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About nimiq

Nimiq Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Nimiq Cryptocurrency

Nimiq coin is the new gem in crypto history. This coin will make it in history as it's based on strong values. NIM token is an all-new product that is uniquely different from the others. Its basis of origin is so firm that it will own the market soon. Nimiq coin is an open-source cryptocurrency designed for the masses.

It's a coin that is accessible to people of all walks of life. No other currency is like it. The Nimiq coin is a decentralized payment system that uses the NIM token as a store of value. It's the first coin to enable its users to connect directly to the blockchain with a web browser that is intermediary free. 

Nimiq Review, Nimiq Platform

The adoption of the web-browser approach is to encourage wider adoption. Almost everyone can access the browsers available. Thus the convenience if the NIM token is. This gem's availability in the market helps capture both the tech gurus and the ordinary internet users' attention. This way, Nimiq can offer a one of a kind payment solution to all users. 

All these characteristics of the Nimiq coin go hand in hand with its mission and vision, which state that. The mission is to enable the most accessible, censorship-resistant payment solutions, while the vision is to be a barrier-free value exchange for everyone.

History of the Nimiq Coin. 

Initially, the Nimiq coin was called the NET token. It was regarded as an ERC-20 token. Its name was later changed to Nimiq. The NET token was launched to pave the way for the launching of ICO.

The NET token launch was successful, and $10m was raised in June and July 2017. The mainnet for Nimiq went live in April 2018. During this time, it was possible to swap out the NET token holders for NIM tokens. The creators of the Nimiq coin were Robin Linus and Philip Von. Linus left, though, after sharing his grievances publicly on Reddit. The Nimiq coin has been able to rise beyond this fallout.  

Supply of the Coin.

The number of Nimiq coins in supply is 21 billion. Twelve percent of this supply was released at the genesis block. The users can mine the remaining NIM.

The developers' Team

One thing that determine the success of a crypto coin is the team behind the company Nimiq coin has the right tea. Nimiq's developers' team has a total of 19 members. This large number of people worked together to see this project become a success. The team is divided into several departments for a more comfortable working relationship. The departments include:-

  • Core development department
  • Front-end department
  • Communication department
  • Infrastructure department
  • Documentation department
  • Legal department
  • Operations department
  • Vlogs department

There is also a team of experts that have seen the coin succeed. They include;

  • The marketing and UX/UI
  • Search Engine Optimization by DigitalCurrencyBerlin
  • Press
  • Legal by the MME group.
  • Regional managers of the community. 

The main agenda of the Nimiq team is to support projects with high ecological and social impact. This is why Nimiq's charitable foundation gets 2% of the overall NIM supply.

How can I use the Nimiq Coin?

What's the use of having a coin and not knowing how to mine it? Useless, isn't it? Mining the Nimiq coin is not difficult at all. It's the simplest way possible to mine crypto in this era. Some crypto enthusiast think OmiseGo coin is a competitor for currency. 

Nimiq Review, Nimiq Features

The only requirement is to create a wallet to initiate the onboarding process, then choose a distinctive identicon for easy recognition of your wallet. You confirm the identicon you just selected, and finally, you input your pin. Upon completing this process, you can opt for Nimiq safe to help you obtain or transfer the token via safe.  

The Privacy and Security of the Coin

Every cryptocurrency ought to have a security feature to protect their clients/users. The Coin Company has heeded this and put in place reliable measures. To protect against theft of information, including account balances, Nimiq has an accumulator Merkle-based for storage reasons. 

Additionally, transactions in Nimiq coin are secured using Ed25519 Schnorr signatures. In this case, a two-step security procedure is implemented where Javascript and Rust are used. The security features used have been developed using an Argon2nd Latency-bound PoW algorithm. 

Our Take on Nimiq Currency

Nimiq currency is the next big coin. The support it gets from the community goes hand in hand with its growth. Its ability to be accessible in a very easy to use platform gives it a higher hand in the digital currency world. In years to come, the coin will have supported the growth of many social developments and initiatives. 


  • The capitalization of transactions and liquidity of the Nimiq coin after every 24 hours is adequate. 
  • It's easy for any developer to present a project since any programming language is acceptable for funding as long as the project is meaningful. 
  • The blockchain has the easiest way to create a wallet. 
  • NIM is a generally acceptable payment channel, i.e., for the use of your apps. 
  • The fact that the Nimiq safe doesn't need to be installed saves users the time used to download an entire blockchain. 


  • The blockchain does not have a wide range of selection for applications.

How to Buy Nimiq Coin

Nimiq coin is available for purchase in the following centralized exchanges. Investors can use exchanges like Poloniex, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bitmax,KUcoin, etc. Remember to store your funds in a secure wallet. It ensure that your money is safe and nobody can steal it. Additionally, you can purchase offline wallet that will keep your funds safe. 

How Does Nimiq Coin Work?

The Nimiq coin uses a mechanism called the proof-of-work. This method allows lightweight nodes to reach consensus in seconds, even when using a mobile phone. The entity has a wonderful qualified team that handles their daily activities. Moreover, the entity is also doing great in the market.

For the sake of simplicity, the Nimiq team has chosen to omit a scripting language. Despite the lack of a scripting language, the Nimiq blockchain has significant compatibility levels with other blockchains via its support of atomic swaps and off-chain transactions like the Lightning Network. 

Nimiq coin’s performance

In the recent past, we have seen Nimiq fasten their market gears, which has seen the digital currency reach a much greater audience. This simple browser-based cryptocurrency has moved up the ranks from being the top 500 to the top 100. This is a significant milestone towards the success of the Nimiq coin. Invest today in cryptocurrency to experience a transparent transaction. 

Final Verdict

Nimiq is a community-owned cryptocurrency. The developer's team has gone through strides to make sure this digital currency works. This open-source currency is majorly based on ease of use, using browsers to access the blockchain rather than intermediaries, as evidenced in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Though this is a great strength, NIM faces the challenge of not being accepted by many merchants. 

With time, we are hoping that this situation will change and therefore spread the  network to the whole world. Since we have had bad experiences with the centralized platforms used by Nimiq Coins, we suggest that you use other decentralized digital platforms with a good reputation that accepts buying of the Nimiq coin.   



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