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Bitmain Antminer Z11J Review

The Bitmain Antminer Z11J is a miner produced by the Bitmain company. It mines coins under the Equihash algorithm. The device primarily mines Zcash amongst other coins. The Bitmain company produced the Bitmain Antminer Z11J to have a high hash rate of 150H/s, with an efficiency of 10.504j/ksol. This device is regarded to be one of the devices in the market with such a high-efficiency rate. It consumes about 1418W of power. 

This is a low power consumption rate compared to other Bitmain mining devices in the market. It is connected over an Ethernet connection and has a temperature rate of 5-45 degrees Celsius, the range of humidity range of 5-95%. It comes with a Noise level of 70db, weighs about 5400g. This device comes in a dimension of 134 x 242 x 302mm. The device has a low Noise level and 2 fans for temperature regulation and heat dissipation. It also comes with a 12V voltage. This mining device was released into the market in April 2019.

Hashrate of the Bitmain Antminer Z11J 

The Bitmain Antminer Z11J has a very high hash rate of 135Ksos/s. This hash rate increases the efficiency of the device and, as such, the mining process, but the hash rate shows that the mining efficiency rate also increases. This has a positive impact on the profitability of the miner. This device was designed with a high hash rate and low power consumption to create an efficient mining device. The high hash rate also shows that the device will come with a high noise level, but compared to other Bitmain products in the market, the Bitmain Antminer Z11J comes with a low noise level.

Noise level of Bitmain Antminer Z11J

The Noise level of the Bitmain Antminer Z11J is 70db. Most of the Bitmain products are known for having a high noise level of more than 70db. This shows that the device has a low noise level compared to other Bitmain products out there in the market. This is also an added advantage for miners because the device will be less Noisy. This is also for those who want to set up the device in a residential area. This helps in setting the device up in a residential area. Settling the device in a residential area can be beneficial to most miners because of proximity. A high noise level shows that the mining device has a high hash rate. 

Power Consumption of the Bitmain Antminer Z11J

The power consumption of the Bitmain Antminer Z11J is at 1418W. This is a low power consumption compared to other Bitmain mining devices in the market. This is also advantageous for the mining device because it will require a low electric supply to perform its mining operations. The electric supply needed to get the device working is reduced because it has been designed to consume a minimum amount of power. The electric cost differs from location to location, and the location with less of the electric cost tends to affect the profitability of the mining device positively.  

The efficiency of the Bitmain Antminer Z11j

The miner's efficiency miner is regarded as one of the devices with a high-efficiency rate in the market. The Bitmain company produced this device to ensure that the device efficiency rate is a competitive advantage over the other ones. This is the major competitive advantage of the mining device. It has an efficiency rate of 10.504j/Ksol. This efficiency rate means that the device can perform at an optimal level. This also means that there would be less loss in the production cost for the miner. The mining device also means that the miners perform mining operations and get the profitable they want from the mining device.

Other Mineable AsideAsides from the fact that the Bitmain Antminer Z11J majorly mines Zcash, the device can mine these coins. ZenCash(ZEN), Hush(HUSH), Pirate(ARRR), Horizon(ZEN), Komodo(KMD).  


Period /Day /Month /Year
Income $72.15 $2,164.53 $26,335.13
Electricity $75.55 $2,266.53 $27,576.13
Profit $-3.40 $-102.00 $-1,241.00


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
Equihash 105h/S 1418W±10% -$3.40/day

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.

Bitmain Antminer Z11J Specs & Features

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer Z11J
Release June 2019
Top Coin zcash
Size 12nm
Weight 5400g
Noise level 70db
Fan(s) 2
Power 1418W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 45 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %

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