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PandaMiner B9 Ethash 330MH/s Review and Profitability Calculation estimate Image

PandaMiner B9 Ethash 330MH/s Review and Profitability Calculation estimate

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Pandaminer B9 Ethash 330MH/s is a cryptocurrency mining equipment that is sold and manufactured by the Pandaminer company. It aims to perfect the products to encounter the developing mining industry's demands to make mining easier.

Pandaminer has set up cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts in over 60 countries worldwide, covering the whole cryptocurrency mining company, which includes miner R&D, cloud mining, miner hosting, and mining pool. 

Pandaminer B9 Ethash is a GPU integrated miner by Pandaminer which uses AMD GPUs.

How to operate the Pandaminer B7.

Open the latest ETH mining software on the desktop.

  • Right-click on the file in the start.bat start bat file, click edit, then you will see the following command number. EthDcvMiner64.exe-model-epooleth.f2pool.com8008-ewal ETH address -epsw x-eworkerAM240-dgb-1

  • Enter your own address and save the document; after that, double click on run the start.bat start bat file. Then you can start mining.

    Pandaminer B9 Ethash specification.

Hash Rate

330MH/s(ETH) ±5%



950W +10% (ETH)


220 V

GPU Amount

AMD RX5700XT*6 Units

GPU Memory



420mm(L) x 280mm(W) x 170mm(H)


80 dB



0°C to 40°C







Inter(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3215U @1.70 GHz

Memory Size


System type

A 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor



Windows 10

NOTE: the price of Pandaminer B9 includes a power supply unit and its shipping cost.

The PandaMiner B9 Ethash 330Mh/s is an Ethereum miner with a difference. It uses the Ethernet interface for network connection. The miner comes with a memory size of 4GB, which is big enough for mining such a profitable coin. It goes without saying that the miner uses 64-bit operating system under Windows 10.

Voltage is 220V and has a maximum power consumption of 950W. The GPU memory is 8G, and according to market data, this unit is highly profitable.

The Profitability of PandaMiner B9 Ethash 330 Mh/s

It comes with a profit ratio of 725 percent and an annual return percentage of 220 percent. The power cost per day is roughly $2, depending on electricity rates in your area. With this miner, users expect $19.80 returns per day.

Warranty of the miner

The manufacturer already offers a payback period with this unit. It comes with a payback period of 165 days.

Calculation Parameters
Power Consumption (Watts) 950 W
Electricity Cost (per KWh) $0.1
Coin Ethereum
Manufacturer PandaMiner
Hashrate 330.0000000000 MH/s
Algorithm Ethash
Payback 110 days
Duration 444 days
Estimated Power Cost
Daily Power Cost $2.28
Weekly Power Cost $15.96
Monthly Power Cost $68.40
Annual Power Cost $832.20
Estimated Revenue W/O Cost
Daily Revenue $32.22
Weekly Revenue $225.54
Monthly Revenue $966.60
Annual Revenue $11,760.30
Estimated Profit After Cost
Daily Profit $29.94
Weekly Profit $209.58
Monthly Profit $898.20
Annual Profit $10,928.10

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.