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Nicehash Cloud mining service Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate

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Nicehash is a cryptocurrency mining platform founded in 2014. The platform connects buyers of mining hash power who are not interested in running mining hardware and miners/sellers selling their mining hash power. 

Nicehash services should not be confused with a cloud mining service, as Nicehash does not rent mining equipment or sell hash power but acts as a mediator between sellers and buyers of mining hash power. They take a fee from both parties for offering this service.

The platform supports 34 different algorithms consisting of SHA 256, Scrypt, ZHash, Quark, X11, and X13, providing users with a wide range of cryptocurrency to mine depending on the profitability at the time.

Nicehash also gives its users access to their Nicehash Wallet, Exchange, Rig Manager, and Organisations.

Nicehash Wallet gives users access to multiple cryptocurrency addresses to receive mining payouts, make deposits, and withdrawals to different platforms.

The Exchange service saves users from stress and high fees for transferring their mined currencies to another platform.

The Rig Manager saves users from the stress of manually monitoring their mining rigs. It ensures the safety and performance of mining rigs by monitoring the rig temperature and profitability.

Organizations allow owners of mining businesses to organize their mining activities and workflow among their employees.

These services enable Nicehash users to conduct all their mining activities on one platform. Hence, reducing the stress and fees incurred by conducting mining activities on different platforms.

Nicehash servers are located across the globe in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, San Jose, Tokyo, and Chennai.



They run a blog that provides users with the latest information concerning their services.

It is a well-known brand in the market.

Users can use an auto switch to the most profiting algorithm.

Their platform is straightforward to use and understand

Sellers can stay anonymous.

Its FAQ is very informative and easily understandable.


Nicehash was hacked before in 2017

Its services seem to be more profitable for sellers than buyers.

Payouts are only made in Bitcoin. 

Commission fees are quite high compared to other platforms.

Now you know what to expect with this company. 


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