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Tradebitfinex Review: A Warning from the FCA on

Tradebitfinex is a scam, a clone of another crypto scam named Profit Index Traders. Our review exposes why the broker is a high-risk investment option.

To try and stop investors from falling into the hands of rogue brokers, the Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning.

The warning stipulates why investing with Tradebitfinex is a huge problem. No member gets to withdraw funds from the platform.

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Those who have signed up with Tradebitfinex are ruing the decision. The broker no longer accepts withdrawals of more than $50.

And this means heavy losses for investors who deposited more than $500 with the broker. As a result, the broker is closing some of these accounts with large amounts.

Before you invest with any broker, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a broker worthy.

There are several factors to consider, including trading conditions and withdrawal capabilities. Here’s what you need to go for when indulging with brokers.

About Tradebitfinex

Tradebitfinex Pros and Cons

On the about us page, Tradebitfinex claims to be one of the fastest-growing online brands. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth, as the platform barely has 1,000 members signed up.

We see a broker trying to entice investors by claiming to have a large market trading volume. All these are false data trying to give the broker credence in the eyes of naïve investors.

We will not fall for that including the dubious claims of offering guaranteed profit margins to all members.

That’s one of the red flags to spot with scammers. Any broker claiming to ‘guarantee’ profits is not a legit broker.

Markets are volatile, and making correct predictions 100 percent of the time is insane. And that’s why we have to expose the broker’s attempts to fool investors.

Most of the naïve investors fall for such brokers due to the claims offered by brokers. These claims include a high welcome deposit and guaranteed payouts.

The moment you deposit funds with such brokers, consider the amount lost. These brokers won’t let you withdraw any large sum.

There’s no credible background and history of the platform. We don’t even know who owns or runs the platform.

And that makes an anonymous crypto investment platform which in itself is a red flag.

Avoid investing in anonymous platforms that guarantee high payouts within days or weeks. These are what’s commonly referred to as get-rich-quick schemes.

Available Trading Conditions

Before signing up with the broker, you must first find out the available trading conditions. These include the acceptable minimum deposit, leverage, and spreads.

These should be telling signs of what to expect from the broker. You also need to sign up with brokers who have a solid online reputation.

Tradebitfinex can only dream about that as its reputation is exposed. No sane investor will sign up with a broker flagged by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Another essential aspect to check under the trading conditions is the investment plans. These are the accounts members have to sign up and amount to deposit.

Accounts and Plans trading conditions

There are three accounts on offer with Tradebitfinex. These accounts are starter, premium, and executive.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these accounts;


It’s the plan set for newbies or those who want to start small. Members must deposit $250 to get started.

Some features indicated include low trade frequency, a 10 percent referral bonus, and a 5 percent automated weekly payout.

The broker also promises two times to increase the amount invested with Bitcoin.


Members have to deposit $1,000 to get started with the account. The account is for the more skilled trader.

Available features include medium trade frequency, a 15 percent referral bonus, and a 5 percent automated weekly payout.

The broker will promise a 5-time increase on your Bitcoin investment.


It’s the most executive plan that also targets institutional investors. The acceptable minimum deposit is $50,000.

Account features

Here’s the issue with the broker, the fact that they guarantee high payouts within days of depositing funds.

These are the tell-signs of a broker who doesn’t know how crypto investments work. And sadly, most of the investors who sign up.

The broker fails to indicate the vesting period or whether traders will do the trading. Is an expert team working behind the curtains to help hit the target goals?

All these are the red flags we mentioned, as the broker doesn’t have in them to fool investors. Instead, we have a broker who doesn’t offer much in terms of accountability and transparency.

Features of a reliable broker

We will help you find out some of the features of a reliable broker. You don’t have to be an expert investor or trader to find a worthy broker.

Here are some of the features to look out for;

Client Testimonials

Most of the reliable brokers have a good online reputation and highly ranked by fellow traders and investors.

Your first job should determine how the trading community perceives the broker and the overall trading conditions.

A well rated broker will have proof of withdrawal available and will communicate almost immediately with members.

Contact and support

Sign up with a broker who has direct means of communication available 24/7. The broker doesn’t offer live chat and claims to be the fastest-growing online platform.

Once you send an email, the broker will most likely fail to respond within a few days. The broker is only keen on responding when it comes to depositing queries.

Look for brokers who are available and ready to answer your queries at a moment’s notice.

Payment Options

Another important aspect to check is the payment solution available. Make sure to check the payment structure on some of these investment platforms.

Ask around and confirm whether the broker releases withdrawals on time. If you did you review, our review would reveal the broker is a scam straightaway.

And you wouldn’t have to think twice about depositing funds.

Withdrawing funds from this broker is the biggest issue facing investors.

How to recover funds from online scammers

Tradebitfinex warning from the Financial Conduct Authority

Please reach out by heading to our scam recovery page and finding out how best you can recover stolen funds.

Verdict on Tradebitfinex

We find the broker guilty of fraud, and the Financial Conduct Authority condemns the broker as a scam.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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