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Market Data For USD Coin

Current Price $1.00
Market Cap $33,056,038,912
Market Cap Rank #6
Total Volume $9,383,089,152
High 24H $1.00
Low 24H $0.99
Price Change 24H 0.00%
Price Change Percentage 24H 0.04%
Market Cap Change 24H $-37,846,804.00
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H -0.11%
Circulating Supply 33,078,196,224 usdc
Total Supply 33,126,578,176
All Time High $1.17 -14.70%
May 8, 2019
All Time Low $0.88
March 11, 2023 -

About USD Coin

USD Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of USD Coin Cryptocurrency

USD Coin has a trait that prevails in the cryptocurrency world and market cap lies volatility and fragility. However, in 2018 during Autumn, Circlebase and Coinbase debuted their stable coin, one intended to cause massive waves in the market base. A consortium, The Centre Consortium; a mechanism for administering cryptocurrencies between two sides, entails an ERC-20 token.

USD Coin

You see, we need to have a brief knowledge of stable coins to comprehend the platform's coin realm. Stablecoins tend to concentrate on their main make-up benefits of fiat money, mainly in terms of price stability. Thus, stablecoins backed by traditional assets evade traditional volatility predicaments.

Introduction to USD Coin(USDC)

This is a stablecoins where for every 178,699,711 coins, there's dollar back-up. The good bit of it all is that the reserve fund is made available in a top-tier bank in the USA. USD Coin is an ERC-20 token, which makes it compatible with the ERC-20 wallet.

Developed by The Centre Consortium, created via a truce that involve Coinbase and Circle. The main intent of creation was to do our with economic demarcation among users, globally. It is projected that soon, there will be an independent and decentralized platform aimed at catering to remittances and payments. However, the platform ought to adhere to KYC/AML regulations. From the look of things, the following basis of fiscal relations might land on it. With Bitcoin still dominating the market, The Centre Consortium works tirelessly to ensure that USD Coin takes the dormer's spot.

USD Coin review

According to USD Coin's developers' comments, it offers maximal operational and fiscal transparency not readily offered by other stablecoins.

The team behind USD Coin

USD Coin, developed by Center Consortium as a result of truce between Circle and Coinbase. However, the system, technology and administration frameworks are brainchildren of Centre, whereas the Circle and Coinbase were the original disbursers of USD Coin. Circle, conceived in 2013 by Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire.

The Circle rests as a certified Money Transmitter. Hence the company automatically serves as a financial book that’s open-ended. Let's talk about what money transmitters are; They are US-based financial service businesses. They ought not to bend any federal laws and regulations. Before any form of issuance of USD Coin, amounting and price ranges are somewhat identical to Circle's accredited partners. Consequently, there is a regulation of USD Coin, which makes the whole process verifiable and transparent. Moreover, Circle is casually referred to as" the crypto start-up backed by Goldman Sachs."

How does USD Coin work?

Printing of USD coins is not just a random, unconfigured undertaking. Amongst Circle's primary duties, list the duty to certify that there is a back-up of a single US dollar for each USD Coin token. This transformation from USD to USD Coin is referred to as tokenization.

Tokenization gets broken down into three easy steps that entails the following;

  • Sending of US dollars. The dollars are sent to coin donor's bank account.
  • After receiving USD, there is utilization of Smart Contracts to mint an equal amount of USD Coins.
  • The recently minted USD Coins get delivered to the request sender as the reserve holds custody of US dollars' substituted.

From the above, one may also opt to redeem USD Coins for US dollars. This process follows the same procedural maneuver as the minting process.

The process is stipulated below;

  • A request must be sent by the user to the Coin issuer for a specified equal worth of USD dollars in exchange for USD Coins.
  • Consequently, there is the transmission of the Coin's Smart contract's request to swap USD Coins in exchange for the USD Coin as retrieving of an equivalent amount of tokens from circulation.
  • Lastly, the issuer processes the requested amount of US dollars by transferring the amount to the user's bank account. The user happily exchanges USD Coins for US dollars though at a fairly manageable price.

The outlying element that contradicts the usual popular stablecoins such as Tether(USDT) is that the USD coin developers are obliged to full provision of transparency. Moreover, they ought to work hand-in-hand with a couple of fiscal organizations to maintain an equivalent fiat currency's full reserves.

All USD issuer ought to report current USD balances frequently. After this, these reports get published by LLP-Grant Thornton. Submission and publication are carried out monthly.

How do I use USD Coin?

The USD Coin is a clear 1:1 parity of the US dollar. This takes place in on the Ethereum blockchain. USDC ; an ERC-20 currency, thus making it compatible with any user-supported App.

To redeem or tokenize USD Coin with Circle, one needs to sign up, verify identity (KYC), and finally link the account to an active bank account. The Circle USD platforms allow for four main commands;

  • Tokenization of USD
  • Redemption of USD Coin
  • Transferring of the platform Coin out of ERC-20 compatible addresses.
  • Deposit of USD Coins from external Ethereum wallets.

Circle charges nothing for redemption and tokenization. However, in place is a $50 fine on incorrect and rejected transfers to and fro the bank. All standard costs apply. The minimum amount of USD Coin redeemable is 100 USD Coins. The processing is done on a 24/5 basis and can take as long as 24 hours. However, there lies to threshold tokenization limit, and the process consumes close to 48 hours.

What makes USD Coin stand out from other stable coins?

As we all know,  stablecoins are classified into four categories: fiat-collateralized, crypto-collateralized, algorithmic collateralized and hybrid.USD Coin, being a fiat-collateralized (stablecoins pegged to reserved fiat value), seems to be a centralized structure.

On the market cap, it ranks 15th. Going for a price of 1.00065524$. The active supply lies at $3.1billion, duplicating the total supply. The current volume per 24 hours is $613.1 billion. USD Coin is commonly referred to as "USD backed."

Our take on USD Coin

USD Coin from a near-sighted, investigative venture seems to be credible. Due to facts such as liaising with Financial institutions to ensure total control and utopic execution of their services, this coin makes it one of the recommended options available for taking.

As the economic endeavors to attain cashless and fully reliable substitutes are on the rise, such a blockchain's adherence and transparency are seldom encountered. Also, the financial ratio between the USD Coin and the USD dollar is impeccable. Imagine enjoying an astounding 1:1 between your equivalent fiat and token assets. On the platform, we think and asset that all is well.


  • Evades basic financial institutions and instruments
  • Aids in the process of steering clear from hyperinflation.
  • Allows users to send money globally, at an instant amidst high-profile security measures.
  • A means of purchase in multiple crypto dApps, block-based games and exchanges.

How can I get or store USD Coins?

Several platforms avail multiple options for purchase. Some of these exchanges include; Bitfinex, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro, Coin base, Coin Ex, Coinsuper, OKEx, and CPDAX.

As of matters storage, USD Coin, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, is open to storage in any Ethereum wallet.

Final Verdict

Based on the above survey and analysis, it becomes sane to conclude that the crypto market holds valuable value storages and allotropes in store. As of this, the coin comes in as an outstanding stablecoin, currently up for grabs, evading most common pitfalls and faults encountered by its rivals, any investor opt to take a good look. From projections, chances are it might make it to the top five very soon.


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