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FusionSilicon X7 is a Dash Miner working with the X11 algorithm, released by FusionSilicon Company in early 2019. Dash is an anonymous altcoin that allows instant, anonymous payments over a network of distributed master nodes. The total amount of Dash is about 9.46 million, and they'll be exhausted by 2300. The current hash rate of Dash is about 4.77P, and the network representing the whole Dash network with a mining difficulty of 175.43M at a block height of 1,386,897. 

Dash is issued every 2.5minutes, and around 550 blocks are created every day. Among the block rewards, the worker accounts for 45 percent, and the Dash budget process accounts for 10%. Dash coins use a more gradual approach than Bitcoin's halving system, although the end goal is the same. Dash block reward decreases by around 7.14 percent every 383 days. The block reward is about 2.89 Dash. 


The miner comes with the standard single-cylinder design with dual-fan air circulations. The case of Fusionsilicon X7 has a brushed aluminum alloy technology. The advantage of the single-cylinder is the smaller size, which brings about easy stacking. However, this design brings about the need for an external power cord. On the control panel is the IP button, Ethernet interface, reset button, and status indicators. 

During mining, the FusionSilicon X7 emits an eye-catching light combination. It shines blue during normal mining operations, which shines well at night. From a distance, the network and status indicator shows a purple color effect. 


The FusionSilicon X7 has a hash rate of 262Gh/s, consumes a power of 1420W with an overall energy efficiency ratio of 1G/5.42W. The FusionSilicon X7 has three hash boards totaling 63 x 22nm chips. Each of the three hash boards needs 6Pin power supplies. The size of the miner is 340x130x198mm, and it weighs 4.8kg. It comes with the 22nm Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip. The device's power consumption ratio is 5.35W/G (1422.6/266). 

The solder joints are at the interface are rounded. Scratching is prevented by the cushions between the casing and dashboard. Cables connect the control board and the control board. A total of 10 6Pin power cables are needed for the power supply of the control board. The main issue with the FusionSilicon X7 is that the power interface isn't designed to prevent misconnection. Users should pay attention to the plug direction.


FusionSilicon X7 works with the X11 algorithm. The X11 is an algorithm for mining cryptocurrencies that use about 11 different hash functions. X11 is a well-known algorithm due to its energy-efficiency when mining with a home rig. The X11 algorithm is more complicated than the SHA-256 algorithm, preventing ASICs from mining it for a while. 

Set-Up and Interface

The Set-Up of FusionSilicon X7 is like that of FusionSilicon X1. The following steps briefly shows the set-up of the FusionSilicon X7:
Insert power cords of the control board
Insert network cable
Power the device
Search for miner IP address
Type in Miner IP address into the browser
Enter the password 'Fusion' to access the configuration page. 
Save and Apply to complete set-up and start mining operations.

The 'Mining Status' page of FusionSilicon X7 is straightforward. The 'Restart' button quickly restarts the device. Information such as real-time hash rates, operating time, and the pool's receiving data are seen clearly. The upper part shows the hash rates of the three hash boards. The main menus are Configuration, Network, System, and Miner. 
Status.FusionSilicon X7 is equipped with a control board with a kernel version of Linux 4.9.69, and the in-built mining software is Cgminer, with a version of 1.0.19. 


Like all miners, you can make a profit depending on the market conditions in the area. Also, electricity rates can affect the profitability of ASICs, especially if they consume lots of power. The FusionSilicon X7 will make a profit when the market favors the top coin. 



Period /Day /Month /Year
Income $0.85 $25.44 $309.52
Electricity $3.41 $102.24 $1,243.92
Profit $-2.56 $-76.80 $-934.40


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
X11 262Gh/s 1420W 0.005j/Mh -$2.56/day

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.

FusionSilicon X7 Specs & Features

Manufacturer FusionSilicon
Model X7 Miner
Release March 2019
Top Coin dash
Size 130 x 198 x 340mm
Weight 4.8KG
Noise level 72dB
Fan(s) 2
Power 1420W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 40 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %

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