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Btceu Review: BaFIN Warns Trading with ( BTC EU

Btceu is a scam, and BaFIN, the German financial regulator, confirmed this by issuing a warning to investors and traders. Those who sign up with the platform risk losing their investment.

Our Btceu review exposes why this broker is a scam and why it was flagged down. BTC EU claims to be the best liquidity provider in the business.

That’s far from the truth, is now a proven scam.

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Here’s our in-depth BTCEU REVIEW.

About Btceu (background and history of BTC EU)

is Btceu legit?

The broker claims to care about your success in the about us section. These are false claims, as the broker has no such intentions.

All the broker wants is to take advantage of your investment. But, unfortunately, those signed up with the broker know the consequences too well.

Signing up with the broker means you won’t get to withdraw your hard-earned profit. Members have not enjoyed withdrawal for the past few weeks.

The broker is not responding to our queries on the matter. And that goes to show we are dealing with a broker who wants to tarnish your investment.

None of the members have heard from the broker since the warning came out. And this was already too late as members had to seek help.

As it turns out, you can’t profit from this trading platform. And that’s a bummer for those who invested in large amounts.

The broker claims to be trustworthy and has helped over 5 million traders become successful. But, unfortunately, that’s far from the case.

You won’t see any trader coming out praising the platform. Instead, the broker is only interested in taking advantage of your investment.

Before you engage with any broker, we recommend doing some due diligence. Try and find out more about the broker before committing any funds.

Advantages and cons of Btceu

There are no advantages of singing up with Btceu, only heartache, and disappointment. Those who have signed up with the broker have no way of knowing what to do.

The broker has been blocking all communication relating to withdrawals.

How do you weigh the pros and cons of a broker? We will tell you how.

It would be best to ascertain that the broker is legit and fully vetted by a reputable regulator. And these regulators include the likes of ASIC, BaFIN, CFTC, CNMV, CONSOB, and CySEC.

These regulators work to ensure the broker follows all laid-out trading rules.

You also must check how other investors view the platform. Take a look at what other traders think of the platform.

A broker must also furnish traders with fair trading conditions. That’s the only way to ensure you have a bright and sunny way of earning ROI.

The ratings of a broker do matter, including how fast withdrawals are released. In addition, you want a broker who offers same-day withdrawal options.

These are some features to look out for when dealing with a new broker.

Features of Btceu

Accounts and trading tiers

Btceu accounts and plans

There are three accounts to choose from with this broker; these include standard, pro, and elite accounts. Here’s a glance at the three accounts;


The allowed minimum deposit with this plan is $250, with spreads starting from 0.13 pips. There are five trading instruments, with all traders using a web terminal.

Leverage for the accounts is fair as it follows set rules of 1:100. Members don’t get automated trading or technical analysis tools.


For the pro account holder, expect to deposit $500 to get started. Spreads on this tier begin from 0.1 pips with similar trading instruments as the standard account holder.

Leverage on this plan is higher as members use the leverage of 1:300. There’s a 20 percent welcome bonus with automated trading out of the question/


It’s the most exclusive account of them all. Traders must deposit $1,000 to start with spreads starting from 0.0 pips.

Leverage on this account is the highest, with traders enjoying leverage of 1:600. There’s a 30 percent welcome bonus.

Bonuses on offer

These bonuses are traps for investors to opt for high-end accounts. You think the broker will offer a higher bonus for you to use with trades.

Please keep in mind that regulators have warned against such moves by liquidity providers. These experts believe the broker is out to get investors to deposit more.

And that’s true, as most traders opted for the pro and elite accounts. With nothing to go for, the members decided to go all in.

The results are horrific as the broker failed to offer much clarity. There’s no bonus available as the broker is only interested in defrauding traders.

Contact and support

Avoid investing with

Don’t expect any contact or support from this platform. Unfortunately, those who have engaged with the broker feel the heat as the broker fails to respond to any queries.

There’s no live chat or even contact us page one can use to make contact. The broker doesn’t even leave a phone number one can use to contact them directly.

As an investor, you need to ascertain the broker is available 24/7. Since the markets are live 24/7, the broker should offer support throughout.

We see a broker who doesn’t offer much in terms of contact. The broker doesn’t want any interaction with the members.

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Deposit and withdrawal methods

There are three deposit methods available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers.

The broker also accepts crypto payments.

Withdrawing funds from the platform remains the biggest challenge facing members. No member sees their initial investment even after trading and making a profit.

And that’s the reason why BaFIN flagged down the broker.

Compliance, License, and Regulation status Btceu

Btceu remains unregulated and is on the watch list of other European regulators; BaFIN is one of the many regulators that issued warnings.

Other regulators plan to follow suit and protect traders from investing in such horrible platforms.

You MUST use a broker who follows the legal framework set up for trading. That ensures your safety is assured.

Web trader

Instead of offering world-class trading terminals such as MT4 or MT5, the broker provides an unstable web trading platform.

With MT4 and MT5 platforms, you get a more refined trading terminal to access exciting tools.

Note that the broker doesn’t offer automated trading because the platform doesn’t have robots.

MT4 and MT5 gift members a chance to use technical analysis tools and robots for placing better trades.

Fund Safety Btceu

Your funds are far from safe with this trading platform. You need to sign up with a more reliable trading platform.

The broker is on the blacklist of several regulators, and please stay away from BTC EU.

Our Verdict on BTC EU

As our review shows, the broker is an utter scam; please stay away.

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