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X-ON Miner Review: Is a scam?

X-ON crypto hardware store already has a negative review on It seems the aggrieved party didn’t receive their miner. And as such, we had to take a closer look at Once we landed on the homepage, a few things were noted. First, the website uses homepage banners similar to another exposed store. Second, was the website using the exact manufacturer details. Here’s our candid X-ON MINER STORE REVIEW.

A closer look at X-ON

X-ON claims to be one of the largest miner suppliers focusing on online sales. In addition, the company claims to partner with one of the largest crypto hardware manufacturers, Bitmain. We see this statement on the about us page.

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The story goes that X-ON has been in the crypto-mining industry since 2013. The store claims to offer over 11 production lines and $70 million in annual sales estimates. The store also boasts 35 percent continuous growth and over 1,000 staff.

Speaking of staff members, you will note the website doesn’t have a staff profile section. There’s not any video upload of the virtual offices or production line. All we have are pictures of this store. And that doesn’t sit well with us.

X-On pros and cons

The only videos found are from independent users using the Xingjia Miner Machine factory name. We also see a profile of the manufacturer on the global sources platform. Note there’s no mention of this store on that page.

You have to wonder what would make the manufacturer fail to mention the store. It would be part of the branding, but Xingjia is a different outfit altogether. The manufacturer doesn’t have any connection or partnership with X-ON.

We recommend that you always do due diligence when engaging with online stores. With crypto miners being a high-ticket product, caution is necessary. That’s you must go for platforms that offer accountability and transparency.

Advantages and setbacks of buying miners from X-ON

To better understand what you are getting into, you need to weigh the pros and cons. We will look at the store using the eyes of newbies and an expert’s opinion on matters. It all starts when you land on the homepage.

The store has a convincing website layout with easy navigation. You get a store that does offer the information needed on available products. And that’s where our expert eyes come into play. The store uses the same homepage banners as asicminer. co.

And that is not a coincidence, is not a functioning website. It seems the shop changed domain names or is out of business. The store, too, was using the exact company details as an X-ON miner.

Since the store claims to have started in 2013, we had to dig deeper. Domain records indicate is barely 240 days old. The website went live on 2022-o3-13. These details are a matter of public record.

How can the store claim to have grown to such lengths in a few days? The review on Trustpilot must be accurate as the buyer tried to buy the units in July of 2022. There’s something wrong with the store.

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A list of available miners on the X-ON store

There are several brands listed as available in the store. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and MicroBT. In addition, most of the S19 hydro miner brands are available for sale in the store.

The store also sells GPU mining rigs from four different companies. These include mining components and graphic cards from Asus, MSI RTX, NVidia, and PNY RTX. Unfortunately, there is only a handful of these available for sale.

Listed miners on the X-On store

You also get a few mining accessories, such as power supply cords. We also saw a pre-release catalog of miners where buyers can order. However, that seems tricky as you don’t know when manufacturers will deliver.

Some of the pre-listed miners are on the market. And that goes to show the owner fails to update the content regularly. Even the Antminer E9 was released a few months ago. So how, then, can the store still claim these are pre-release orders?

The store claims to be the primary corporate pattern of the leading crypto hardware companies. We see a store boasting of partnerships with companies whose miners are unavailable in the store. The store even uses the manufacturer banners to try and convince naïve buyers this is a professional outlook.

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A secure way of buying crypto hardware from online stores and vendors X-ON

Due to the rising theft cases, we decided to help secure your purchase. Follow our guidelines, and you will walk away with a miner or your investment.

  1. Directly contacting sellers

Your first move should be to contact sellers directly. With this, you help establish that the seller is available for communication. You also avoid sellers who will likely be third parties and create dummy websites.

  1. Checking the miner’s condition

A one-on-one call determines the tone of the sale. You can request a video showing the miner in action. Check the miner’s condition and overall hashrate. The seller fails to mention whether all these are brand-new or used miners.

  1. Delivery and shipping

You need to ask questions regarding delivery and shipping. For example, how long will it take for the store to deliver miners? Make sure to also go through the terms of use. Finally, go over the delivery and shipping policies.

  1. Payment methods

For first-time users, we recommend going for FIAT payment channels. And the best way to do so is to ask for the recipient’s information. Take screenshots of each process and avoid crypto payments due to their anonymous nature.

  1. Unboxing process

When unboxing the miner, make sure to record the process. Then, you can share the unboxing with the seller in case of any damages. Though uncommon, you must return the miner and get a full refund.

Are there discounts on offer X-ON for bulk deals?

What clients think of

No. We didn’t see any bulk orders. And that’s just how the store plans to work out. We recommend going for other alternatives. So, if you are looking for bulk deals. And the best of them include directly contacting manufacturers.

With manufacturers, you get the assurance of getting quality miners. You also get great discounts, especially for orders of ten units and above. Make sure to also ask for repair deals in the future. You can exchange the miner for a new one in the future.

Avoid sellers who seem too eager to sell miners on the prowl. These are sellers who likely offer large discounts that seem almost like giveaways. Scammers pretend to have an off-sale and rip off unsuspecting buyers.

Contact and support X-ON

X-ON miner is another store that prefers WhatsApp and written communication. For a store with over 1,000 employees, you would expect live chat. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the store fails to offer tangible support.

What clients think of

The review on TrustPilot got us thinking that the store is an utter scam. Please avoid it. The store also looks like a clone of

Our Verdict

For now, avoid the store.

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