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Whatsminer Review: Is a scam?

There are several different Whatsminer shops out there. Discerning which shop is legit is a huge problem. Today, we will expose a store that started okay but has been defrauding buyers of late. The store in question is which seems to have lost grip in the crypto hardware world. Several buyers have experienced shipping delays and even failed to get the right miners. Here’s the full WHATSMINER REVIEW.

A Complete Analysis of Whatsminer

Whatsminer Review: Pros and Cons

We have to start with the WordPress theme website from Whatsminer. It shows a lack of professionalism from a store that claims to be the best. The store claims to be the official distributor of MicroBT WhatsMiner.

Before engaging with any crypto store, you need to determine the profitability of WhatsMiner. It will help you quickly explain what to expect with the miner. And this includes the profitability and expenses incurred while running the store.

Whatsminer doesn’t look like a genuine store. We have a website that was once a darling to the Crypto community. It seems the owners sold the website to a disgraceful partner who steals from clients.

Once you place an order, the store claims to deliver the miner within 48 to 72 hours. But, unfortunately, two weeks later, the miner still hasn’t arrived. And this means you will have to either accept your losses or look for an alternative.

Hundreds of buyers have been venting their anger on crypto forums and various social media outlets. Unfortunately, it seems that all these buyers share the same experience. The store fails to refund or accept returns which is a harsh policy.

We recommend that you find out more about a store before engaging. For example, try and get to hear the experiences of other users before buying a miner. It will help you better grasp what to expect from the store.

A Few ASIC Miners on Whatsminer Store

There are only a handful of Whatsminer miners available in the store. From our count, the store barely has 20 miners on their platform. We strongly believe that the new website doesn’t own any of these miners. doesn’t have a valid warehouse to store these miners. Attempts to get the full story hit a wall after the store blocked our email. You need to have proof that a store owns the miners before engaging.

There’s proof of ownership with most legit crypto hardware and retail stores. The store will likely present a video of their warehouse and the miner working. That’s what a reliable crypto store does to solidify its stature.

We believe the store in question is a middleman. The store doesn’t have any of these miners. So, after paying in full, the store will try and look for the miner using other avenues. In most cases, the store will get second-hand miners.

Claims of being the official distributor of WhatsMiner brand are false. The manufacturer stated categorically that there’s no preferred distributor of their brand. And this creates an open field for competition.

There’s also proof that the store tries to refurbish used miners and sell them as new. The store will price used miners and claim them to be brand new. So buyers get refurbished miners for the price of a brand new mining unit.

Affiliate program sells faulty miners

For those looking to earn passive income as an affiliate with the store, we don’t recommend it. Instead, the store insists that you send them proof of your affiliate capabilities. In return, the store claims to offer a 20 percent commission for all conversions.

It looks like a viable way of earning passive income with the store. But, unfortunately, investors fail to understand that the store doesn’t release these commissions. So instead, you end up paying the price for directing buyers to a non-existing store.

The store will use every trick in the book to block conversion data. So you won’t know that people are buying miners using your affiliate. Then, after failing to get their miners, you start getting calls from victims.

These victims demand compensation from the store or the affiliate. Instead, the store takes advantage of your connections and leaves you hanging. And that’s how you lose your credibility and reputation as an affiliate.

Business Holder

The store claims to have offices in America and China, according to the homepage. The store further states that its main base of operation is in Shenzhen, China. With satellite offices in America, the store promises prompt delivery.

There’s no information on who owns or runs the store. And this means the store is entirely anonymous. Furthermore, despite claiming to reside in China, the business registry is unavailable. And this means consumers don’t get the protection needed from government institutions.

The owner wants buyers not to enjoy consumer protection. And this means you are on your own when you accept any product from the store. You will notice that the store introduces harsh terms and conditions.

Client Reviews and Testimonies

To try and make the platform appear legit, the owner puts up testimonial ads. You get paid to post a positive comment on independent sites such as TrustPilot. And this is done to fool anyone looking for past user experience.

The truth is that social media shows exactly what the store is all about. Several complaints are available on Crypto forums and groups. The store’s attempts to mask negative comments don’t go well.

You will notice that the TrustPilot page claims VTI enterprises own the store. However, there’s no mention of that name on the website itself. And this points to a store that openly misleads buyers.

The disclaimer at the footer of the homepage shows DJ Miner as part-owner of the store. There’s also a certificate that claims to be from the MicroBT factory in Shenzhen. However, the certificate is a fraud. Proof; there’s no signature from the CEO of MicroBT, just a red stamp.

Whatsminer failing to deliver and ship miners

Contact and support

You will also notice that the store tries to limit communication channels to written form. For example, the get help section has two email addresses, one for sales and support. Unfortunately, you don’t get any phone numbers listed on the platform.

And this is proof we are dealing with a rogue platform. The platform wants to control all communication aspects. will attempt to call buyers using several phone numbers. We suspect the store uses virtual phone numbers to call clients from different locations.

Disadvantages of Whatsminer Store

The first con in the store is the failure to deliver miners. It’s likely the store sells faulty miners with the intention being to close shop. We have seen such stores before that try and go out with a bang.

You also get a store that hikes prices after the sale is complete. Buyers get a notification that the miner’s price they just bought went up. You have to send the extra balance or risk losing the miner to another buyer.

Of course, this is another way the store attempts to steal every penny from buyers. The claim of selling miners in bulk is another issue. There’s no way the store sells Whatsminer in bulks, and the store doesn’t have these machines.

Final thoughts

Avoid buying MicroBT Miners from

After exposing the store, you need to avoid or their sister platforms.

Ensure to invest in proven Crypto mining ventures such as cloud mining contracts.

For those looking to get more answers, kindly email us with any queries.

  1. I think is Microbit Whatsminer licensed distributor

  2. I think is one of Microbit Whatsminer licensed distributors.

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