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Market Data For Blocknet

Current Price $3.58
Market Cap $29,415,220
Market Cap Rank #243
Total Volume $23,226
High 24H $4.03
Low 24H $1.86
Price Change 24H 0.43%
Price Change Percentage 24H 12.09%
Market Cap Change 24H $3,177,304.00
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H 12.11%
Circulating Supply 7,393,856 block
Total Supply -
All Time High $59.66 -93.25%
January 6, 2018
All Time Low $0.0176 22,791.61%
November 15, 2015 -

Coin Data For Blocknet

About Blocknet

Blocknet Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Blocknet Cryptocurrency

Blocknet is a blockchain platform that allows for transactions between different blockchains. It solves one of the biggest problems in blockchain technology, interoperability. Additionally, Blocknet allows blockchains to connect to external off-chain APIs and services. Blocknet does this using oracles. This sets the stage for the next generation of blockchains.

Blocknet claims to be the best for building decentralized applications of tomorrow. This is the next generation of blockchains. This implementation allows for blockchains to penetrate all markets.

Blocknet Review, Blocknet Company

Moreover, this value proposition comes with a lot of economic incentives. The ability for businesses to collaborate on projects in a blockchain environment is appealing. However, there are already a lot of similar projects in the market. Blocknet has to do a lot of work to dethrone some of the top projects in the space.

To power operations on its blockchain, Blocknet uses the Block tokens. These tokens facilitate transaction fees on Blocknet. Additionally, they are usable in paying for goods and services.

How Blocknet Works

Blocknet aims to connect all blockchains. This allows one chain to access the services of other chains. There are three main components that make this possible. These include the XBridge, the XRouter and the XCloud.

The XBridge is an integral part of Blocknet. It is the layer that allows communication between different blockchains. XBridge is the platform that allows blockchains to exchange assets. This comes with a lot of economic advantages. Users can transact securely even when on different blockchains.

The next layer is XRouter. This layer facilitates transactions across blockchains. It ensures all information check out before the transaction. It performs the verification process without requiring users to download a full blockchain. Applications interface with blockchains on the TCP/IP networking layer. XRouter manages this process. By default, XRouter is compatible with all blockchains.

The final layer is XCloud. It provides a decentralized oracle to users. XCloud allows applications to run entirely decentralized. It does this by enabling on-chain use of off-chain assets.

These three layers work together to make Blocknet a reality. They open the door to the possibility of monetizable dApps.

Can Investors Mine Blocknet coins?

Yes, Investors can mine Blocknet coins. Miners maintain the security of the blockchain by validating transactions. They do this by solving complex hashing equations. Successful miners create new blocks for the blockchain.

Blocknet uses a combination of PoW and PoS to maintain consensus in the network. Mining Blocknet coins is not easy. Hence, miners need to use specialized software and hardware. Some software you can use in mining Blocknet coins include XMR Stak and CCMiner.

Mining Blocknet coins is processor heavy. Hence, you require a powerful GPU or CPU to successfully mine Block coins. Additionally, solo mining is no longer profitable in most blockchains. It is always advisable to join a mining pool to increase the chances of getting a reward.

As usual, you will need to connect your wallet to Blocknet. This is because Blocknet needs to know where to send you the mining rewards.

The Team behind Blocknet

Blocknet does not introduce the team behind this project on the official website. However, we do know that one of the co-founders is Arlyn Cilwick. Blocknet has an official LinkedIn account. This account allows you to see some of the members of the Blocknet team.

These individuals have tons of experience in blockchain technology and other areas. Therefore, it is safe to say that the project is in safe hands. Further, the team has social media presence. They are on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Instagram. The team shows dedication to keep the project afloat.

However, the project is not seeing a lot of success in the market. The competitors like Tether coin are doing much better compared to Blocknet. One of the reasons is because they have better funding. Additionally, they are unique in their own ways.

The team behind Blocknet will have to do a better job of pushing the project to the public. Otherwise, they will not compete with some of the best blockchains in this sector.

Privacy and Security

Blocknet is a blockchain project. Blockchain platforms usually have great security features. This is because nodes in the network work together to keep the network secure.  They ensure that the system is always at a consensus.

Additionally, they can identify a breach early before damage happens. In such a case, neighboring nodes help the attacked node recover.

Blocknet Review, Blocknet Technology

Blocknet does not stop there. Users of Blockney trade directly via atomic swap and maintain full control of their private keys at all times. Moreover, they employ encryption and hashing functions to keep customers secure from hackers.

Privacy standards stay the same as with any other blockchain. Transactions are transparent on the public ledger. However, they are immutable. There is no way to alter transactions once recorded. Moreover, Blocknet has anti-censorship features to further protect customers.


The Blocknet developers believes that Blocknet should be publicly owned and free for all. They claim that Blocknet is neither a company nor a team. As such, the entity is an open source project. Anyone can contribute to the Blocknet project.

Decentralization defines the model for group decision-making. It is self-managed through a two part governing system. The system consists of services from Nodes and Superblocks.

Any proposal a developer submits must pass through the voting system. When it passes, the community approves it and adopts the new changes in the system.

Our Take on Blocknet

Blocknet is offering a solution for the interoperability problem with blockchain systems. Blockchain allows different blockchains to communicate with each other. This opens the door for business to collaborate.

Moreover, it opens the door for monetizable decentralized applications. This is the new generation of blockchain projects. It is secure and reliable. It allows instantaneous interaction between blockchains.

This project’s governance is also intriguing. The project is open source. Anyone can contribute towards the progress of the blockchain. The community can approve proposals through a voting system.

However, this project faces a lot of competition from better-funded projects. As a result, it is not seeing a lot of success in the market.


  • It offers interoperability between blockchains.
  • The company offers fast and secure transactions.
  • The platform has a decentralized governance model.


  • It is not very successful.
  • It faces stiff competition from better-funded projects.

How to Buy Blocknet Coins

If you feel that this cryptocurrency is for you, you can buy it from various exchanges. Some of the best exchanges to purchase Block coins include VCC Exchange, DigiFinex, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Finexbox.

The price of 1 Block coin stands at $1.06 at the time of writing this. The 24-hour trading volume is $13,015.21. This is very low compared to other competing projects. Further, Block coins hold the 604th rank in market cap share. This is also not impressive. The competition is doing much better.

Final Verdict

The Block coins are not performing as well as you would expect. Its value proposition sells itself. However, the project is yet to see any success. This is because users have existing alternatives.

At this time, Block coins rank too low in market cap share. Such coins come with liquidity problems and value growth problems. Such coins are not a wise investment. There are better projects out there offering the same services and are performing better.


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