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Ace Miners Pro Review: Is a Legit Crypto Store?

Ace Miners Pro is a crypto hardware store that will follow up on delivered miners. Zara Amrani and her team will ensure the miner gets to your doorstep. is one of the few stores we can attest to having a reasonable customer satisfaction rate.

Here’s our candid ACE MINERS PRO REVIEW.

Every newbie who wants to venture into crypto mining faces one glaring issue, a valid vendor. Unfortunately, when you read reviews of most stores, the sellers are either scrappy or overly priced miners. And that’s a problem for those who want to start mining.

Ace Miners Pro has a different approach, accountability, and transparency. As a result, buyers who have engaged with the store are genuinely satisfied with the results.

About Ace Miners Pro

The store is a growing store for ASIC and crypto miners. Backed by a team enthusiastic about Blockchain and DeFi, buyers are in good hands. We, too, engaged with the team and were happy the store was above par.

Ace Miners Pro pros and cons

For us, a good crypto hardware store has to pass several tests. And that includes delivery, pricing, and returns. These three aspects are what make or break a store. And we are glad to report passed the test.

You can buy either brand-new or refurbished miners, and the store will let you know the condition. The prices are fair enough, with the seller setting standards for affordable miners. You get the feeling that the owner, too, was once in your shoes, wanting an affordable miner.

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Landing on the homepage, you get to navigate with ease. Any information needed on the store is readily available for customers. And that brings us to usability; the store’s aesthetics are a plus. You can quickly get what you want by sorting the products.

As a first-time crypto hardware buyer, we recommend doing due diligence before engaging with the store. That’s how you protect yourself from scammers who are crawling the web. It would be best to find a seller, like Ace Miners Pro, that delivers and guarantees safety.

Advantages and cons of Ace Miners Pro

There’s a reason why this store is among the chosen few we recommend. It offers a broad range of miners to choose from. You also get a formidable support team ready to answer your queries within one business day.

At the time of publishing this post, we, however, noticed the chat widget was deactivated. Nonetheless, there are other ways of making contact. The owner leaves their contact message, and their profiles are available on any search engine.

If you are looking for profitable miners, the store has you covered. The store doesn’t list out-of-stock products. One of the most profitable Doge miners is also available for sale. Comparing the prices with other stores, Ace Miners Pro is quite affordable.

We are talking about the Bitmain L7 9.5 Gh/s miner. The miner is readily available, and shipping is 5 – 8 days. After that, you must open an account with the store and place an order. There are several payment options to use.

To help navigate the price aspect, the store sorts miners depending on the available miners. Apart from selling miners, the store also offers Asic hosting services. As a result, the store promises a fully-managed hosting solution for most miners.

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A checklist of available miners on the store

Once you click the shop drop-down menu, you see the available brands. These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, and Innosilicon miners. There are six Bitmain miners available, with no Canaan miners listed.

You can get the Goldshell KD5 or the KD Box Pro under the Goldshell brand. Unfortunately, there are no iBeLink miners listed as available. Most were sold out, including the BM-K1 Max, the remaining profitable miner from that brand.

Innosilicon miners are not available too. It seems the store has eight miners, which is a good thing. The available miners are quality miners with high profitability. It’s also worth mentioning that is a relatively new store.

Is the Ace Mines Pro store a safe place to buy crypto miners?

Located in the United States, those who want to set up a hosting rig with the store can do it. However, the store should have given more information about the contracts. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have much to go on regarding hosting advantages.

Available terms and conditions

Before buying from any store, you must review the set buyer/seller agreement. Unfortunately, most buyers fail to go over these terms and pay a hefty price. In addition, a commendable store has to have delivery and shipping policies.

You must also go through the refund and return policies. Does the store offer a refund in case of missed delivery or damaged miners? Yes, Ace Miners Pro will issue a full refund. Unfortunately, missed delivery or damage to miners is hard to come by.

The terms and conditions favor buyers as well. It’s the blueprint the store uses to handle transactions on the store. And with each miner you get, the store gives a comparative feature. So you know what exactly you’re getting.

Payment channels

There are several payment methods available in this store. These include bank and wire transfers. The store accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. You can also make payments using PayPal, which is highly recommended.

Apart from FIAT payment plans, also accepts Bitcoin. The store will send order tracking information and a receipt of confirmation. Delivery is a guarantee as the store meets its promises.

A guarded way of buying crypto hardware for first-time users

Suppose you don’t want to sign up and add goods to cart; how else can you engage? The best way to do so is directly contacting the vendor. Zara and her team are ready for a skype or zoom meeting. You get to see the miners and store offices.

It creates trust between the two parties. Some buyers want to see the miner before buying them. There’s nothing wrong with that; you can even request a short video of the miner. We believe the store will come through with your request.

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Bulk orders and discounts

If you want a significant discount on bulk orders, first contact and ask if the inventory is available. Unfortunately, as the shop’s page shows, only eight miners are available. However, the store may try and meet your order.

Beware of scammers who promise large discounts to entice bulk orders. Make sure to buy only from a reputable seller you have thoroughly vetted. Also, avoid sellers who make large discounts of over 30 percent.

Client testimony Ace Miners Pro

What clients think of

Ace Miners PRO enjoys a 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot. Unfortunately, there are some negative reviews as well on the website. We believe the store should respond to these issues or risk losing buyers’ trust. As we said, reputation is everything in the online world.

Contact and support

The team usually responds to emails within one business day. You can also call the store using the number available on the contact page. Zara Amrani is also on LinkedIn.

Our Verdict of Ace Miners Pro store

You can go ahead and purchase a miner from the store. Please share your experience with the store.

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