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The KS0 is a model of the reputable IceRiver brand. This advanced Kaspa miner uses the KHeavyHash algorithm. IceRiver KS0 PRO has a maximum hashrate of 200GH/s. The hardware was released later in November 2023 after IceRiver KS0. The product is recommended for miners mining from home. 

About IceRiver KS0 PRO

IceRiver KS0 PRO model boasts a wide range of voltage inputs, accommodating variations of 19 to 20 DC. This adaptability not only enhances flexibility in product deployment but also ensures compatibility with diverse electrical environments.

Equipped with a power cord, users must ensure an appropriate setup for optimal performance. The gadget is established as one of the premier digital currency mining products. The IceRiver KS0 PRO distinguishes itself through its dimensions, features, and potential profitability. It caters to miners in search of efficiency, power, and lucrative returns. Making it an ideal choice for those seeking to maximize their mining endeavors.

Algorithm of IceRiver KS0 PRO

One of the most crucial features of every miner is the algorithm in use. IceRiver KS0 PRO Pro uses a KHeavyHash algorithm. However, users need to purchase a fan that fits on the top side of the miner for optimal performance.

Efficiency of the IceRiver KS0 PRO

To get efficient usage place the hardware in an area with convection airflow. The hardware uses advanced technology. It empowers miners to effortlessly tackle complex computational problems with unparalleled reliability and speed. 

The KAS Hashrate stands as a beacon of power efficiency, enabling miners to optimize operational costs by minimizing energy consumption. Not only does this process benefit miners financially, but it also contributes to fostering a sustainable mining ecosystem.

The miner features dimensions of 200x194x74mm, reflecting its sturdy construction. This compact form factor enables seamless integration of the IceRiver KAS KSO Pro into various mining configurations. With a net weight of 2500g. The miner’s robust design ensures easy handling, installation, and maintenance for miners.

Hashrate of IceRiver KS0 PRO

The IceRiver KAS KS0 Pro product leverages the formidable KAS Hashrate, famous as one of the most powerful contenders in the market. With a hashrate limit of 200GH/s (±10%) and power consumption of 100W, this hardware embodies cutting-edge technology.

The KAS Hashrate isn't just a tool within the cryptocurrency realm; it's a game-changer for miners seeking to enhance their earnings from mining activities. Additionally, the IceRiver KAS KS0 Pro boasts the versatility of accepting voltage inputs ranging from 19-20V DC, providing flexible deployment options for miners.

Humidity and Temperature Levels

IceRiver KS0 PRO performance works best at 5 - 35 °C temperature and a humidity of 10 - 90 %. It is important to know the humidity and temperature level of the mining hardware before purchase. Users who mine around the clock need to keep the unit cool. Ensure you also set up IceRiver KS0 PRO in place with air in motion. You may also opt to use water coolant to cool down the miners


IceRiver KS0 PRO has a low noise rate of 40 decibels. This makes the hardware an excellent choice to be used in various settings. 

Profitability of the IceRiver KS0 PRO

As of the time of this writing, IceRiver KS0 PRO's profitability table shows miners an early daily ROI of $1.23. Kindly, note the figure is not fixated. The price keeps changing due to volatility and depends on the market conditions and the price of the coin being mined.

Warranty and Delivery

IceRiver's KAS KS0 Pro product comes with a two-year warranty for all end-user customers and a twelve-month warranty for businesses and companies. Read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing to understand the nitty-gritty aspects.



Period /Day /Month /Year
Income $1.19 $35.70 $434.35
Electricity $0.24 $7.20 $87.60
Profit $0.95 $28.50 $346.75


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
KHeavyHash 200 0.12 0.001j/Mh $0.95/day

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.

IceRiver KS0 PRO Specs & Features

Manufacturer IceRiver
Model KS0 PRO
Release NOVEMBER 2023
Top Coin Kaspa
Size 200 x 194 x 74mm
Weight 2500g
Noise level 40db
Power 100W
Voltage 19-20V DC
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 35 °C
Humidity 10 - 90 %

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