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Capital Stack Trade Review: A Warning from FCA on

Capital Stack Trade is another Scam exposed by the FCA, and our review shows why. The broker is an utter disappointment as they block withdrawals.

Those signed up with the broker are doing worse than they imagined. Despite the allure of easy and quick profit margins, it remains not the case.

Our help desk has received countless complaints after the broker blocked withdrawals. And worse still, there’s no explanation for all this.

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The broker doesn’t want anyone to know what’s happening behind the curtains.

Here’s the FCA worry: No member will even get compensated for losing funds from Capital Stack Trade.

Capital Stack Trade Review

With the broker having no compliance, its apparent safety of funds is out of the question. The broker didn’t deposit the required amount to set aside as collateral if everything failed.

About Capital Stack Trade

We have a broker who claims to deal in four major markets that will deliver timely profits to anyone interested.

Capital Stack Trade claims to have experience in brokerage, crypto mining, crypto trading, and real estate.

All these are false claims, as the broker doesn’t even own a single ASIC miner.

Talking of ASICs, check the daily profitability margin of these machines here.

The broker claims to have over 1,500 investors and over 400,000 deposits. And the withdrawal the broker claims is around 600,000.

No member has proof of ever withdrawing a penny from the platform. So once you deposit funds, consider them gone.

And that’s the risk FCA doesn’t want investors to take, sign up, and deposit with an anonymous broker.

These are false assumptions despite claiming to have over seven years of experience. Furthermore, no one had heard of the broker until the news came out of the impending closure.

Yes, the broker will soon shut down after being listed on the FCA warning list. But, unfortunately, no broker survives that and leaves to tell the story.

Staff/Team Members

The broker claims to have all sorted it out by posting two stock photos as CEO and Director of Finance.

We see stock images of John Shelton as the CEO and Caroline Peel as the Director of Finance. These people are non-existent.

The broker is anonymous and uses these stock images to try and pull investors into signing up. No such names are associated with the brokerage in any way or form.

And that’s another reason to doubt the credibility of the broker. As a trader, you must do homework before signing up with any broker.

We recommend doing due diligence by asking around about the platform’s performance. You can also engage with the crypto and forex community and ask about the broker.

A quick search of the broker ‘Capital Stack Trade Review’ will give you an idea of what the broker is all about.

Are funds safe with Capital Stack Trade?

As we indicated earlier, the platform is unsafe as the broker fails to offer any safety net for members.

The broker is also at fault for failing to segregate accounts as trading regulations dictate. And all these put the broker at risk of losing everything.

You must use a broker who follows the correct procedure and guarantees safety when trading with their platform.

No member will receive compensation for the fallout when the platform shuts down. Even if you have a balance, the broker will delete your account.

Deposit and withdrawal options

There are several deposit options available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers.

You can also deposit using a crypto wallet, which the broker prefers due to its anonymous nature.

Withdrawing funds from the platform is one of the biggest issues you will face as a member. But, unfortunately, the broker will move you in circles before giving up.

There’s no proof anyone can withdraw funds from the platform. And that’s why we have to expose the broker for failing to offer much sustainability.

Trading Conditions Capital Stack Trade

Capital Stack Trade Pros and Cons

Account types

Members get to choose from three investment plans available on the platform. These include Starter, Advanced, and Professional.

Here’s a closer look at what each account type offers to the public.


With the starter account, the broker promises 6% ROI. The minimum acceptable deposit with this account is $150, with $900 being the maximum.

Interestingly, the broker promises 6 percent ROI within five days.


A 10% ROI gets guaranteed after vesting for the same period of 5 days. The minimum investment amount is $1,000.

The maximum you can invest with this platform is $9,999.


12.5 percent daily ROI is what the broker promises after investing for five days.

You can invest only $5,000, with $50,000 being the absolute maximum.

What happens after signing up with these accounts?

Here’s how the Capital Stack Trade scam works. After signing up, the broker will wait for the five days to lapse.

You will then receive a notification requiring you to add more funds as ‘tax’ to cover the withdrawal fee.

Once you make the mistake of adding more funds, the broker starts sending excuses as to why you can’t withdraw funds.

It also happens to those who deposit funds and want to withdraw funds immediately.

Is Capital Stack Trade Licensed or Regulated?

FCA Warning on

Capital Stack Trade is not a licensed or regulated broker and offers little accountability and transparency.

The Financial Conduct Authority has already flagged down the broker as a scam.

And that’s proof we also need to blacklist the broker as a scam. You must stay away from the broker or risk losing everything.

What to do when scammed by Capital Stack Trade

Head to our scam recovery page and find out how to get your funds back.

Support from staff members

Don’t expect any form of support or communication from staff members. The platform doesn’t even have a live chat service which is beyond us.

You need to ascertain the platform you’re using is available for calls.

Please stay away from brokers who are not willing to engage directly. Likewise, avoid brokers who limit communication to written forms only.

Verdict on Capital Stack Trade

Please stay away from Capital Stack Trade.

PS: Engage in profitable and safe investment strategies and trading tools.

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