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Wup Access Review: Is a Scam?

Wup Access claims to have a Crypto Miner showroom in Miami Gardens, Florida. It seems like a family business operated and run by the Reinoso’s. From the onset, we can see a huge gap in client consideration. The store doesn’t sit right with us, especially the website design and allure. There’s reason to believe is a faulty and clone platform. No one has come out and given praise to the platform. Please learn more in our vivid WUP ACCESS REVIEW.

PS: ASIC Miners come with different features and highlights needed to make them work. To get a profitable miner, you need to know the algorithm used, efficiency, and hashrate. These are the crucial aspects for any ASIC miner.

A Brief Analysis of Wup Access Crypto Miner Hardware Store

There’s no point in dragging this review; Wup Access is a sinister crypto hardware store. The store fails to deliver miners and even attempts to steal credit card information. Despite its low prices, the store still hasn’t had any footprint in the industry.

Wup Access Sells Faulty Miners

We suspect that the store is another crypto hardware store exit scam. After receiving bulk orders, the store will attempt to close the shop. Additionally, the store’s owners only post pictures of their profiles without matching social media engagements.

For one reason or another, the store fails to have any credible review. Instead, we see a few reviews from Reddit users who haven’t engaged with the store. One thing that deters them is the low price module on the platform.

We have to say, on the Reddit timeline, it’s clear the user is promoting the store. No one takes bait as the user might be the owner. The user goes by the username TheMartianDoge and the post made has been around for five months now.

From his profile, we see a user engaging in other forms of investing. And that could point to the owner who seeks other investment ventures. Engaging with the store was just a by the way and not intended.

Looking at website details, we can precisely tell when the store went live. Domain records indicate the store went live on 4th December 2018. So the website has been running for over 1,259 days as we publish this post.

Before engaging with any store, experts recommend researching it first. Try and find out what makes the store ideal for purchasing miners. Find out from the Crypto community about the experiences of other buyers in the store.

A List of Miners found on the Wup Access store

It seems Wup Access has five brands available in the store. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Jasminer. From our count, the store seems to have 27 miners on its roster.

Buyers can sort out the miners by price or brand. Apart from selling ASIC miners, the store also sells GPU mining rigs. Buyers can also get mining accessories, parts, and refurbished miners in the store.

There’s even a pre-owned miner tab that has a total of three products. Unfortunately, we don’t understand the store, as some miners were released a while back. Unfortunately, the owner doesn’t update the website much.

And that indicates a lack of any presence in the Crypto space. Most stores will remove miners that are no longer profitable in their shop. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as we see a store that seems to wait before removing miners.

The price model on the store is also another massive issue for us. It seems the store overprices some of these miners by a large margin. The store could be a middleman trying to earn commission from such sales.

For the Goldshell KD6 Miner, the store seems to use the original price the miner came out with. And that’s taking advantage of buyers considering that the profitability of the Kadena coin went down. Unfortunately, the store also fails to accept PayPal for this particular miner.

There’s also no evidence that the store owns any listed miners. Instead of posting stock images, we would have a video if it did. The buyer can ask for such details to ascertain the condition and hashrate.

Wup Access Fails to Deliver Miners

Affiliate and partner program

If you contact them with a request to become their affiliate, the store greatly acknowledges it. The store will send you an email and offer an affiliate link. In addition, we see the store offering an affiliate commission of 15 percent on all sales.

It seems like a perfect way to earn passive income. However, before you jump in, there are a couple of issues to note. One, the store doesn’t release even a penny for affiliates. Two, the store fails to release conversion data.

As an affiliate, you rely on conversion data to ascertain your sales margin. It’s only when a buyer gets back to you that you will know if your conversion. The store wants to take advantage of your connections.

Most professional affiliates don’t want to engage with the store. Word has gone around that the store doesn’t deliver miners. And as such, the store would significantly tarnish the reputation of these users.

Those you direct to buy from the store will likely lose their funds. You’re to blame for it. If these victims take legal action, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud.

Before you affiliate with any store, confirm that the store meets its obligations. As an affiliate, you also have to protect those you direct to buy from such stores. The store is such a scary option to purchase a miner.

Business proprietor

Although the store claims the Reinoso’s own it, we have doubts. These are stock images of different people. There’s no other photo related to the store with the people on the disclaimer on the homepage.

And that’s the reason why we doubt the ownership of the store. It shows how anonymous WUP Access is in the eyes of buyers. You don’t want to buy from such a store as getting any refund is out of the question.

When you click on the names of these owners, you’re directed to the homepage. Instead of directing users to their professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. And that’s an indicator there could be stock images of different people.

Buyer protection Wup Access

There’s no buyer protection available on an anonymous crypto hardware platform. Despite having a terms and conditions page, all liability falls on buyers. Additionally, the store ensures it won’t meet any costs even if there’s a delay in shipping.

What buyers/clients think of

If the store fails to deliver the miner, don’t expect any refunds. The store claims it doesn’t accept returns or offer refunds. That’s no way of providing fair services to investors. We feel the store ought to do better than that.

Most buyers fail to go through the terms and conditions of such stores. And that puts their funds at risk. Ensure you go through the terms and conditions to understand how the store interacts with clients.

The store in question even fails to offer shipping policies. If your miner gets damaged via transit, the store won’t cover repair fees. That’s why we don’t recommend engaging with the store.

Closing remarks Wup Access

Please avoid buying any miner from Wup Access.

NOTE: You can use reliable crypto mining contracts for a chance to earn with crypto investments.

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