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Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token

Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token is a smart contract under the Ethereum network. The MSC ERC20 Token is solely used for token implementation. With the token, you can buy goods and services on the Miningwatchdog Marketplace section. It’s a one-of-a-kind decentralized marketplace for all things relating to Crypto. So if you’re interested in purchasing crypto products and services, you need to get this token.

About Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token

Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token Review

For years, there has been a growing need for getting a currency for all things Crypto. And this is what Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token brings to the table. With the MSC Token, users can get all things relating to crypto products and services. 

There are 500,000,000 tokens available on the platform. The platform plans to sell 47.4 percent of these tokens to users. To understand how the tokens work, you need to know more about the token distribution rules.

Having all crypto products and services under one roof is a great idea. It simplifies the crypto ecosystem and brings all parties to the table. Furthermore, with the Ethereum backed token, transparency is assured for every user.

You can use the MSC to purchase these products, from buying used and new ASIC miners to hashrates. All you have to do is join the ICO and purchase your tokens. The good thing is, the platform is giving everyone a chance to get MSC Tokens.

There will be three sales events that will give users a chance to hold these valuable tokens. With the event of each sale, you can decide to vest the tokens or use them on the marketplace. The vesting period will depend on the sales event.

One way of grabbing this one-of-a-lifetime coin is by joining the presale event. The event is only taking place for 24 hours. With the demand for the token high, it’s best to keep the presale event within a short time.

Don’t worry, and even if you miss the presale event, there are two more events to grab the tokens. For those who would love to get their hands on the growing crypto market, MSC is the way. You will find the marketplace the go-to shop for crypto services.

Account registration

Opening an account and getting your MSC is straightforward. Head over to the main website and click Buy Token. You will be redirected to the registration page. Members must fill in the form and ensure they comply with the terms and conditions.

The process requires users to fill in their full names, country, and zip code. Then, users must check and confirm that the MSC ICO sales events comply with local and state laws. It helps protect everyone from restrictions.

Once you’ve registered with the platform, you’re directed to the dashboard. The dashboard has a countdown timer with details on when the next sales event occurs. To purchase MSC during the presale event, you need to use BTC and ETH.

After purchasing the MSC during the presale event, there are 6 – 18 months vesting period. The purchase limit with FIAT has been set to $5,000. We encourage the use of BTC and ETH to ensure transparency.

Even after the three sales events are over, you can still get MSC on several platforms. These include leading crypto exchanges and trading platforms. In addition, you can also get the Token from DEX platforms such as UNISWAP.

The reason you should get your hands on the MSC ERC20 Token is accessibility and transparency. Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token is an all-access currency for all things relating to Crypto.

You can also sell your MSC on partner trading platforms for profit. The platform allows users to exchange tokens using exchange platforms. That means you get value for your money when trading or exchanging MSC.

Advantages of having Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token

MSC Features

The advantages of having MSC are countless. First, you have a coin that is backed by a fully active crypto marketplace. Second, the platform allows users to buy and sell their used ASIC Miners.

For crypto miners, this is an excellent feature as new miners are hard to come by. Immediately they are released, these miners get sold out. Others are way above the price range of some users. And the marketplace offers a place you can buy tested and used ASIC Miners.

Those who can’t afford to buy crypto miners are forced to purchase mining contracts. Unfortunately, most of the contracts don’t materialize as expected. With MSC, you can purchase hashrates from the platform at an affordable rate.

You can also exchange MSC with multiple altcoins and major cryptos. With the combined power of the Ethereum Blockchain, the MSC offers transparency to users. All transactions are on Etherscan, and anyone can check and confirm.

Credibility of Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token

Transparency and credibility are the reasons why MSC is such a powerful tool to have. Crypto enthusiasts have been looking for a platform for all things Crypto. Unfortunately, most of the platforms don’t offer a one-stop feature.

An excellent example is crypto exchange sites, and you can only exchange major cryptos. Thanks to Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token, there are other ways to exchange cryptos. You can trade Altcoins with major cryptos on the platform.

You won’t find such a feature on any crypto exchange platform, making MSC the best option. Most Altcoin miners have been having a hard time trying to exchange altcoins with major cryptos.

Presale, Private, and Public Sales Events

MSC Sales Events

There are three sales events to make sure the platform offers everyone a chance to get MSC Tokens. Let’s take a closer look at the event of each sale;

Presale event

During this event, 8 percent of the total token supply will be up for grabs. That means the tokens for sale are 40,000,000. The sales date is set for 30th August 2021, and the duration is 24 hours. Users can only purchase using BTC and ETH.

The price for each MSC at the presale event is 1MSC=$0.5. The vesting period is six to eighteen months, with the purchase limit set at $5,000. For those who don’t have wallets, you can still buy using PayPal.

Public sale

It’s the second sales event and will come14 days after the end of the presale. The date is the 14th of September 2021. The price for MSC is $1.5 per MSC. For the event of this sale. 8.60 percent of the total tokens are up for grabs. There are 43,000,000 MSC for this event.

The vesting period for the public sales event is set at six months after the ICO/IDO Event.

Private Sale

It’s the last sales event and comes in two phases, the first and second phases. The event is on the 6th of October 2021, while the second private sales event starts on the 13th of October 2021. Twenty percent of the total tokens are up for grabs with the private sale.

The total token supply for the private sales event is 100,000,000MSC

First phase private sale

The price of MSC on the first phase of private sale is set at $2.5. The vesting period is four months, with the first phase limit set at 50,000,000MSC.

Second Phase Private Sale

It’s the last sales event with a total token supply of 50,000,000. The price for the event of this sale is $4.0 per MSC. There’s a vesting period of 2 months, with the sales event ending on 21st October 2021.

Users should note that Miningwatchdog hopes everyone will participate and follow the terms set. Unfortunately, FIAT is only acceptable via PayPal but will cease to exist after some time. 

Why Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token is the best

Advantages of Miningwatchdog Smartchain MSC ERC20 Token

You can use MSC to navigate through the marketplace for buying crypto products and services. It guarantees payment for any product and service under the marketplace section. In addition, you get peer-to-peer hashrates. Buyers get a reliable mining pool on the platform where they can buy or sell hashrates. 

The marketplace allows you to join the computational resources over a secure and stable network. Once the pool is successful, you get MSC Tokens.

To join this revolutionary Crypto Token, click here.


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