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Market Data For Bancor Network Token

Current Price $0.49
Market Cap $108,452,096
Market Cap Rank #248
Total Volume $28,829,168
High 24H $0.55
Low 24H $0.49
Price Change 24H 0.04%
Price Change Percentage 24H 7.55%
Market Cap Change 24H $7,645,389.00
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H 7.58%
Circulating Supply 202,554,816 bnt
Total Supply 202,554,816
All Time High $10.72 -95.01%
January 9, 2018
All Time Low $0.12 341.91%
March 13, 2020 -

Coin Data For Bancor Network Token

About Bancor Network Token

Bancor Network Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of the Bancor Network Tokens

Bancor Network is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap crypto assets. The Bancor Protocol leverages the functionality of smart contracts to build liquidity directly onto tokens. The developers call such tokens smart tokens. Therefore, these tokens are always available for buying or selling.

A buyer does not need a seller to purchase a token. Additionally, the seller does not need a buyer to sell a token. The smart contracts facilitate these transactions without needing the other party. Users can fully trust the architecture of smart contracts.

This is very appealing. Users can initiate transactions at any moment. Moreover, it means there is no need for a centralized institution to process transactions. Therefore, there are no hefty fees to pay. Also, users have total control of their assets.

This network is going against the best exchanges in the market. This includes an exchange like Binance. Such exchanges are centralized and have better-funding. This is a very stiff competition.

How Bancor Network Operates

The operation of the Bancor Network fully depends on smart contracts. The smart contracts sell tokens directly to buyers and buy directly from sellers. There is no need for a second party in this process.

Each smart token has connectors linking them to other tokens on the network. Each of these connectors keeps a record of the balance of other tokens. Additionally, they automatically calculate the price relationship between tokens. This helps the connector know the number of tokens to match a transaction.

Bancor Network Review, Bancor Network Company

All the smart tokens are ERC-20 tokens. This means that any Ethereum based network can support them. Additionally, the blockchain consists of EOS-supported tokens. This means that users can swap and liquidate EOS-based tokens.

This architecture comes with many economic and social incentives.  There is no central institution controlling assets. Hence, users can enjoy full control of their assets. Additionally, there are no hefty fees to pay. Therefore users save a lot of funds.

Moreover, this architecture makes it easy to access cryptocurrencies. This has the potential of sparking mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Bancor Network Token powers all transactions on this blockchain.

Can Investors Mine Bancor Network Tokens? 

No, it is not possible to mine on this blockchain. The smart contracts completely handle the validation of transactions. They keep track of prices and balances. Hence, there is no need for miners on this blockchain.

However, the Bancor Network supports staking. Users can stake their tokens on this blockchain to earn rewards. Stakers on the Bancor Network help maintain the liquidity of Bancor. You can stake as an individual or join a staking pool.

Bancor provides users with an intuitive platform to help them track the staking process. Additionally, they provide users with a detailed guide on how to stake their tokens. The reward you receive depends on how many coins you stake.

The Team behind Bancor Network

Bancor has an excellent team behind it. It consists of professionals with experience in various diverse sectors. These individuals have great experience in fintech and business operations. The two founders of the Bancor Network are Guy Benartzi and Galia Benartzi.

Guy is a council member of the Bancor Foundation. He has excellent experience in running companies. He was a co-founder of AppCoin Limited. Here, he served as the CEO until he left. Additionally, he was a co-founder of the Particle Code Inc.

On the other hand, Galia is a technology entrepreneur. She was also a co-founder of Particle Code Inc. and served as CEO until she left. She currently runs the day to day business operations of Bancor. Her background greatly suits this role. She was previously a VP of Business Development at Mytopia.

These two individuals have the great experience necessary to spearhead Bancor Network into the future. Moreover, there are other team members who are equally experienced.


Bancor has a decentralized governance model. Users of the Blockchain control all development aspects of the network. Users govern the network through a voting system. They vote on development proposals submitted to them. Additionally, users can submit development proposals to the community.

Bancor Network Review, Bancor Network Platform

Both of these processes require users to stake the vBNT voting token. Users need to stake a minimum of 25,000 vBNT to be able to submit a proposal.

Further, users need to stake their vBNT tokens in a governance token. After some time, they can unstake their tokens. Bancor provides a detailed guide on how to perform these activities.

Privacy and Security

Bancor promises to observe the privacy of users. They promise that they only collect information necessary for the functioning of Bancor. However, they promise that they do not sell or rent user information.

Further, they claim that security is a top priority on the Bancor Network. For this, they continuously carry out security audits to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. Additionally, they offer bug bounties to security experts. Moreover, Bancor is a decentralized network. This means that there is no central database to attack.

However, Bancor Network developers recently found a bug in the smart contracts. The potential loss of an attack through this bug would be $455,000 worth of crypto assets. Luckily, Bancor developers found this bug during a white hat attack. They moved users’ funds and fixed the bug to avoid such a problem.

This shows the dedication of the development team in securing the Bancor Network. However, it is still a cause for concern. Some users will worry about losing their funds to such an attack.

Our Take on Bancor

Bancor has a very appealing value proposition. The Bancor protocol integrates liquidity directly onto tokens. This is very unique. It allows users to buy and sell crypto tokens without the need for a second party. The network’s smart contracts facilitate transactions on the network.

Additionally, Bancor is a decentralized platform. Therefore, users have full control of crypto assets. These features allow Bancor to compete with some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that exist. It has great adoption and could see more adoption in the future.


  • Bancor is a decentralized network.
  • Bancor integrates liquidity onto crypto tokens.
  • It has a decentralized governance system.


  • Bancor faces stiff competition from better-established centralized exchanges.
  • The bug in smart contracts raises security concerns.

How to Trade Bancor Network Tokens

Users can easily trade the Bancor Network Tokens. You can do this on various exchanges. These include Binance, OKEx, Poloniex, and Huobi Global. The price of one Bancor Network Token stands at $1.32 at the time of writing this.

Further, this coin has a fairly huge market cap. It currently ranks 96th in market cap share. That is with a market cap of $126,184,225. Additionally, it has excellent liquidity. Its 24-hour trading volume currently stands at $25,787,285. Therefore, it is a great coin to hold and sell at a later date. You can use the Bancor Wallet to store your coins safely.

Final Verdict

The Bancor Network is a much-needed project in the market. It offers a decentralized liquidity platform. This is very crucial for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Additionally, Bancor is secure and very fast.

As it stands, holding the Bancor Network Token seems like a significant investment. It has excellent value, and it is holding this value.


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