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XprimeShop Review: Is a scam?

XprimeShop is a scam. Over the past few months, the store has failed to deliver miners. Evidence of that is available on the page. You don’t stand a chance with the platform. And our review will expose the severe breach of contracts available. Those who have bought miners from the store are ruing the decision. From having miners that are not working to delivery issues. Here’s our detailed XPRIMESHOP REVIEW.

A Brief Look at XprimeShop

The about us section would convince anyone that XprimeShop is an ideal store. There’s even an image supposedly of a warehouse belonging to this shop. But, far from it, this is not your average cup of tea.

Xprime Shop is undoubtedly one that will try and rip off investors. And we have the proof to show. The store’s philosophy is to offer competitive pricing and unparalleled product selection.

XprimeShop Review: pros and cons

We have to give it to the shop to come up with a convincing mission statement. Most buyers fell for it and are now paying a heavy price. We must thrive on exposing the store in an attempt to protect buyers.

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The store boasts of having a global reach. That includes Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the United States. All these false claims drive investors to sign up with the store.

Woe unto you if you signed up without doing proper due diligence. None of what’s listed in the product section even belongs to them. These stock images drive investors to buy from a non-existent store.

Experts recommend doing due diligence before signing up with any platform. That’s the ideal way of buying a miner. However, it would be best to put safety first, as the crypto world is crawling with scammers waiting to pounce.

Advantages and Downsides of XprimeShop

There’s no advantage to buying any product from a store that won’t deliver. But unfortunately, none of the users who bought miners over the past few weeks received them. And worse still, the store fails to honor the deal and refund buyers.

That’s the scenario you will likely face with the platform. A platform with no sense of duty or honor. There are more victims of the store than listed products. We wonder why the website is still active after so many negative reviews.

Once you land on the homepage, you get a professional website feel. We have to give it to the store to provide users with an easy-to-navigate website. That’s just about it when it comes to the advantages of the store.

The store uses stock images and claims to own the portrayed scenes best. All these miners you see are stock images. The warehouse doesn’t belong to them. The store claims to reside in Luxembourg, which is a lie.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to protect yourself when buying miners. Check out these steps below to guarantee safety when buying from online vendors.

A Cautious way of buying crypto hardware from online vendors

Check the inventory listed by the vendor. Check the brands closely and, most importantly, the pricing. One way of spotting scammers is they tend to overprice or underprice miners. It’s an effort to scam na├»ve crypto hardware buyers.

Many products are available for sale on the store’s shop page. These include brands from Bitmain, Innosilicon, and Jasminer. The store also claims to sell Hotspot miners such as Helium mining devices.

Apart from crypto hardware, you can also buy other mining accessories. These include graphic cards and power cords. Our review will highlight the steps needed to buy safely from online stores.

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A step-by-step guide to buying crypto hardware

Your first move should be to make contact. Have a meeting with the vendor and ask them questions about the miner and overall sale. A Zoom meeting would do just fine with the platform.

If the owner agrees, the next move should be to ask for a short video of the miner in action. That’s to let you know the miner is vibrant and ready to mine. Without this, the seller can deliver a faulty miner and blame your connection.

XprimeShop sells damaged miners

After the video is available, start asking about delivery and shipping details. Is the vendor willing to offer order tracking information? Does the vendor offer a receipt confirmation after purchase?

What are the payment methods? If the store uses bank transfer, know the receiver’s information. That’s to protect you in case delivery doesn’t happen. Also, you can report the account holder for scam activities.

The last step should be to negotiate prices. You need to know the average price of the miner you intend to buy. This is where you avoid sellers who seem to overprice and underprice miners. These are scam artists waiting for you to fund the account.

Don’t be in a rush to add products to the cart without following these rules. The buyer has the power until payment is complete.

Bulk and Discounts offered

We have the perfect solution for those looking to buy miners in bulk. Why not contact the manufacturer and get a great discount? Buying miners from manufacturers is the best idea. Sadly, manufacturers don’t retail miners.

Avoid scammers who claim to offer over 30 percent discount on miners. These scammers prey on buyers looking to start a large mining farm. Unfortunately, there are plenty of such victims in the industry.

Buyer’s Agreement and Terms XprimeShop

Despite claiming to offer delivery information and returns, that’s not the case. XprimeShop doesn’t deliver miners. And that has led to buyers failing to receive miners. Instead, the store will claim to have shipped the miner to your listed address.

We sometimes blame buyers for failing to go over these terms. But unfortunately, these are the blueprints the store uses to operate. And that means you must protect yourself. Avoid stores that seem to put all liability in the hands of buyers.

There should be a clear refund and return policy. The store should also protect your information by providing a private policy. Some of these exit scams later sell your information to third parties. Then, you start getting bombarded with spam emails.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

What clients think of the store

Trustpilot has it all regarding victims sharing their experiences with the store. That puts the store at a disadvantage. The store does nothing to counter these claims as one would expect from a thriving store.

It’s as if the store doesn’t care if someone tarnishes their image. We have to put an end to this situation immediately.

Contact and customer support

With the claim of having an international client base, you would expect better communication. But unfortunately, the store fails to offer live chat to users. And that’s one of the reasons why we have to expose the store.

Delivery and shipping

The store fails to mention how long it takes to deliver miners. That’s why complaints center on this aspect.

Closing remarks XprimeShop

Please avoid interacting with XprimeShop

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