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Whelow Review: Is a scam?

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There’s no doubt Whelow is a growing B2B marketplace. Our only concern is fails to vet sellers who apply to sign up and sell products in the store. And this comes as many buyers who bought crypto miners were cheated. So we have to expose this bitter truth and request Whelow takes over and uncovers the mess. Here’s our credible and dependable WHELOW REVIEW for more.

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About Whelow

We have to discuss the store’s background and history. All we have is that the store doesn’t have a good way of validating sellers. The store claims to reside in Florida, United States.

Once you land on the homepage, you feel like a secure online store. The store mainly deals with electronics and smartphones. Recently, the store decided to venture into the crypto market scene.

Whelow pros and cons

And it all started with some sellers claiming to offer miners at a throwaway price. These miners were the very same ones topping the list of profitable miners. Some buyers thought they had hit the jackpot and decided to engage with the store.

And that’s when it all started to go wrong for buyers. The buyer failed in their duty to offer any reasonable miners listed on their profiles. And that’s why we must dig deeper and expose these sellers taking advantage.

Without the store’s validating sellers, buyers cannot contact sellers. You don’t have a way to file a complaint against these sellers. And we have to blame the seller for these issues. The seller doesn’t offer much in terms of sustainability.

These are the red flags most buyers fail to spot on b2b marketplaces. Most of them buy from such stores due to the low pricing of miners. Our review will help you know how best to engage with online sellers.

Not all sellers on the Whelow store are crooks; some offer decent miners. Our review will guide you on how best to engage with sellers. Before engaging with any store, we recommend doing due diligence.

Advantages and cons of Whelow

Before you buy from any store, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons of each. But, then, it would be best to find a plausible seller who will deliver a reasonable miner. And that’s why we are here, to help find the best seller.

You have to weigh the pros and cons regarding the miner and pricing. Scammers will sell miners at a low or extremely high price. However, there are ways to guarantee safety when buying miners from online sellers.

Our review exposes the scammers and how best to spot them. Most B2B marketplaces fail to vet sellers. As a result, a seller platform fails to offer much in terms of seller profile. All we have is an avatar with little information on sellers.

Whelow contact details

Go for sellers who are open and transparent with their communication avenues. Avoid sellers who don’t want a close-up or video chat. A genuine seller will try and make it possible to communicate with potential buyers.

Whelow should have done a better job with the seller’s account page. Unfortunately, there are no reviews to leave on all seller accounts. With reviews, buyers would quickly know the top-rated crypto hardware miner seller.

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A catalog of available miners on the Whelow store

There are a total of six miners listed on the platform. These include miners from leading crypto hardware manufacturers such as Bitmain and Whatsminer. Listed miners include Avalon, Bitmain, DragonMint, Ebang, Pangolin, and Whatsminer.

Shocked by some of the miners listed, we don’t understand why some sellers would list miners as no longer profitable. And that’s why we insist on buying miners from crypto-only stores. Crypto stores only furnish buyers with profitable miners.

It’s been a while since we saw DragonMint and Ebang miners on shelves. And this goes to show the people listing these miners have no idea what’s happening in the crypto world. No one will buy a miner that doesn’t make a profit.

We blame the store for not having the insight on such matters. That’s why engaging with a crypto miner store is best, as they give users credible information. You also need the list of daily profitability before buying a miner.

These sellers fail to list the conditions of these miners. Are these brand-new or used miners? That’s not the case with this unit, as the store fails to offer much in terms of listing conditions. Of course, some of the non-profitable miners are used.

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A cautious way of buying crypto hardware from online vendors

Do you want to buy a miner from Whelow? We recommend following these strict guidelines that help investors get the best miner.

  • Make direct contact with the seller.

You need first to make direct contact with the seller. We recommend having a video chat session with the seller. A genuine seller will be willing to set up a meeting. It clears any notion of an anonymous seller.

  • Check the miner’s condition.

During the call, ask to see the miner. You can also request a short video to see the miner in action. It helps to ascertain the seller does indeed have the miner. By doing so, you also eliminate third parties.

  • Delivery and shipping details

Ask about due dates once the customer completes payment. You also need to ask about order tracking information and receipts. Are there additional costs to incur when you buy from this dealer?

  • Payment structure

When making payments, please avoid crypto payments for first-time deals. Once you’ve ascertained that the seller is legit, you can then use crypto. Ask for a receipt and take screenshots of every payment process.

  • Record unboxing

When you receive the miner, please record the unboxing session. It helps to show the condition of the miner’s arrival. In case of extensive damage, request a full refund and return the unit.

Bulk orders and discounts offered

We didn’t encounter any seller who was offering bulk orders or discounts. The best way of buying miners in bulk is by directly contacting manufacturers. With manufacturers, you get the best deals, including an extended warranty.

Manufacturers also offer bulk order deals, including repairs. You can also trade in these miners and get a large discount for others. Unfortunately, some scammers take advantage of the discounts by claiming to offer large discounts.

These scammers usually create dummy websites or clones and claim to partner with manufacturers. For example, many sellers claim to partner with Bitmain and Goldshell, which is far from the truth.

Contact and support

Once you place an order and complete payment, scammers won’t make contact. That’s why we recommend direct conversations using video chats. You must protect every aspect of your being with this broker.

Closing remarks Whelow

Be careful of some of the sellers available in this store. We recommend you follow each of the steps above.

Please comment or email us with any queries regarding crypto investing and mining.

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