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Roobet Review: All you need to know about

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Roobet is one of the best Crypto-based online casino games ever to grace the digital world space.

For those who prefer gambling with Crypto, Roobet has it all; should be the home of online casino games, from live casino games to slot machines.

Our review will help you discover the advantages, attributes, and drawbacks of playing with one of the best online casino platforms.

Most importantly, you get an unbiased Roobet Review. Is Roobet legit, and how safe is it for users worldwide?

Let’s quickly dive in and learn more about what makes this platform the best and leading online casino platform.

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About Roobet

All about Roobet

A fully licensed betting and crypto casino platform, Roobet has become the fastest-growing platform.

Founded a few years ago, the platform has become a pioneer in the online entertainment world. The founders were primarily lifelong games and knew what was best for the online space.

Since its inception, Roobet has, without a doubt, taken the world by storm.

The platform is among the most innovative and uses Blockchain technology to power some of its games and rewards.

By embracing the next generation and empowering users with the right values for online gaming, has been the best so far in terms of customer awareness.

And the payouts are fair and, for some, the best in class, especially for online casino games. We will get into the wagers and payouts later during our intense review.

Unlike other online-based crypto games, it’s an innovative and secure platform that protects members from any third-party attacks or information data screw-ups.

A crypto-casino platform for all

Thanks to the disruptive crypto space, Roobet took advantage and is now ripping the benefits of offering crypto assets as well as accepting deposits and wagers in crypto.

There’s no doubt Roobet produces the best in class when it comes to online crypto games. And this is what every gamer or gambler wants.

With responsible gambling being one of the core values of the platform, you need to understand the full features and rules of the game.

The platform is growing in popularity in Canada, Mexico, and South America. That’s not to say you can’t get your hands on the platform from anywhere.

Even players in crypto-restrictive regions have started embracing the best crypto-online casino game.

Asia is another region where Roobet is growing in popularity. With over 3,300 different games to choose from, your hands will be full with the spectrum of games available.

The first Roobet Cup was held in 2022, with Snoop Dogg hallmarking the event and eventually becoming an ambassador of the brand.

By advancing everyday applications of Blockchain technology and Crypto, the ethos has gained more than just an immense following.

We have seen the ethos help in responsible gambling thanks to the strict rules and guidelines that help cover all parties.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Roobet

Like any other online platform, there has some advantages and drawbacks to playing with Roobet. Let’s take a closer look at these important attributes;

Leading casino and slot game software providers

Advantages of Roobet

Ease of withdrawals

There are favorable reviews from gamers and gamblers alike who heap praise on the platform. And all these are independent reviews, meaning the platform is in a world of its own.

Most users highlight withdrawals as one of the most attractive features of Roobet. Once a user gets verified, withdrawals go through without any hurdles.

You can read all the payout reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot and find out how much exciting it is to sign up with the platform.

Fair outcomes and probabilities for each game

One of the main reasons why Roobet stands out is the probability and outcomes highlighted by playing any of the games.

All the results are verifiable, and transparency is one of the most talked about features of the platform.

You don’t really need to trust the platform, all you need is to trust the math, and the results will be as indicated.

Roobet utilizes its currency

Roobido is the platform’s main currency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin peg.

These are stable cryptos you can use to play, making it easier to know how much you are betting and the expected payout.

A platform’s unique currency gives players universal purchase power on the available games, bringing prosperity and transparency.

All devices are compatible with

No matter the device you’re using, desktop, mobile, or PC, Roobet is compatible with mobile and desktop OS.

It means you can play on the go or even have a highlighted page for playing games on a PC without facing any lags.

Most online casino games rarely support mobile or are slow in actively playing slot games, certainly not Roobet.

Great Promotions

Roobet's Ambassador Snoop Dogg

As a player on this platform, you can earn or receive portions of other players’ losses. It’s all in the blueprint when playing for a finite amount of time.

Even the available Roobet promotions don’t require players to use any promo code. Affiliate programs are also another way of earning with the platform.

The platform rolls out promotions nearly every month, allowing players to earn more or recover any lost funds.


Limited by region

The website is likely going to restrict users from registering if they fall under the restricted regions category.

There’s a way of bypassing geo-restricted platforms or websites; purchase any reputable VPN software.

With VPNs, you can gain access no matter your location. And the platform will accept you no matter the region.

Roobet doesn’t offer anonymous gambling

Players must submit their KYC and Anti Money Laundering Forms, so you can’t sign up anonymously.

And this means the platform monitors the players, which is a great way of promoting fairness and transparency.

Having said no to anonymous gambling could be a pro to some as it helps raise the bar and legitimacy of the platform.

Own Roobido currency can be confusing to newbies

slot games available on

Having to use a different currency on the platform can be confusing to most users. And this means the rate of Roobido or value remains unknown.

From our research, we later found out that Roobido is equivalent to $1 in BTC, LTC, or ETH. This means the currency is the same on all accepted mainstream cryptos.

That’s impossible and unacceptable, as there are no two currencies in the world with the same value.

Roobet claims BTC, ETH, and LTC all have the same value as Roobido. Please note that Roobido is not a recognized crypto or token verified by Blockchain.

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Compliance, License, and Regulation Roobet

Roobet is, in fact, registered and licensed to operate under the gambling act. The platform operates under the Curacao License Act.

For those new to crypto and online gambling, Curacao is the industry standard for online crypto gambling.

Security Features of

When it comes to matters of security, Roobet is one of the most secure trading platforms the industry has ever seen.

Players MUST provide documents stating they comply with AML and KYC rules. And this stamps the transparency and security involved by all parties.

Roobet also uses SSL encryption to protect players on the platform. There’s an SSL certificate on the website for all to see and verify.

Having SSL encryption means the platform encrypts all information so no one would hack into your account.

Terms and Conditions

All players who sign up with Roobet should abide by the set rules. The terms and conditions set include;

  • Roobet or any other third party involved in the online casino should not be held responsible for any financial losses.
    The risks players take should be of their volition and the risk of chance being the expected loss of playing
  • All players have the responsibility of protecting their gaming accounts and all relevant data pertaining their choice and mode of play.
  • Any decision taken by the Roobet team regarding any addition, amendments, deletion, or wager requirements on any game are final and not subject to discussion.
  • All players, on request by Roobet, should at all times provide accurate, honest, and timely information to the casino.
    Failure to produce information as required or suggested will result in immediate termination of the specified gaming account.

Key Games Played on Roobet

Here are some of the most played games on the Roobet online casino game;

Best Crypto-based online gambling platform

  1. Slot Games

You will get a wide array of online casino slot games on the Roobet platform. These are slot games from the most reputable software providers in the industry.

Some of the software providers partnering with Roobet include Amatic, Betsoft, Microgaming, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, and many more.

Some of the popular slot games include Big Bass Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Roo Bonanza, Fruit Party, Wanted Dead or Alive, and many more.

The platform has all slot games for seasoned players and even newbies who have an array of games to choose from.

  1. Crash games

Want a unique online vetting experience? Roobet’s casino crush games are gaining popularity thanks to the payouts and fair success rate.

Virtual Rocket Launch is one such game that has taken the online gambling world by storm. The game is for all, as it combines skills and, most importantly, luck.

These games come with above-board designs and graphics with a memorable user-friendly experience.

For those looking for a unique online gambling experience, crash games on are one of the places to stop.

  1. Live casino games on

A live casino is the best for players looking for an authentic and immersive gambling experience, as it provides a real-time experience.

As a player, you get to interact with real dealers and other players on the table. Some of the popular live casino games include Baccarat, Crazy Time, VIP Platinum, etc.

Live casino on gets powered by leading software providers that ensure fairness and transparency for players.

Expect to see fair outcomes and high-quality designs with premium sound quality.

  1. Roo’s Lounge Games

One of the well-known online gaming games, these games provide players with a diverse and exciting series of games.

Roo’s lounge comes with a one-of-a-kind user-friendly design offering players a memorable entertaining gaming experience.

Some of the more reputable games include Classic Casino with Roo’s Lounge offering players something for everyone.

  1. Roobet Games

There are five categories under the Roobet Games menu; games such as crash games and Roulette are available here.

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Roobet Payment Methods

Payment methods accepted by Roobet

There are various modes of payment on the platform, and these include deposit and withdrawal options on

Depositing on

Roobet accepts only three cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. After depositing funds, the company credits your account with the equivalent Roobido.

The platform accepts FIAT from certain regions. Please check the terms and conditions for deposits.


Still, players use the very same crypto options when withdrawing from Roobet. You enter the correct wallet address for fast withdrawals.

Funds are available after 24 hours of the player’s withdrawal request. There are no withdrawal limits listed on the platform.


The platform has a dedicated customer support center dedicated to improving the player’s gaming experience.

Players can email the support team and expect a rapid response within 24 hours. There are various social media platforms for players to send their queries.

We firmly believe in timely customer support, and Roobet has a chat function available.

Roobet FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Roobet

  • Is Roobet Legit?

Yes, Roobet is completely legit and has a license from Curacao.

  • How safe is Roobet?

Roobet is one of the safest online casino games with SSL encryption and strict AML and KYC policies.

  • How much can I make with Roobet?

Depending on the wager and outcome, Roobet can be highly profitable.

Roobet Review Conclusion

Unlike most online gambling platforms, Roobet stands out due to its wide array of games and strict security rules.

Yes, we do recommend signing up and start playing.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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