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Market Data For LTO Network

Current Price $0.79
Market Cap $224,555,744
Market Cap Rank #246
Total Volume $14,763,393
High 24H $0.83
Low 24H $0.79
Price Change 24H -0.02%
Price Change Percentage 24H -2.04%
Market Cap Change 24H $-4,375,426.50
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H -1.91%
Circulating Supply 280,246,656 lto
Total Supply 401,931,232
All Time High $0.90 -11.07%
April 7, 2021
All Time Low $0.0159 4,939.71%
January 29, 2019 -

Coin Data For LTO Network

About LTO Network

LTO Network Review: Mining Guide, Price & amp; Analysis of the LTO Network Cryptocurrency

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain for businesses to share critical information. This information may include business credentials and sensitive documents. This blockchain helps get rid of security issues in business transactions. Users can protect vital data using immutable timestamps.

Additionally, they can perform identification processes. Businesses can identify themselves by publishing PKI certificates on the blockchain. Therefore, it would reduce impersonations and scamming operations.

LTO Network Review

Further, businesses can issue credentials on this blockchain. This is a very impressive and ambitious blockchain. It offers a decentralized solution to exchanging legal contracts. Moreover, it operates from an immutable position and is autonomous. Therefore, this is a trustless environment where users can depend on the code of live contracts.

The biggest competition for LTO Network is the Hyperledger Fabric. However, it is only a competitor because it has better funding. Moreover, it has big-name contributors like IBM. Nonetheless, LTO Network is more successful than this project.


How LTO Network Operates

LTO Network takes a layered approach to its architecture. These layers serve different roles in the network. In any case, they allow the network to have some abstraction. For example, business applications run on the service layer. The distributed business logic layer connects different business applications on the network.

Further, the distributed data processing layer allows data sharing between users. It relays the data in a peer to peer manner. Therefore, data travels to and fro the transacting nodes, not the whole network.

Additionally, LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain. This means that it has a public consensus but private data sharing. Therefore, businesses can transact in an enclosed environment. At the same time, other nodes in the network participate in coming to a consensus.

LTO Network runs on both the Ethereum and the Binance mainchain. This allows the network to maintain liquidity. But users can swap between LTO ERC-20 tokens and BEP-2 tokens. This is possible due to the Bridge Troll. It connects the two main chains and enables communications.

Further, this network uses Live contracts as opposed to smart contracts. These contracts do not necessarily hold value. Their main use is to facilitate transactions. Hence, they are more suitable for real-world use cases.


Can Investors Mine LTO Tokens?

No, it is not possible to mine on this blockchain. This is because it uses the Leased Proof of Importance consensus. This consensus does not support mining. However, it does support staking.

LTO Network Review

You can stake your own coins or join a staking pool. Stakers receive rewards for helping the network maintain security. The reward model for this network is non-inflationary. The reward you receive depends on how many coins you stake and the transaction on the network.

The developers choose this staking mechanism because it has impressive security features. They wanted to use the Proof of Stake consensus, but they note that it is vulnerable to Sybil attacks. Hence, they created their own consensus. They derived it from the Leased Proof of Stake and the Proof of Importance consensus.

The result is a consensus that rewards users for being active on the network and for staking. This is a great incentive to encourage activity on the network.


The Team behind LTO Network

LTO Network boasts one of the most experienced teams in the blockchain space. The leadership of this blockchain is in the hands of experts with tons of experience. The CEO of LTO Network is Rick Schmitz. He is a serial entrepreneur in the fintech space. Moreover, he is the co-founder of this project. Before LTO Network, he co-founded LegalThings. This is a company that provides software to handle sensitive documents.

By his side is Martijn Migchelsen, the CFO. They have a previous relationship as they co-founded Firm24. There are no better people to lead this project. Moreover, there are other experts on the team. They are professionals with great experience in their areas of expertise.


LTO Token Performance

The LTO Tokens has an encouraging performance in the market. For starters, it has great adoption. The circulating supply is 271,749,076 LTO. That is 67% of the max supply, 403,393,276 LTO.

Additionally, it has a reasonably great market cap. It currently ranks 161st in market cap share. That is with a market cap of $51,748,976. However, it is showing a lot of potentials to grow. Currently, it is showing a steady rise in market cap share. Moreover, it has excellent liquidity. Its 24-hour trading volume stands at $15,151,224 at the time of writing this.


Privacy and Security

LTO Network has great security features. It is a blockchain project consisting of distributed nodes. Therefore, there is no central database to attack. This makes it very hard for an attacker. They would require very high computational power to break into the network. Moreover, the distributed nodes have fault tolerance capabilities. They can help each other recover from successful attacks.

Additionally, the network uses the LPoI consensus mechanism. The developers choose this consensus because it is immune to Sybil attacks. This is a great way to protect the network. Moreover, validators on the network help in maintaining security.

The role of validators is to confirm transactions in the network. They then record the transactions on the public ledger. Here, the transaction records are immutable and safe from attackers.

This network also takes privacy very importantly. Its layered architecture ensures that transactions are only between the participating nodes. Hence, the nodes transact confidentially.


Our Take on LTO Network

The impressive characteristic of the LTO Network is in its use case. It allows enterprises to share critical information without censorship. There are not many blockchain projects doing this. Therefore, it sees some reasonable success in the market.

Further, it has a great team of developers behind it. They show great dedication to improving the network with time. Hence, it will only continue to get better with time. It only needs some more adoption by businesses.



  • LTO Network offers privacy and security.
  • It offers businesses fast transactions.
  • LTO Network has a non-inflationary reward system.
  • It has great accessibility.



  • LTO Network is not fully decentralized.


How to Trade and Stor LTO Tokens

If you like this blockchain, then you can go ahead and purchase its tokens. There are several exchanges that support the trading of LTO Tokens. Some of the best to use include Bitfinex, BitMax, Omgfin, and Hotbit. The current price of one LTO token is $0.200914.

You can hold this coin to sell at a later date.  For that, you will need a wallet. You can use any Ethereum and Binance supported wallets for this. Additionally, you can use the LTO Network Wallet. It is web-based and very secure. However, make sure you keep an eye on the price volatility.


Final Verdict

This blockchain project has found its niche. It has a great value proposition behind it. Many businesses will see a need for such a blockchain. It allows them to share critical information in a private manner. This could lead to more adoption.

Additionally, it has a great leadership team. The individuals leading this project have great experience to spearhead it into the future. These are the features that make LTO Network appealing. Moreover, it is currently holding its value in the markets.


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