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Zeus Mining Review: Is a scam?

Zeus Mining ( seems to enjoy a mass following with hundreds of positive reviews. The Hong Kong based store has been delivering on its promise to offer reliable crypto hardware services. However, not all is rosy, as others feel the store did some injustice. The reviews from TrustPilot show a mix of emotions and service delivery from the store. And that’s what we are here to sort out. Here’s our candid ZEUS MINING REVIEW.

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About Zeus Mining

On the about us page, the store claims to have started the business back in 2016. It took a while before the shop got any positive mentions from netizens. Once it did, the store started growing in leaps and bounds.

For those negative reviews, we would love to know what happened. Did the store later deliver, or are these reviews from competitors? Nonetheless, each side has a story to tell. And there could be some disgruntled clients.

Zeus Mining pros and cons

Once you land on the homepage, you find a store with an easy interface. In addition, the homepage offers any information needed to navigate through the website. After all, you want a store that readily provides information as required.

The about us section also has a list of possible staff members. And that’s what you want from a store, accountability, and transparency. The store also has a few photos of their offices and possible warehouse.

You would want to buy from a store where you feel you can get the most out of it. The catalog also shows a store with a different set of instructions. You can get the most profitable miners from leading manufacturers.

What about the disgruntled buyers? How can you improve or safeguard how you interact with online stores? With crypto hardware scam shops on the prowl, you must protect yourself. And we have a way of doing so.

Before you buy from any store, it pays to do due diligence. First, find out what makes a store unique from the rest. Then, before moving forward with the sale, you must check how the store interacts with customers.

Advantages and Cons of Zeus Mining

One thing that stands out from the store’s Trust Pilot page, these reviews are from one region. The store seems to deliver miners around the Asia region of Bangladesh and Pakistan. And that begs the question of whether it ships overseas.

There’s one thing to sell miners and another to deliver them halfway across the world. No buyer in America or Europe wants to risk it without having a place to land. So you would want to buy knowing too well the store will deliver miners.

Those negative reviews regarding the store, we have an issue with them. The reviews are from Europe. We see a trend of the store failing to offer comments on these reviews. The store fails to respond to any allegations.

And that’s a warning sign that the store doesn’t fully engage with clients. We also couldn’t find any social media pages associated with the store. And that’s one of the biggest issues you will likely face as a buyer.

From where we stand, it takes guts to decide to buy from the store. However, the store does seem reputable from the outside. We will love to know more about it if you share your experience.

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A catalog of listed miners on the Zeus Mining store

There are several brands listed in the store. These include new miners we haven’t heard of, an example being the KOW Miner C16. Some brands available include Baikal, Bitmain, Ebang, Goldshell, and iPollo.

Others include Handshake, Jasminer, Innosilicon, and MicroBT. Not only does the store sell brand-new miners, but it also sells refurbished miners. In addition, the store also sells crypto hardware components and GPU mining rigs.

Available miners on the Zeus Mining store

There are repair services offered by the store as well. You have to send a miner and hope the repair goes well. For these services, we recommend them to users near the location. What happens if the repair is unsuccessful?

Will the store ship back the miner? How will you know they did fix it and claim it’s not working? The uncertainty is why we recommend such repair services from established stores. You don’t want the thought to hang around your head after you let go of the miner.

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To settle matters, we devised ways to buy miners safely.

A cautious way of buying miners from Zeus Mining

Step 1

You must contact the seller or any of the listed staff members. It’s best to establish one-on-one communication. We recommend setting up a Skype or Zoom meeting to know who you are dealing with.

Step 2

Once the vendor agrees, your next step is to ask for a virtual tour of the offices or warehouse. By doing this, you are eliminating scammers who pose as shop agents. Instead, you want to see the miner in the hands of the seller.

Step 3

Ask the seller to furnish you with footage of the miner in action. In addition, you should see the miner’s condition and maximum hashrate. Finally, if you buy the unit, ask for the serial number for future reference.

Step 4

Start asking the right questions regarding delivery and shipping details. First, it would be best if you went over the delivery and shipping policies provided by the store. Then, ask about shipping costs and methods available for shipping.

Step 5

It would be best if you took note of the available payment channels. We recommend taking screenshots during the payment process. It helps to have them in case of disputes. The store should furnish buyers with a receipt of payment after that.

Step 6

Once you receive your miner, record the unboxing. It would be best if you let the seller know the condition the miner arrived at. In case of damage during shipping, the store should accept returns and offer refunds. Finally, establish whether the serial number is the same.

Bulk purchases

We have a suitable solution for those intending to buy miners in bulk. However, if you are looking for brand new miners, the best way is to contact manufacturers. With manufacturers, you get the best price quotes, and delivery is guaranteed.

What clients think of

And if you are in the market for refurbished miners, you can opt for a reputable store. We also recommend buying such miners from established crypto mining farms. For the latter, you must visit the farm and test the miners.

Scammers are now creating dummy websites and posting large discount offers on ten units or more. If you mistake sending funds, you won’t receive a single unit. Scammers will usually offer insane discounts of 30 to 40 percent off.

Business holder Zeus Mining

We are still in the dark regarding the founding members despite listing staff members. We don’t know who to hold responsible for delays. The store also fails to offer any dispute and resolution centers.

Bottom Line Zeus Mining

You can only buy from the store if you feel comfortable and confident they will deliver.

Do leave a comment or email us with any questions.

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