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Tregukosovar Review: is a scam?

Tregukosovar is an Albanian B2B marketplace for every imaginable product. Our review is about the Crypto hardware aspect of it. We do not doubt that the platform is a reputable online store. The issue is that the store is not properly vetting those who list miners on the platform. And that has created some issues with some buyers crying about missed deliveries. So here’s our candid TREGUKOSOVAR REVIEW.

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A Closer Look at Tregukosovar

Based in Albania, the platform does have a dated website design. The page takes longer to load, and the dated design degrades the quality of images. In addition, the name of the registrant of the domain is not available for privacy reasons.

Tregukosovar Pros and Cons

Domain records indicate has been around for 5,054 days as we publish this post. That means the website was created back in 2008. Since then, the developer hasn’t made any changes in terms of design layout.

What made us question the platform was one user who had been posting the same images on different websites. The user claims to be an associate of a leading Crypto wholesaler in China. Check the photos below for their details.

We firsts saw the images on a Polish website, ABC PL. The Goldshell picture is the same, with different user profiles. We believe this is the same scammer trying to fool crypto miners in Albania and neighboring countries.

Before you buy any miner from the platform, there are vital issues to note. First, the platform fails in its attempt to protect buyers. We feel that such platforms ought to verify sellers before anything else.

These sellers have the audacity and capability of opening multiple accounts with different email addresses. And that’s one of the reasons why we insist on buying crypto hardware from a crypto miner-only store.

Experts recommend researching a store or vendor first before committing funds. That way, you protect yourself from scammers preying on naïve crypto hardware. If you’re not careful, you can lose your entire investment.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Tregukosovar

The store has been around and is a reputable store. The store sells electronics and other accessories, including fashion and real estate. It’s a marketplace where you can get just about anything.

There were no complaints until the crypto hardware issues started trickling down. Then, as the crypto watchdog, we had to investigate and get to the bottom of it. Those who buy without thinking twice end up becoming victims.

We must protect buyers from stores that seem to take advantage of sellers. That’s why we have come up with this review. To help expose some of the scam tactics that you must avoid. Also, learn how to engage with the crypto community and get reliable miners.

A directory of available miners

Beware of sellers on the Tregukosovar platform

Most of the listed miners are from leading brands. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. Apart from selling crypto hardware, other crypto components are found in the store.

These include graphic cards, Hotspot miners, and power cords. Some vendors also claim to sell immersion cooling accessories. Others even claim to sell accessorized crypto mining containers.

How safe can one be when buying from an online store? These are the questions we help answer. We will furnish you with a credible way of buying miners from online vendors. Follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

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A shielded way of buying crypto hardware miners from online stores and vendors

The first step you need to take is to call the seller. If the seller is around your vicinity, have a one-on-one meeting. For sellers away from you, check to see if they are available for facetime or Zoom meetings.

If the seller passes the first step, you need to check proof of work. Ask for a short 30-second video of the miner in action. The seller can also live call you with details of the miner, including hashrate. Remember to ask about the condition of the miner.

Once satisfied, you can then start negotiating prices. Before making the call, you first need to know the average market price of the intended miner. Avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners.

The last step should be to ask about delivery and shipping. Make sure to get order tracking information on when the miner will arrive. The seller should also offer a receipt of payment as proof of funds received.

Bulk purchases

Some vendors claim to offer discounts on bulk purchases. For example, it’s the norm to provide 10 to 15 percent discounts on ten miners and above. Unfortunately, scammers have decided to take advantage and use these bulk discounts to lure victims.

These scammers will claim to offer 30 to 50 percent discounts on bulk items. It’s a strategy that has been working with more clients ordering large quantities. But, sadly, the vendor fails to deliver even a single mining unit.

Is a scam? NO

Business proprietor

None of these sellers on the platform give their names or leave photos to match these names. All of them leave the image section empty, which screams anonymity. No one wants to buy from an anonymous vendor for obvious reasons.

And this is where we blame the store for not properly vetting sellers. Sellers who sell valuable items should leave their contact information. The seller should also have a professional profile one can view.

Buyer’s terms and conditions Tregukosovar

Tregukosovar fails to offer any terms and conditions that comply with crypto businesses. These include refunds and returns. Instead, the seller takes advantage and ensures the sale point is the end of the business.

If the seller fails to ship the miner, the buyer becomes the victim. The platform fails to protect buyers in such cases. There’s also no proof from the buyer that they didn’t receive the miner. These sellers may take shipping information from other sales to fool buyers.

Don’t engage with a seller not willing to furnish buyers with a credible buyer/seller agreement. The agreement should cover refunds, returns, shipping, and personal terms. In addition, a buyer has the right to get protection from liability incurred if there’s late delivery.

Client comments and testimonies

Aggrieved clients have turned to social media to try and expose the sellers. But on the other hand, these sellers close the account and open a new one. The exposed seller claims to work with Shenzhen Technology Ltd.

Contact and customer support

Don’t expect much contact or support from sellers. Despite leaving a phone number, it only works before completing sales. Also, once you pay the seller, they will likely block all communication with the seller.

Delivery and Shipping issues Tregukosovar

Expect no delivery from a vendor who hides their contact information. A transparent vendor will leave their doors open for communication. Please avoid anonymity when it comes to online shopping.

Final Verdict Tregukosovar

Although the platform is reputable, it fails to vet these sellers.

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