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ProfitReturns24 Review: Is It A Cloned Crypto Platform?

ProfitReturns24 ( is another clone platform that is similar to other crypto investment scams. Profit Returns 24 uses the same web layout as, GalaxyDigita, and HashCryptoMine24. All these platforms belong to the same group of investors. And we have to expose each of them. Several investors have lost funds with ProfitReturns 24. So we must disclose it and protect naïve investors. Here’s our comprehensive PROFITRETURNS24 REVIEW.

About ProfitReturns24

ProfitReturns24 Review

There’s nothing to write home about when it comes to the results of ProfitReturns24. It’s another crypto platform that claims to help investors earn huge investments. But, instead, what we have is a platform that fails to offer investors a new way of investing.

We have a gimmick platform taking advantage of beginner and newbie crypto investors. Those that have invested with are ruing the decision. It would be best if you stayed away from the platform or risk becoming their next victim.

The platform boasts of being secure; that’s why clients prefer them. Other notable sales pitches include low fees and transparency. When it comes to fees, Profit Returns 24 claims adopting PPS+ and PPLNS payment methods.

We also get to see the platform boasting of having a total of over 91,000 clients. If this number were actual, the platform would be well-known by now. Sadly, these are excessive numbers meant to entice the public.

It would be best if you did due diligence first before committing funds with any platform. And that means having to check whether a platform is genuine or not. Make sure to read comments from independent review sites regarding the platform in question.

We know for sure that no one gets to earn 90 percent guaranteed profits with the platform. These are false allegations that would drive anyone into signing up. No expert or robot can achieve this feat.

Accounts and Plans ProfitReturns24

Profit Returns 24 claims to offer three profitable account tiers. These include starter, basic, and premium. With each account, the platform promises a guaranteed profit margin. And this is the reason most investors signed up.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these accounts;


For the starter account holder, the platform makes a bold guarantee statement. With this tier, the platform promises 50 percent ROI within seven days. In addition, the minimum acceptable deposit is $100, with $1,000 being the absolute maximum.


The platform taunts it as the most economical account. Members have to deposit $1,000 to $10,000 with the platform. Then, there’s a guaranteed maximum profit of 100 percent with a vesting period of three days.


As the name suggests, it’s the most exclusive account. Investors have to deposit $5,000 to $100,000. You get a promise of making 250 percent in ROI. The trick is that the platform fails to mention the acceptable vesting period.

Account Features

ProfitReturns24 Accounts and Investment Plans

All these accounts have one distinctive feature, a guarantee of making a profit. Most of these profit margins are insane. If you ask any expert, the market is volatile, especially in the crypto arena. No one should fall for such blatant claims.

There’s no point in lying to investors to take their money away from them. But, unfortunately, it’s what’s happening with the platform. No one gets to withdraw funds with it. The platform even manages to hide leverage and spread information.

With the platform availing of crypto trading, leading cryptos are paired against each other. The available cryptos include Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. Unfortunately, no one knows the leverage for forex trading pairs.

Regulators ensure all jurisdictions follow strict protocol when it comes to trading. And this means putting a cap on maximum leverage. For instance, in Europe, the leverage is capped at 1:100.

In the United States, regulators put a cap on leverage at 1:50 for retail traders. It ensures no one gets to lose a large volume of trade. However, we suspect Profit Returns 24 is availing high leverage of up to 1:500.

Business owner

During our investigation, we found the client testimonial page having details of the owner. It sounds off but, that’s where you can get the information of the owner. Saul Goodman is the name we are given as the owner of the platform.

Its false profile as the CEO and Founder of a platform should have a separate section. We also found the very same profile on all other cloned platforms. This is a false owner profile.

The real owners of the platform don’t want their names plastered on the platform. After the expose, their faces and names would go viral. And that’s why ProfitReturns24 tries to remain anonymous.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity, especially when it comes to online investing. Investors have the right to know who handles funds on their behalf. However, the lack of transparency on the platform’s behalf makes it questionable.

Client Testimonials

The client testimonial section also reveals the scam features of the platform. All these users are found heaping praise on the sister scam websites. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any profiles matching these users.

There’s no professional profile on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. And this makes the platform a huge scare. These seem to be paid testimonials. We also believe these are stock images meant to entice investors to sign up.

Are Funds Safe with

Customer and support

When choosing the best investment platform, ensure you test their support system. It would be best if you went for platforms that offer a more direct approach to customers. Communication is essential when it comes to investing.

And that’s why the platform is smart enough to avoid any direct means of communication. You only get an email address and a message board where you leave your message. The WhatsApp group chat is not that direct.

You will be kicked out of the group if you inquire about withdrawals. In addition, several members have seen their profiles deleted from the group. In essence, the platform is trying to control the communication channels.

Funding Accounts

To ensure anyone can easily fund their accounts, the platform avails several depository channels. These include bank and wire transfers. Surprisingly, there are no crypto depository channels despite being a crypto investment platform.

Once you send funds via wire transfer, the platform may claim not to have received the funds. It’s another way Profit Returns 24 is deceiving investors. For the few lucky ones, the balance will reflect on the account within minutes.

We don’t recommend you put a penny on this platform. No one gets to profit from it. It’s all an illusion meant to entice investors into signing up with the platform. You need to stay away from the platform or risk losing everything.

License and Regulation ProfitReturns24

Profit Returns 24 is not a licensed or regulated platform. There’s an attempt by the platform to claim regulation from CFTC and the NFA. We did a thorough check using the two regulators. The results were that the platform is using false compliance details.

With false license number details, it’s best to stay away from the platform. You need to stay away from the platform or risk losing all your funds. The best option is to go for more plausible and proven ways of investing.

Safety of funds ProfitReturns24

Funding methods Profit Returns 24

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to honor its pledges. The platform does not offer security cover for deposits made by members of the public. Profit Returns 24 violates investment and trading regulations.


We recommend you stay away from

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  2. Wayne gower

    June 11, 2023

    Plz don’t invest its a scam can’t get my money out of them I’m in south africa the owe me 57000

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