This Privacy Policy governs the manners in which Mining Watchdog collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a ‘User’) of the website (‘hereinafter referred to as the Website). This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by Mining Watchdog.

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) specifies the data collected by the Website, means and sources wherefrom this data is obtained, legal basis for processing of personal data as well as actions and measures, which have been taken by the Website to protect the collected data.

By using the Website’s services and/or browsing the Website, visitors agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy [as well as the general rules for using the site.]


1.1. The data controller, data processors, and scope of the privacy policy

Personal data provided on or through the Website are managed and controlled by the Website.

This Privacy Policy applies to any website managed by the Website and to any service provided by the Website, regardless of which facilities the visitor of our Website (hereinafter referred to as the Visitor, or You ) uses to access, visit or navigate the Website or use any of the service.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to links to websites provided by third parties on our Website, therefore we recommend that the Visitor directly and individually consult the privacy policies or policies applicable to such third-party websites or services.

The Website may engage third parties in the processing of Visitor’s personal data and, for this purpose, transfer their personal data to other legal entities, complying with the conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy.

1.2 Collected information

Technical information, cookies

Each time Visitor access or visits our Website, our Website automatically collects and manages the following technical personal data:

-IP address;

-Date and time of access;

-the name and URL of the webpage that connects to the Website;

-Visitor’s device operating system data;

-information of the Visitor's internet provider;

-Visitor’s geo-location data, language settings;

-Other relevant technical information.

The Website also collects and manages the technical data of the Visitors using the cookies. To learn more about cookies and processing of personal data, see the Website's Cookie Policy.

Without collection and processing of the said information website’s operation may not be ensured.

Information, provided by the Visitor

The Website may also collect and process other personal data of the Visitor, provided on its own initiative by e-mail or another information system available on the Website. Such personal data may include:

-Visitor's name, surname;

-contact information (telephone, e-mail address, home address);

-other personal information, i.e. image, passport, linkedin account and etc., identifying the Visitor;

content of the request, report, complaint or any other relevant message.

The above list is not exhaustive, the Website may need to collect additional information in special cases, which depends on the reason of the Visitor's request, or in other cases, where it is required to achieve the objectives of this Privacy Policy.

1.3. Use of Personal Data

The main purpose of the processing of personal data is to enable efficient, optimal and adapted use of the Website for the personal needs of the Visitor. Personal data is used:

-for convenient, efficient and functional use of the Visitors’ needs;

-to ensure smooth administration of the Website;

-to ensure functionality of the Website;

-to ensure timely and appropriate processing of Visitor’s queries, requests, and replies;

-to contact Visitor regarding any information he/she provides;

-to enable the Website to perform statistical and other analysis by continuously improving the content of the Website and the services provided by the Website;

-for other purposes disclosed to the Visitor at the time of submitting personal data.

Use of personal data for direct marketing purposes

The Website also handles and processes your personal data for direct marketing purposes in the following cases:

-when you obtain your explicit consent to such processing (the basis for the processing is consent);

-when you are the Website’s client without expressly objecting to processing your data for direct marketing purposes, marketing of similar services, where the client has been duly notified of such processing beforehand (the basis of the processing is the legitimate interest of the Website).

For the purposes of direct marketing, the Website processes the following personal data: your name, email address, phone number.

Your personal data for direct marketing purposes can be processed in the following ways:

-you may receive a newsletter with our offers, promotions, products and news by e-mail;

you may receive invitations to events and similar information by e-mail;

-you may be called by phone with invitation, proposal or offer.

We inform you that you are free to opt out of our newsletters at any time. You can do this by clicking on a link for that purpose at the bottom of our e-mail with the newsletters.

You may at any time refuse to receive information about events or any other information from us by sending an email to [email protected].

1.4. Storage of the Personal Data

Visitor’s personal data will not be processed beyond what is necessary for the purposes laid down in this Privacy Policy.

Personal data collected through the Website will be stored for no longer than 3 years.

Your personal data processed for the purposes of direct marketing will be stored for 2 years from the date of the consent (if you have received a separate consent) or the date of completion or expiration of the relevant contract.

Longer periods of personal data retention may be applied where:

-there is a reasonable suspicion of an unlawful act which subject to investigation;

-Visitor’s data is necessary for the proper resolution of the dispute, complaint or claim;

-the Website has received complaints related to the Visitor or if the Website has noticed any violations committed by the Visitor;

-it is necessary for back-up copies or related purposes of functioning of information systems of the Website;

-it is mandatorily required by applicable laws.

Your personal data will be destroyed within a reasonable time after the specified deadline

1.5. The Legal Basis for the Processing of Personal Data

The Website controls and processes Visitor's personal data:

-on the basis of consent, which is expressed by Visitor’s active actions, e.g. referrals to the Website and submission of personal data, other active actions;

-exercise of the Website’s legitimate interests (for example, managing and administering a Website, etc.);

-in order to comply with other legal obligations.

Visitors may revoke their consent to process their personal data at any time. If the Website has no other legal basis for the processing of personal data, the Website will cease processing of personal data immediately after the cancellation / revocation of the consent provided by the Visitor.

1.6. Data Transmission to Third Parties

The Website does not transfer Visitors personal data to any third parties without prior Visitor’s consent, except as described below.

In the light of investigations or other cases provided by law, personal data may be submitted to the law enforcement, judicial or pre-trial institutions without any specific consent of the Visitor.

In addition, particular technical data pertaining to the Visitors’ visits on the Website (such as IP address, data collected or placed on the devices of the Visitors by the cookies, technical information of the browser, other information related to Visitor’s browsing activities, etc.) may be transferred or made available to third party entities for the purposes related to statistics, analysis and other related purposes. The Website will carefully assess the conditions under which such data will be processed and stored after transfer to the above entities.

The Website also uses the services provided by third parties (such as third-party data centres, servers, website design, administration services, online traffic and website analysis, statistics, direct marketing services, etc.) that may require access to the Visitor's personal data to the appropriate extent. In this case, the Website ensures that the data processors comply with the obligations of confidentiality and adequate personal data protection.


Visitors have certain rights related to the protection of their personal data. These rights are:

-the right of access to the personal data;

-the right to rectification;

-the right to erasure (right to be forgotten);

-the right to restriction of processing;

-the right to data portability;

-the right to object;


By implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures, the Website protects Visitor's personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration.

The Website recommends that the Visitors comply with the following minimum safeguards for their personal data protection:

-do not visit suspicious websites;

-update their software and anti-virus protection as recommended by software providers and vendors.


This Privacy Policy applies from 1st August, 2020

This Privacy Policy may be from time to time updated by the Website. The Website will inform Visitors about the updates by submitting a new version of the Privacy Policy along with the dates of the corrections made.

Visitors understand and accept that by continuing to use the Website, they agree to the any changes or updates to the Privacy Policy.

If any provision of the Privacy Policy is deemed void or inapplicable, such provision shall not affect the legality and validity of the remaining provisions of the Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or dealings with this site, please Contact Us.