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Market Data For Uquid Coin

Current Price $9.54
Market Cap $84,405,208
Market Cap Rank #498
Total Volume $2,971,632
High 24H $9.19
Low 24H $8.23
Price Change 24H -0.69%
Price Change Percentage 24H -7.58%
Market Cap Change 24H $-6,563,762.50
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H -7.22%
Circulating Supply 10,000,000 uqc
Total Supply 40,000,000
All Time High $41.38 -79.60%
November 24, 2023
All Time Low $0.0261 32,282.56%
July 24, 2019 -

About Uquid Coin

Uquid Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Uquid Cryptocurrency

Uquid is an unlimited cryptocurrency debit card that supports multiple currencies. This platform makes it easy for cryptocurrency holders to connect with merchants. This is a simple and ambitious mission to connect the cryptocurrency world and fiat. the platform supports the instantaneous conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat for payments.

Uquid  Review

This is an interesting project. It makes it easy to spend your cryptocurrencies without hassle. However, it defeats the purpose of cryptocurrencies. The mission of crypto is to remove centralized institutions from transactions. However, Wave Crest issues the Uquid card to users. This does not impress all people in the blockchain space.

All in all, The platform allows you to use your cryptocurrencies anywhere. Moreover, it is better than most other crypto debit cards. This is because it is transparent in the loading fees. The platform charges 0.5% on loading. Additionally, they charge 1% to go to Bitpay.

This is very cheap compared to the competitors. The competition generally hides a 2.5-3% fee in the loading cost.

How Uquid Works

Uquid is a blockchain project that brings cryptocurrency usage to the ground level. The Ethereum blockchain hosts this project. It has its own cryptocurrency coin to facilitate transaction fees on the platform.

The target audience of this platform is mostly individuals with bank accounts. They seek to offer a decentralized solution to making payments. The cards are usable in topping up mobiles, paying utility bills or any payment.  You can apply to get a physical or even a virtual card. the platform supports both cases. You can retrieve your PIN on Uquid.com after receiving your card.

There are many countries that you can receive your card in. However, it may not support your country especially if you are in Africa. Moreover, the platform does not support most Middle East countries.

The shipping time depends on where you live. There are no shipping fees. However, you can pay a $35 to get your shipment fast-tracked.

There are several ways to top up your card. Some payment methods require you to go through a KYC process. Cryptocurrency deposits do not require you to identify yourself.

Can Investors Mine Uquid Coins?

No, investors cannot mine Uquid coins. Uquid uses the Proof of Stake consensus to keep the network secure. Validators with enough Uquid tokens validate transactions on this blockchain.

Uquid allows you to stake your coins to receive rewards. Staking is the process of holding coins in a cryptocurrency wallet to support a blockchain’s network security and operations. Staking mainly includes two main coins within the Uquid ecosystem. These two coins include DTO tokens and DSS tokens.

The DTO tokens control the Defito Ecosystem within Uquid. On the other hand, DSS tokens manage transactions on the DeFi Shopping platform. Defito is a DeFi platform offering e-commerce services.

Uquid Review

You can earn DSS tokens from providing liquidity for the ecosystem. The reward per block is 7 DSS per block for the first 30×5760 blocks. The reward reduces for the next 30×5760 blocks by 16.66% until the finish.

The Uquid Token

The Uquid token supports the operations of the Uquid blockchain. It is an ERC-20 token. The goal of this coin is to supplement the development of Uquid ecosystem. The holders of this coin have the befit of instantly and effortlessly cashing out their coins.

You can use the tokens to pay for various services. These include mobile top-up, bill payment and purchasing supplies. However, this coin is a utility coin. It does not give coin holders any ownership or rights on the blockchain.

The Team behind Uquid

Uquid has a great team behind it. The individuals spearheading this project have tons of experience. The CEO is Tran Hung. He has six years of experience in blockchain trading. His passion is to help blockchain reach the world of shopping. He wants to see the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

The CBO of Uquid is Hristo Margov. He has experience in project management. Moreover, he is a lead engineer contractor at Jaguar Land Rover. He has strong business acumen.

By their side is the CTO, Dang Hung. He is a 9-year veteran of software engineering. Additionally, he has over five years’ experience working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

It is clear that Uquid has a formidable team behind it. Users do not have to worry about any development deficiencies on the project.

Privacy and Security

The developers of Uquid take security very seriously. That is why they have in place a multi-layer security protocol system. They have a proprietary hashing method to secure customer private keys.

Additionally, they have in place the 2-factor authentication feature. They believe this makes the platform rigid and unyielding to cyber-attacks. Furthermore, they have a multi-signature technology.

The Ethereum blockchain is very secure. Time and time again, Ethereum proves to be one of the best blockchain networks in terms of security. This is the blockchain that hosts Uquid. This gives Uquid another security layer.

Further, the platform offers privacy protection. This is through the two-factor authentication system. Furthermore, this system provides anti-phishing to customers. This is very encouraging. Users can have peace of mind knowing they are safe from hackers. Also, they can be sure their privacy will not be breached.

Our Take on Uquid

Uquid has the potential to trigger the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. With Uquid, you can use crypto in daily payments and activities. Such projects are at the forefront in championing the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the public.

The platform has an advantage over the competition. They have low fees, and they are transparent about loading fees. This places them at the top of the mountain in cryptocurrency debit cards. The value proposition it offers is a no brainer.

However, there are some concerns involved. The first is that the platform brings centralization with its services. Not many cryptocurrency enthusiasts appreciate this. It defeats the whole mission of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it may see some rejection from the community.


  • Offers a fast and reliable way to liquidate cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform is secure and reliable.
  • There are many loading options for users.
  • It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.


  • Not available in some regions.
  • There are several complaints of the card not loading sometimes.

How to Buy Uquid Coins

You can easily add Uquid coins to your portfolio. There are several exchanges that host the trade of Uquid coins. Some of the best exchanges to use include Bitfinex, VCC Exchange, Bibox, TOPBTC, IndoEx and Omgfin.

The price of one Uquid coin is currently at $3.93. This value can go up if the Uquid debit cards see more adoption. Currently, Uquid coins rank 171st in market cap share. They have a market cap share of $39,264,462.

You can easily store your Uquid coins in any Ethereum supported wallet. Some of the best wallets to use include Ledger, Trezor, MyEtherWallet and Metamask.

Final Verdict

Uquid coins are currently not seeing a lot of success. They rank 171st in market cap share. Only the top 100 coins get much attention from cryptocurrency enthusiast. However, this coin does have a lot of growth potential. Its success is dependent on the success of Uquid debit cards. As it stands, it is impossible to tell the direction this coin will take in the market.


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