.

You don’t allow anyone to open an account and claim a seller. The store is only interested in making commissions for sales made. Buyers rue the decision as there’s no customer support to help with the problems.

There’s also no proof of person or seller. The store does a poor job of verifying these sellers. One seller can open several different accounts using different personas. There’s no security to protect buyers from such exposure.

The account opening process also fails to offer any conflict resolution options. So when you get a faulty miner, there’s no dispute center. And this allows sellers to enjoy all the freedom and none of the repercussions.

Business owner

You would expect such a thriving store to list board or staff members. But, unfortunately, there’s no information to suggest the founding members of the store. Likewise, we don’t know the CEO currently running the store.

One would expect better from such a store that proclaims international success and sufficiency. Unfortunately, the store fails to offer any information on their offices, even in China. There’s no proof of the store’s offices on the web.

Anonymity is a crucial feature to avoid when dealing with online stores. With anonymity, you don’t know who you’re dealing with. Even the sellers don’t post their names, just profiles with any names listed.

These are the features naïve buyers will fail to spot as they attempt to buy miners. On the other hand, Sellers fail to show proof of ownership of these miners. Instead, you need concrete evidence that the owner has the store as a buyer.

When buying any miner, you also need to ask for proof of the miner in action. Ask the vendor to send a video showing the miner in action. The video should indicate the hashrate and dashboard of the miner mining coins. has illegitimate sellers

Client testimony

On TrustPilot, there are plenty of positive reviews regarding the store. Note that these positive reviews are for other products, not Crypto hardware. There’s not a single positive review of the store’s miner brand.

And this speaks volumes about what to expect from the store. If a store doesn’t have any consumer rating, the product is not viable. We have seen a few negative comments on crypto platforms regarding the store.

You will also notice that the crypto community does not back such stores. It’s better to deal with a store that only sells crypto-related accessories. A jack of all trades will not have your concern at heart.

Contact and support

Here’s another worrying thing about the store, support is not available. You would expect the store to offer 24/7 live support. Instead, members get a chance to leave their messages on the message board.

Even contacting the seller is a problem; the seller will only respond if their time. We don’t recommend this type of communication. The store doesn’t even act as a third party and fails to moderate contact.

Our verdict on Tradewheel

Avoid buying miners from tradewheel

You should avoid buying crypto hardware miners from Tradewheel. The sellers are far from credible as the store fails to verify them or the products.

The best way to mine crypto is by joining a reliable mining pool. Go for mining pools used by the crypto community to advance crypto mining.

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