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Ubuy Review: Is a scam?

Here’s what we don’t get about Ubuy ( Are they an affiliate of We don’t think so, as the store made a mistake with their affiliate page. It links you to the main website instead of the platform in question, You would expect an affiliate to partner with the listed platform and not a subsidiary directly. That said, we have a lot to talk about. Here’s our candid UBUY REVIEW.

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A Brief Analysis of Ubuy

When we discovered the platform, it was via a search of the Bitmain L7 miner. The results redirected us to a platform claiming residence in Chad. All their products are shipped from the United States.

With the original Ubuy store having a steer reputation, we had to dig deeper. For one, there’s no indication that is a subsidiary of the central platform. And as such, we had to be careful not to get involved with a clone platform.

Are vendors genuine on the Ubuy store?

There are other Ubuy subsidiaries based in India, Thailand, and Qatar. We didn’t expect to find one in Chad, of all places. Not to throw cold water on the platform, but something didn’t sit right with the website.

And as so, we started looking at the about us page. And yes, on the website, the facts were finally revealed. Yes, is a subsidiary of And as such, our fears were out as we knew this was a legit platform.

There are several vital issues to note with the platform. First, it’s a B2B marketplace where vendors list their products. That means the platform is an all-inclusive store where you can buy almost anything.

With that comes the real issue of who verifies sellers on the platform. Can anyone walk right up and open a seller’s account? How much scrutiny does the platform have when it comes to ascertaining merchants?

You have to do some research on the vendor first before making any plans. Seasoned buyers will want to confirm whether a seller has enough credentials. That includes a good rating and review from other buyers.

A catalog of Miners on

Several merchants claim to sell various crypto hardware. And as such, a new user or buyer would have to buy blindly from most clients. For example, when you click Bitmain, a handful of results appear on the search tab.

All of these results have one thing in common: all claim to have some US stores. It seems these vendors are in direct contact with US stores. So how does one buy a crypto hardware miner from the store?

There are several ways of purchasing miners from the store. The store also uses three distinctive payment methods. First, once you decide on the miner you want, you can buy it through a bank or wire transfer.

For one, most of these miners don’t have an actual price alongside them. After adding the unit to our cart, we didn’t know the price of the Bitmain Antminer S9+. And this is a worry for us as you don’t see the charge.

Another issue we thought vendors ought to act upon is quoting the miner’s condition. For example, is the miner brand new or used? Are the minor features missing from the list of available crypto hardware?

Apart from selling crypto hardware, the store also sells crypto accessories and components. Unfortunately, we haven’t paid as the charge is still an issue. Another factor we must mention is the proof of concept.

Yes, the seller has the miner; how does the buyer confirm the miner is working? There could be sellers posing as actual sellers and posting stock images. A short video of the miner in action would suffice and clear any doubts.

Bonuses on offer

On some miners, you get a whopping 30 percent bonus on each purchase. Although it appears as an incentive to buy in bulk, we have doubts. Thirty percent off means the vendor won’t make much profit.

There are some instances where vendors want to clear the stock. In other cases, the vendor intends to entice sellers to buy in bulk. Again, the question of the condition of the miner rises due to the price value.

As a buyer, you need to know the market prices of some of these miners fully. And if the seller gets their miners from US stores, why not directly buy from the store itself? You know, eliminate the third party or middleman.

When you look at the final checkout page, there’s one glaring issue. The store lists XAF as the introductory unit price. However, Chad uses the CFA franc, and the symbol is FCFA. In all fairness, the XAF is the currency symbol of several West African countries.

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Business proprietor

You won’t get to see vendors using their actual names on the platform. Furthermore, the platform offers sellers a unique ID. Unfortunately, only a few sellers are bold enough to highlight their real names on the platform.

Can I get a crypto miner from Ubuy store?

If you find an anonymous seller unwilling to share their information, please stay away. Regarding B2B marketplaces, anonymity should be the last option. Instead, get a transparent and willing vendor to share their knowledge.

Transparency is crucial as it helps create a trusting relationship with buyers. Without any genuine trust from buyers, sellers won’t get any reputation. And that’s why we must insist on buying from a reputable seller with a steering review.

Buying from

As indicated earlier, you can buy using bank and wire transfers. Vendors are to use MasterCard and Visa for their payments. Most vendors also accept PayPal as a form of payment. Once price is full, ask for a copy of the receipt and order tracking info.

Track order will help you know when the shipment will arrive. Make sure you have an unboxing video in case of any mishaps. There’s a consensus the store fails to provide legal cover for buyers on the platform.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines Ubuy

We expect the sellers to provide buyers with extensive buyer protection. What we mean by this is to accept returns of damaged goods and refund clients. Without these aspects, buyers are not fully protected from unforeseen errors.

Avoid sellers who want to put all liability in the hands of buyers. Such sellers will want to close the transaction as soon as possible. Ensure the vendor sends you all the information, including the expected delivery date.

Client reviews and testimonies.

What users think of store

We haven’t seen any reviews from independent sources regarding the store. However, the store offers buyers a platform to air their experiences. We acknowledge it as it gives newbies a clue of which seller is trusted by the community.

Contact and support

Please stay away from a vendor who doesn’t put his contact information on display. Before purchasing from a vendor, reach out and have a candid conversation. Test how fast they respond to queries or whether they pick calls.

Closing remarks on Ubuy

After checking some vendors, we ask you to pay extra attention to all sellers on the platform. It’s best to engage with crypto stores that only deal with crypto mining hardware.

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