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About Bitmax Token

BitMax Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of BitMax Cryptocurrency

Wall Street trading veterans founded the BitMax coin exchange in late 2018. It is incorporated in Singapore. BitMax token is a leading asset trading platform offering a wide range of financial services to retail and institutional clients. Its operations are based on resilience, transparency, and efficiency. 

BitMax is a digital asset exchange that serves the crypto space in many digital forums. Trading pairs of the altcoin enable users to earn money through trading on leverage.

This digital platform offers access to other cryptocurrency pairs to enable efficiency in trading. You can also mine using BTMX and still earn.

The team behind BitMax coin

Operations of BitMax token began at the end of the year 2018. The process was under the management of its Co-founder and CEO, George Cao. He is an excellent fit for this position. He is a graduate of the China University of Technology and a Ph.D. holder from the University of Chicago, where he specialized in computer science.

He has also worked as an investment fund manager in Barclays investment Bank, Knight Capital group, and Delpha Capital Management (a qualitative trading fund) as a general manager. He, therefore, has first-hand experience in making investment decisions.

Bitmax Token Review, Bitmax Token Platform

Ariel Ling is the co-founder and COO of this company. She is well versed in business development, strategic planning, financial risk management, and regulatory implementation across significant trading assets, including equity, forex, and fixed income.  She has a degree in International Finance, a Master in Mass Communication, and MBA in Finance Management.

Her education has led her to excel in various senior positions. She has served as a CFO in Big Four Management consultancy, a COO and head of liquidity and investment in several global investment banks. All the above positions show that she understands the crypto world.

Can investors mine BitMax coins?

Yes. BitMax coins can be mined. Mining in BitMax is grouped into two categories; mining and reverse mining. Through BitMax, users trade by paying a subscription amount in the form of BTMX as a bonus for doing exchanges on the forum. 

There is also reverse mining, where the subscription amount is charged at a given return rate for the true value of BTMX held. This true value held can be withdrawn.

The following coins can be traded on BitMax on trading leverage of 3-5-10x. The maximum borrowable amount depends on each altcoin. They include: Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, Bitcoin Cash among others.

Privacy and security of BitMax coin

BitMax uses Multi-factor Authentication (2FA) that allows a computer user to be granted access only after presenting two or more pieces of evidence as an authentication mechanism. The 2FA is done to protect your account from unauthorized access. This security feature is used when logging in, withdrawing funds, using email, among others.

Money withdrawal can be made in any altcoin offered for trading on BitMax. The limits and fees on withdrawal vary with each altcoin. Verification requests for money withdrawal are made within two business days, especially for new users. We, therefore, advise users to make sure they verify the account first before making withdrawals.

Only the national ID is required as an attestation document. Trading patterns are also monitored by employees using Artificial intelligence algorithms. However, there is a need to strengthen password requirements to curb cybersecurity effectively. Investors can also trade altcoin at Bitfinex exchange. 


  • The turtle and bunny card feature in the BitMax token allows users to earn even after predicting a particular currency's volatility at a specific period.
  • Its trading fees are the lowest in the industry at 0.04% for the maker and taker.
  • The languages used are diversified in this exchange, making it an all-inclusive website.
  • It offers margin trading, which is used to leverage tradable assets to increase profits potentially.
  • This digital asset trading platform has its utility token (BitMax Token-BTMX) as its primary unit of exchange with a total supply of 10 Billion tokens.
  • This digital trading site offers digital lending/assets called Bit Treasure that provide stable returns through several investment options, including more than one investment term, i.e., 30,60 and 180 days.
  • This trading website supports both android and iOS apps, thus convenient 24/7.


  • According to web traffic statistics, the trading volumes reported are manipulated, thus inaccurate reports.
  • This digital platform is purely based on crypto-crypto exchange, thus limiting investors who might want to use fiat currency.

How to buy BitMax coins

BitMax coins can be obtained from worldwide exchanges that receive credit cards, bank transfers and debit cards. The platforms include; coinbase, Poloniex, among others. 

Bitmax Review, Bitmax Features

In order to purchase BitMax token, one must first buy either Ethereum or Bitcoin through the renowned exchanges, then create an account in either BitMax or Probit. After which you should transfer the funds initially in the exchange i.e. BTC or ETH to the opened account. After this you should initiate a congruent wallet to your token. Finally, shift your token from the exchange to the wallet and keep it safe.

Fees on BitMax

This digital crypto exchange charges a favorable trading fee of 0.04% on markers and traders. An extra fee of 0.003% is charged as a mining fee, and 'reverse' mining as a liquidity marker attracts a fee of 0.0012%

There are two methods of mining BitMax. The mining method, that involves paying a transaction fee of 0.1% in order to mine. After which a token of appreciation is received for mining on the forum. The other method is the reverse method that is free since on performing marker trades, the comparable market price of the token is taken away from your account.

The interest rate depends on the pair being traded, usually between 0.02% and 0.12% in leverage deals. BTMX’s interest rate is 0.8% which is higher than the rest.  However, the price can be reduced if one joins the membership plan in which cards are bought at a rigid price.

The support system at BitMax

BitMax coin is designed in such a way as to allow any user to efficiently and quickly use it. This digital trading platform can be used both on android and IOS, which is very convenient. The support team can be accessed through telegram as it's their main channel of communication. An email is also workable. 

Final verdict

BTMX is the new coin in the market. Additionally, its trading fees are more favorable compared to other digital trading platforms. It also allows for fee reduction using the native token. However, we urge investors to be vigilant as they can only be sold in the exchange since they are only listed on their exchange.  Any other serious exchange hasn't listed the BTMX token; thus, it's not usable outside of BitMax Exchange.



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