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U-Buy Review: Is a Scam?

U-Buy is an affiliate of the global eCommerce platform U Buy. The platform we are reviewing is It’s a Japanese eCommerce platform solely for residents. And with this comes a new era of several clients posting crypto platforms. There’s no doubt about U Buy as a platform, and it has a sterling reputation. It’s one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms of the decade. Our point goes to the Japanese version. Here’s our comprehensive U-BUY REVIEW.

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A Brief Analysis of U-Buy

The platform, as we say again, offers reliable services for eCommerce. Our main target is the crypto aspect and how risky it has become to buy from the store. There have been rising complaints from buyers who bought from unscrupulous sellers.

As a buyer, you need to know what you’re getting into. U-Buy doesn’t validate sellers as one would expect. For example, a seller could open multiple accounts and sell one miner to different users. The outcome is a group of buyers who believe in having bought a miner.

Beware of scammers U-Buy

Most of these sellers don’t even upload much in terms of address and contact information. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t leave buyers with that option. We recommend buying from a store that only deals with crypto products.

Even if you’re from around Japan, sellers use proxies to sign up. Then, after sending funds, the seller promises to deliver within five business days. Then, on the seventh day, you find the account is no longer available.

That’s precisely the reason why we must expose the store. Several investors have lost funds this way. But unfortunately, the store does nothing to help as there’s not even a dispute resolution center to protect buyers.

What we have are sellers willing to take investors for a ride. Without anyone protecting buyers, these sellers have tarnished the good name of U-Buy. And as such, we have to safeguard the platform by exposing these sellers.

Before you engage with any seller, it pays to do due diligence. Try and find out from the comments section about the seller. For example, is the seller willing to furnish buyers with proof of owning these machines?

Advantages and Drawbacks of buying crypto hardware from U-Buy

Like any other online store, there are advantages and disadvantages. For U-Buy, buyers from the region can relax knowing who sells miners. The seller can post their physical address.

These sellers can also have a solid reputation within the Japanese crypto scene. Once you buy from them, you know delivery is a guarantee. However, we have issues with sellers who fail to deliver and take your funds.

The risks that come with trading with the platform are numerous. First, we see some sellers who deliver the miners 28 days later. It could point out that these sellers don’t own the miners. There are a lot of third parties posing as distributors.

Here’s what you need to look out for when buying miners from the U-Buy store;

An Inventory of Available Miners on U-Buy

Name any miner, and you will find it available on the platform. Some miners released in 2018 are finding their way into the platform’s catalog. In addition, miners that are no longer profitable are available in the store.

For first-time crypto hardware buyers, you need to know the facts. So please get to see the miner you want and the profitability it brings to the table. Failure to do so, the seller will even send an empty box to mess with you.

It has happened more times than once. You get home with a box thinking it’s a miner. Then, when you open it, you get the shock of your life. The miner is just an empty shell or faulty miner that won’t mine a dime.

A Buyer’s right when buying miners

Before you buy from any vendor, you have the right to ask for proof of ownership. Let the seller send a short video of the miner in action. The video will show the miner’s work, including the condition and hashrate.

Without a good video, the seller could be selling air. Therefore, it would be best if you also went over their reviews. If the seller doesn’t have one, insist on a meeting. The seller also needs to provide their store address in case of mishaps.

Some sellers try to lure buyers by lowering miner prices. An example would be a profitable miner such as the Jasminer X4. So you get a seller reducing the costs to attract bulk buying. The seller is only interested in the deposits made.

Sellers selling faulty Crypto miners U-Buy

Those who make the mistake of sending funds will rue the decision. The seller will eventually close the shop and set up another one with a different name. We hold the platform to blame for not failing to vet sellers properly.

Beware of Affiliate programs

Some sellers will even have an affiliate link claiming to offer a discount after each sale. Some claim a value of over 20 percent. You need to ask yourself what the buyer is making to make such bold claims.

The seller wants to get you to lure victims on their behalf. That way, there’s no linking the seller with the affiliate. You end up losing your credibility and not getting discounts from the sale.

Business proprietor

These sellers will even claim to be official distributors of leading brands. All that’s done is upload the logo of the manufacturer. These sellers will even upload a Genuine Tag photo to enhance validity.

Ensure you buy from a reliable seller with a high ranking. Go through the comment sections to try and find out the experiences of other buyers. If the owner hides their personal information, ignore the purchase.

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Buyer’s protection and policies U-Buy

Most of the sellers don’t engage with buyer’s protection and guidelines. Therefore, you are not enjoying legal cover from buying miners from such sellers. However, valid sellers will offer fair and transparent purchase conditions.

These include setting up a refund and return policy. What happens when you receive a faulty miner? Will the seller accept responsibility or cover repair fees? That’s not the case with most sellers on the platform.

Client testimony

We have some clients who disagree openly with the seller after buying miners. These buyers feel cheated and want answers. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t respond and shows a lack of professionalism. That’s why we insist on reading their reviews.

What crypto miners buyers have gone through on

Customer support

Don’t expect any support, as the sellers rarely respond to emails. Especially sellers who know well they don’t have the listed miners. These are unscrupulous sellers wanting to take advantage of investors.

Delivery and shipping

As earlier indicated, delivery and shipping depend on the seller. A valid seller will even issue order tracking information. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as rogue sellers don’t care much once you pay for the miners.

Final Verdict?

After checking the sellers, we recommend you check out each seller’s validity. Then, go for a seller who has a long-standing reputation.

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