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Xinke Mining Review: Is a scam?

Xinke Mining ( sells crypto mining containers, their main selling point. The store also sells other crypto hardware, including crypto Asic mining machines. Our XINKE MINING REVIEW helps to show how best to deal with such a store.

And that’s why you need to know the measures to take when buying an ASIC Machine. In addition, with scammers stalking, it’s best to know how to deal with online stores. For example, suppose you want to buy from Xinke Mining store; how would you go about it?

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About Xinke Mining

Xinke Mining pros and cons

Looking at the crypto mining store, the store starts as a crypto container seller. We don’t know whether the store ships these containers while customized or not. With crypto containers, a lot has to go with the details.

And that’s why we are here, to try and get to know the store more. But, unfortunately, there are no mentions of the store anywhere on the web. And that means first-time buyers will have difficulty discerning whether to go forward.

A store without any online reputation may find it hard to get customers. But, on the other hand, a store without any reviews can become significant if they deliver on its promise. That’s all up to the Xinke Mining store.

Based in China, we have reservations about the crypto hardware aspect of it. If you remember, the Chinese government clamped down on crypto mining. And this prompted even large-scale manufacturers to leave China.

How the store sells these products remains a mystery. All we have is a promise they will deliver once you decide to move forward with the sale. However, the website does look professional, and navigating through it is straightforward.

Founded in 2017, the company should have at least some credibility or online reputation. But, five years in the business, and no severe crypto miner has mentioned you? Something needs to change in terms of customer relations.

Before you buy any product from online stores, it’s best to do due diligence. First, try and find out what makes a store tick. That’s the best way to attack a store and guarantee your safety. Also, check out what others have experienced with the store before making payments.

Advantages and cons of Xinke Mining

We can’t give any reviews on their pros and cons. Xinke Mining remains a store hidden from the public domain. Those who have engaged would help clear the air on the services expected from the store.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t say we can’t review the store’s main attraction, the crypto products. There is a lot of hardware on sale in this store. And these include air-cooling and water-cooling containers.

The store also sells other crypto components, such as graphic cards. For example, we saw the store selling graphic cards of several Canaan Avalon Miners. That said, no one has mentioned whether the store delivered these products.

With crypto miners being high-ticket systems, it’s best to be careful. Before releasing funds to any store, you have to be sure. Test their patience and communication aspect before taking any steps to engage fully.

We recommend checking out the terms and conditions in the fine print. Sadly, the store doesn’t offer such, which is a red flag. Also, you don’t know the terms used pre and after the sale. Each store should have a refund and return policy, including delivery and shipping policies.

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A catalog of listed products in the Xinke Mining store

Xinke Mining is it legit or a scam?

There are several crypto hardware mining brands listed on the product’s page. The store also furnishes members with crypto miner information. There’s an information or news section about the latest crypto hardware miners.

Some listed products include Antminer, Avalon Miner, Cheetah Miners, and Dedin Miners. We believe the store means Aladdin miners instead of Dedin miners. No one uses that name in the crypto industry.

There are a few Innosilicon miners available too.

As indicated earlier, the store also sells crypto mining containers and graphic cards. The containers were their main selling point. There are two types of containers available for sale in the store.

These include air and water coolant containers. Crypto containers are an excellent way to start for those looking to begin their mini-farms. The store claims to customize these containers to meet your requirements fully.

We haven’t heard of any user who has used their services. Furthermore, containers need an accurate detail of how you want to cool the miners. With either of the two choices, buyers can get a reliable and working container.

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A cautious way of buying crypto hardware from stores such as Xinke Mining

Here are a few steps to take to guarantee your safety when purchasing crypto miners for the first time;

  1. Make direct contact with the seller. Ensure you contact the seller and set up a zoom meeting. Don’t rely solely on chats when engaging with the seller. Note that scammers will avoid direct contact.
  2. Ask about the miner and demand to see it. The buyer has every right to demand to see the miner in action. You can request a short 30-second video of the miner in action. Make sure to check the condition and overall hashrate.
  3. Delivery and shipping details. Xinke Mining fails to give buyers any valid policies on the matter. You must ask about delivery dates and shipping methods. The buyer must furnish you with order tracking information.
  4. Payment details. Ask about the available payment details on the platform. These include bank and crypto deposits. For first-time buyers, we don’t recommend crypto payments due to the anonymous aspect of the transaction.
  5. Receiving the miner. Once the seller finally delivers the miner, record the unboxing. It helps to show the condition of the miner. In case of extensive damage, request a full refund.

Bulk orders and available discounts

Xinke Mining mentions no such discounts on the website. The reason we bring up discounts is as a result of the prevailing discount scams taking place. Scammers are creating dummy websites claiming to be official partners of leading stores.

With these cloned websites, the scammers set high DISCOUNTS propelling large-scale purchases. Then, the seller disappears when you place an order and make a payment. And that’s how investors lost a large chunk of their investment.

Get to buy in bulk by contacting manufacturers directly. You will get the best deals and extended warranties on these products. The manufacturer avenue is excellent for those looking to buy brand-new miners.

We suggest checking with reputable stores or mining farms for those looking to buy refurbished miners in bulk. For the latter, the best way to do so is by visiting the farm and checking the condition of the miners.

Contact and support

Despite claiming to have live chat support, that’s not the case. Once you click the chat tab, you’re directed to a message board and forced to leave a message. How long it will take the seller to respond remains unknown.

Closing remarks Xinke Mining

Let us know once you engage with the store. But, for now, we are hesitant to recommend the store.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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