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Strongbody Shop Review: Is a scam?

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Strongbody Shop ( is another India-based B2B marketplace. Initially an online body fitness store, the shop now sells crypto hardware. We must draw the line as to where you can get miners, not from a cosmetic shop. These are the type of stores that are likely going to lead you to lose your investment. Strong Body Shop is a scam. Here’s our detailed STRONGBODY SHOP REVIEW for more.

About Strongbody Shop

Those who have engaged with the store know delivery is a problem all too well. No one has come to heap praise on the store for delivering miners. We have asked several Indian crypto miners about their experience with the store.

Manish is one of the miners who wants his refund back after failing to get his miner. Instead, the store sends emails claiming they have already shipped the miner. Without order tracking information, these allegations remain just that.

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Strongbody shop doesn’t even look like a store that would have such products. You would expect to get a treadmill or other gym products, not crypto miners. Instead, the store has done what so many stores do and eventually failed.

By pivoting, the store fails to offer much in terms of creativity. These are stores that don’t provide clients much in terms of reliability. It would be best if you avoided stores that don’t offer reliable appliances, a jack of all types of products.

Strongbody Shop sells faulty miners

Such stores eventually lead users to lose more funds in the process. You get a store not willing to offer much in terms of creativity. Please stay away from the store as it is on record for failing to deliver crypto hardware miners.

Experts recommend researching a store first before committing any funds. These are the steps you must take to protect yourself from online scams. You can also reach out and request we conduct a review on your behalf.

Advantages and snags of buying miners from Strongbody Shop

Other benefits of dealing with the store include buying body-building equipment. But, the stores do it abysmally when it comes to selling crypto miners. Job. Pivoting to a crypto hardware store is the biggest flaw the store faces.

Engaging with the store is one of the biggest hurdles you will face as a buyer. Unfortunately, the store fails to give users a chance to engage directly with the seller. Although not a B2B marketplace, members don’t have direct access to sellers.

Before anything else, you must weigh the pros and cons of buying from one store over another. Some factors to consider include delivery, pricing, refunds, returns, and shipping. You must also consider the condition of the miner. Do you want a new or used miner?

Most of the buyers normally go for the price aspect. You see a posted miner at an affordable price and add it to cart without thinking twice. Unfortunately, some of these stores are dummy websites that fool even skilled crypto hardware miners.

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A list of miners available in the store

We could only find two brands available in the store. You get two Bitmain miners and several Whatsminer units. From the store’s list, we can tell the store doesn’t re-stock some of the newly released miners.

There’s also proof the store is selling used miners. None of the listed miners are brand new and were released over two years ago. Some miners are no longer profitable unless you use other means of energy for mining.

These are some aspects most buyers will fail to spot in such stores. You must check each brand and confirm the profitability. That way, you can decide which coin to mine and which mining unit to use.

Strongbody Shop fails to deliver miners

Due to the rampant cases of theft, we came up with reasons for how to buy miners safely. Follow these guidelines, and rest assured of getting the miner you deserve. Ensure the seller does, too; reliable sellers will follow the rules to the letter.

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A secure way of buying miners from online shops such as Strongbody Shop

Move 1

Before adding goods to cart, you must first contact the seller directly. Unfortunately, chatting with sellers when engaging with crypto miners is no longer feasible. Instead, you must have a one-on-one meeting; a video meeting is most preferred.

Move 2

Once you establish contact, let the seller take you on a virtual tour of the offices or warehouse. By doing this, you help set the seller has the listed mining unIn addition, you are eliminating scammers who post stock images claiming to have these miners.

Move 3

After establishing the seller has the unit, it’s time to test whether the miner works. The seller should furnish you with a 30-second video of the miner in action. You should see the maximum hashrate and quality of the miner. Is it brand new or a used miner?

Move 4

Start asking the right questions about delivery and shipping. For example, when is the seller expected to deliver the miner once payment is made? Does the seller furnish users with an order tracking number for the shipped product?

Move 5

Make sure to negotiate the price of the miner. To do so, you must first have researched the intended brand’s average price. Then, try and avoid sellers who overprice or underprice miners. That’s the best way to avoid getting scammed.

Move 6

After receiving your miner, you must also record the unboxing. That way, you and the seller can see the state where the miner arrived. The seller should accept a return if it gets damaged via transit and immediately issues a refund.

Bulk and discount deals

Scammers have created dummy websites to fool buyers with extreme discount deals. The scammer will claim to offer a large discount on sales of more than ten units. Most of the values are 40 to 50 percent off.

Before buying in bulk, you must ascertain whether the deal is confirmed. Avoid sellers who are eager to throw in sales of more than 30 percent upwards. Next, you must know the proper channels to buy miners in bulk.

We recommend contacting manufacturers directly if you need bulk miners. With manufacturers, you get to have brand new miners at the best rates. You can check with large crypto mining farms or reliable stores if you want refurbished miners.

With crypto mining farms, you must strive to go to the mining farm and test the unit. Make sure to follow the above rules if you’re not close to the mining farm. For used miners, ask the seller if they are willing to cover any repairs within the next three months.

Business holder Strongbody Shop

Little information is available on who owns Strongbody Shop. And that makes Strongbody Shop an anonymous crypto hardware store. These are the features you must avoid in any online crypto hardware sale.

Client Testimony

What clients think of the store

No client has come out with proof of ever receiving a miner from the store. All negative reviews share the same story, and the store fails to deliver products.

Our Bottom Line Strongbody Shop

After checking all the facts, it’s clear that Strongbody shop is a scam.

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