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WATTUM Review: Is a scam?

WATTUM is a Bitcoin Mining Solutions and Services provider. Going by the full name WATTUM Management, the store has over 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide. The store also boasts of being one of the largest crypto hardware distributors in the United States.

Whether that’s the case, only time will tell. There are no negative or positive reviews of the store. And that’s why we decided to post a thorough WATTUM MANAGEMENT REVIEW.

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A closer analysis of WATTUM

The overall website layout seems appealing and easy on the eye. All information needed is easy to find, with navigating through the website quickly. The about us page tells us more about the platform’s background and history.

WATTUM claims to have sold over $200 million in equipment sales. The store also boasts of financing over $5 million in equipment sales. Lastly, the store claims to have nine facilities built around the United States.


The store also offers other crypto mining services apart from Asic miners. With hosting, the store has two verified facilities and three coming up soon. And that begs the question of whether you can engage with their hosting services.

If the facilities are fully booked, there’s no chance of hosting your miner. However, for the coming soon facilities, interested parties can request hosting. Maybe the store will give a timeline of when the facilities will go live.

Arseniy Grusha gets listed as the founder and owner of the store. There are also some blogs available, with all being in-house publications. But, again, there’s little to go on with from outside sources.

The team behind this store is also behind the curtains. We see the team attended the Bitcoin 2022 Forum in Miami, Florida. And the CEO is seen mingling with other attendees. How about the other members of the platform?

Experts recommend you do research on a store before fully engaging. You have to assume the store is available for comment. And this gives users a chance to engage fully and become better at asking questions before committing funds.

Advantages and disadvantages of WATTUM

As an interested buyer, you must weigh each store’s pros and cons before deciding to move forward. If the pros outweigh the cons, you can engage with the store. So how do you safely engage with an online vendor and have confidence in delivery?

Our WATTUM review will walk you through how best to engage with online vendors. And the example should be Wattum Management, as they seem to offer several crypto-related products and services.

It would be best if you were confident that the seller would deliver a miner. As a buyer, you have to know the state of miners. Stores can offer brand-new or used miners, depending on what you want.

From the S19 series listed on the platform, the store seems to sell brand-new units. That’s a good thing, as you would expect an extended warranty on such. In addition, the store is on record, guaranteeing 3-6 years of mining life for the S19 units.

Wattum demands users to send a quote as their miners don’t have a specific price. That leaves room for buyers to negotiate with the store. You would be in a hot mess if you failed to negotiate prices.

As a buyer, you can also request refurbished miners as well. You only have to ask if the store can access them since they do hosting services. Another avenue to consider is the hosting aspect of crypto mining.

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A checklist of available Asic miners on Wattum

With the S19 series, the store claims to have over 15 models of the S19s. Other crypto hardware available includes the Whatsminer Series. There are other crypto hydro miners as well for sale on WATTUM.

Sadly, the store doesn’t act as a crypto hardware sale shop type of store. There are only two brands listed as available in the store. And this limits users when it comes to choosing profitable miners.

The current market shows Goldshell and iPollo miners to be leading in profitability. However, please note that the current profitability data is one as we publish. And that means the two listed brands have little to no profit now.

Things and profit margins do change when the market favors mineable coins. The leading Bitmain miners are the L7s and the KA3 miner, something Wattum Management doesn’t offer. And that limits your selection.

You need to engage with a store offering several manufacturers miners. Unfortunately, the store in question is only interested in the hosting aspect. That’s not bad, and it only means you can’t mine coins like Kadena.

And that begs the question, what’s good to go for in the store? We recommend checking their hosting services and payouts. Also, it’s worth mentioning there’s no indication of payout plans.

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A guarded way of buying crypto hardware

Listed products on the WATTUM store

We devised a plan on how best to buy crypto hardware. Follow these steps, and you’ll likely come out on top with the deal.

Step 1

The first step involves directly making contact with the seller. Don’t rely on chats and emails or even the bot service available in the store. Instead, you need to set up a live chat with one of the sales representatives.

Step 2

After making contact, demand to see their hosting locations if you want to engage in such. The other option is to ask for a short video of the miner in action. With the video, you get to see the unit’s maximum hashrate and overall condition.

Step 3

Delivery and shipping methods and timeline should be your next line of questioning. When exactly does the store deliver once the client completes payment? Is there order tracking information available?

Step 4

Once you’ve decided to move forward with the sale, ask for a receipt. Then, make sure to go for payment channels that offer information on the seller. For first-time purchases, avoid crypto payments due to their anonymous nature.

Step 5

Lastly, take a video of the miner once it arrives. The store should offer a full refund if there’s extensive damage during transit. Before placing an order, go through the terms and conditions of use.


Wattum Management does offer bulk sales, as indicated on its chat platform. So, for example, buyers can buy a minimum of 5 plus miners to over 100 mining units. And this gives buyers a chance to engage fully with the store’s discounts if there are any.

The store fails to disclose whether there are any offer discounts. We recommend contacting manufacturers directly for bulk orders of brand-new miners. That way, you get great deals and an extended warranty.

For refurbished miners, you can contact a reputable crypto-mining farm. That’s the only way to stay ahead with crypto hardware miners.

Contact and support

There’s no phone number listed on the contact page. However, the store also has a bot representative for chats.

Final Verdict WATTUM

Be careful when you engage with the store. Then, let us know how it goes.

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