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Cudo Miner is a crypto mining platform that enables computerized mining, decreasing manual configuration and involvement by up to 95% without losing profitability. cudo miner is a multi-algorithm CPU and GPU miner which chooses the most profitable currency to mine and then transform you’re earning into bitcoin. The platform is well systemized and optimized for both profit and highest performance on windows,cudoOS, and Linux.

Cudo miner provides remote management and high technology monitoring features that allow the account owner to remotely enable or disable miner, hardware, health stats as well as temperature& wattage, view hash rates, earning, referrals and transactions. The platform also provides alternatives for earning and being paid in multiple currencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and raven coin.

This platform is well systemized, making the application suitable for beginners or first-time miners that want to earn cryptocurrency from their laptop or desktop device.


  • It has a user-friendly interface which is accessible both for professional and beginners.

  • A built-in GPU overclocking with other characteristics designed to boost profitability.

  • Remote management that benchmark, enable, disable, classified, and configure devices direct from the web console.

  • The platform enables you to choose your payment method, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, or raven coin.

  • It enables miners to mine multiple coins and change them based on which is the most profitable at any given time.

  • It has a USB OS build for the rig environment.

  • It enables third-party miners, including Bminer for Grin, Z-enemy for the raven coin, and EWBF for bitcoin gold, to enlarge the mining performance.

  • In the advanced setting, rig miners can twist algorithms for higher performance and profitability.

  • It has a powerful web console for hash rates, earning, central miner management, hardware installed, health stats, driver version, transaction, etc.

  • The platform offers a free download and makes it easy to set up a mining platform for its users.

  • Cudominer enables its users to use the GPU, CPU, and ASIC miners to mine cryptocurrency.

  • The website offers instant payment with no delay.


  • The platform is very transparent in that it views all the withdrawal, stats, and earnings.

  • It has central miner management that controls and monitors all your rig and mining directly from the web console.

  • The website has a DNS-based enrollment system that immediately enrolls Cudo miner on your rig by using the network-based auto-enrollment. Also, it offers a DHP based enrollment.

  • The website is very secured with multi-factor authentication.


  • The payment withdrawal threshold is high.



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