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About Goldshell HS3 SE

The Goldshell HS3 SE is the latest addition to Goldshell's HS series. It has a power of 930W and an effective hash rate of 930Gh/s. It works with the Handshake algorithm, which is under the Handshake Protocol. The algorithm consists of a node anyone can use without permission to become a part of a decentralized naming platform. This project aims to create a different certificate authority and naming process for the root Domain Name Server.

It is decentralized, permissionless, and generally compared to International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is already centralized. 

Goldshell produces the HS1 and HS3, affordable Handshake (HNS) miners for small and large mining farms. The HS3 SE mines the Handshake coin, the native currency in the HNS protocol that makes transfer, registration, and update of the names possible. It comes with an aluminum shell case with a new integrated design that saves space, thereby creating a safer and more convenient environment. Due to this, the noise level goes down without taking up any room. 

It has a weight of 7.3kg and a size of 200 x 264 x 290mm, which allows for easy stacking in mining farms and more mobile. 


The Goldshell HS3 SE comes with a straightforward interface on set up. With the software, it is easy and convenient to watch real-time hash rates. This user interface makes the experience more humanized. It has an average hash rate of 930Gh/s, but hash rate fluctuations depend on the market condition. The voltage input supports 178⌁264V only.

The Goldshell HS3 SE is the perfect miner for mining at home because of its silent approach to the miner. Goldshell had homeowners in mind when releasing their products. Also called 'Your Quiet Private Farm,' the Goldshell miner knew that most powerful miners had huge noise problems, and they added an advanced noise reduction function that gives users the feeling of having their own private, quiet mining farm home. 

Also, tackling difficult placement, they equipped the miner with high-performance computing chips. These chips help in low power consumption, higher efficiency, an optimal heat dissipation process, and a stable working condition.

Fan and Air Circulation

The device has four fantasy fans for cooling, high brightness alloy material, generous with air circulation around the miner, and a square appearance design. Some unique versions of the Goldshell HS3 come with a replaceable ice lake the green LED fans. 

The heat dissipation is a brand innovation, as expected from the Goldshell team. It works with heat conducted silica connected to the heat sink, which allows for effective heat emission. 

Noise Level

The Goldshell HS3 SE has a noise level of 55db. This feature is the best part of this miner and makes users love it more. This silent approach to mining is commendable as most powerful miners have a noise level that's too high. To better understand this: most miners come with a mining noise level of 60 — 80db. 60db is equivalent to an average adult conversation, 70db is like shower sounds, and 80db equals city noises.

But the Goldshell HS3 SE comes with 55db of noise level, making it almost silent. This technique is like ASICminer's noiseless cooling and mining technique.


Profitability is an important criterion to choose when getting a miner. Miners should be aware that profit changes depending on market conditions and electricity costs. When the market favors the top coin, miners will get high profitability. A day's worth of mining with this miner gives an estimated income of $5.65, but with high electricity costs, the owner is left with $3.42. 



Period /Day /Month /Year
Income $0.46 $13.86 $168.63
Electricity $2.23 $66.96 $814.68
Profit $-1.77 $-53.10 $-646.05


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
Handshake 930Gh/s 930W 0.001j/Mh -$1.77/day

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.

Goldshell HS3-SE Specs & Features

Manufacturer Goldshell
Model HS3 SE
Release November 2020
Top Coin handshake
Size 200 x 264 x 290mm
Weight 7.3kg
Noise level 55DB
Fan(s) 4
Power 930W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 45 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %

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