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3.98 PH/s

30.64 USD

30.84 USD

389,660.40 USD






Featured Asic Miner

Baikal Quadruple Mini Miner
600 MH/s, 160W

Featured Asic Miner

Baikal BK-X
10 GH/s, 630W

Featured Asic Miner

Innosilicon A5 DashMaster
32.5 GH/s, 750W

Prices are in USD.

Market Data For dash

Current Price $30.90
Market Cap $0
Market Cap Rank #206
Total Volume $27,630,332
High 24H $29.12
Low 24H $27.22
Price Change 24H 1.52%
Price Change Percentage 24H 5.57%
Market Cap Change 24H $18,158,464.00
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H 5.64%
Circulating Supply 11,778,658 DASH
Total Supply 18,920,000
All Time High $1,493.59 -98.07%
December 20, 2017
All Time Low $0.21
February 14, 2014 -

Mining Pools For dash

Pool Location Fee Rating
Poolin First-class Mining Pool | Reviews & Features ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA FPPS 2.5% 4
OKEx Pool All-in-one Mining Pool | Reviews & Features China FPPS 4% PPS+2% PPS 2% 2
ViaBTC Professional Mining Pool | Reviews & Features ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA PPS+ 4% PPLNS 2% 3
Hashcity multi-currency Mining Pool | Reviews & Features EUROPE PPS 1% 2
F2POOL Mining Pool | Reviews & Features ASIA,USA,AMERICA 4% PPS 2
PROHASHING Mining pool | Reviews & Features Germany 2.65% PPS,PPLNS 2
ANTPOOL Mining Pool | Reviews & Features ASIA 1.76% PPS,PPLNS,SOLO 2
MULTIPOOL Mining Pool | Reviews & Features EUROPE, USA, AMERICA 1.455% PPLNS,PROP 2
COINMINE Mining Pool | Reviews & Features EUROPE 1.23% PPLNS,PROP 2
EMCD Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Europe, United States 1% FPPS+ 5
Coinfoundry Germany, Dallas, Singapore 0.30% PPLNS 2

Mining Equipments For dash

Name Model Hashrate Rating Lifespan
Spondoolies SPx36 Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate 3700 540 GH/s 3

Mining Contracts For dash

Name Model Payback Hashrate Star Rating Annual Mining
HASHCORE Spondoolies SPx36 Mining Contract with Profitability Calculation Estimate 9279 3,267 days 540 GH/s 5
Hashshiny X11 Cloud Mining Contract with Profitability Calculation Estimate 0.95 2 days 119 GH/s 5

Asic Miners For dash

Name Hashrate Power Noise Algo
Baikal Quadruple Mini Miner 600 MH/s 160W 50dB X11
Baikal BK-X 10 GH/s 630W 65db X11
Innosilicon A5 DashMaster 32.5 GH/s 750W 75db X11
iBeLink DM22G 22 Gh/s 810W 81db X11
iBeLink DM11G 10.8 Gh/s 810W 81db X11
BitmainAntminer D3 (15Gh) 15 GH/s 1200W 75db X11
Bitmain Antminer D3 (17.5Gh) 17.5 GH/s 1280W 75db X11
Baikal BK-G28 28 GH/s 1300w 70dB X11
Bitmain Antminer D5 (119Gh) 119 Gh/s 1566W 76db X11
Bitmain Antminer D7 (1286Gh) 1286 GH/s 3148W 75db X11
StrongU STU-U6 440 GH/s 2200W 76db X11
Spondoolies SPx36 540 Gh/s 4400W 75db X11

Calculator For dash

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Pool Fee $-
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About dash

Dash Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash is one of the leading altcoins in the industry. The currency has been in the market since 2014.  One of the things which determine whether a coin will survive is transparency. Evan Duffield is the person behind Dash coin. His main objective was to avail additional features.

The main goal of this company is to ensure there are low transaction charges. Evan built this currency using blockchain technology. Additionally, the developer wants to achieve mass adoption of cryptos. Dash is written in HTML, JavaScript, Python, Shell, and C programming language.

The coin has Masternodes, which contributes to the security of the network. Transaction of Dash users cannot be traced. It means that no one will know the identity of the user. Furthermore, the currency is also fast. The InstantSend feature allows transactions to be instantaneous.

History of Dash

The digital currency has gone over several transitions. The initial name for this crypto was xCoin, which later changed to Darkcoin. Currently, it is known as Dash. The currency uses two tiers. The first one is the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, which is similar to Bitcoin. Therefore, this means that you can mine the token.

Dash Review, Dash Platform

Moreover, the coin also utilizes the Proof of service consensus mechanism. Furthermore, investors can also purchase this currency. Dash is also the leading decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The currency did not conduct an ICO before being released in the market.

The supply of Dash depends on the master node owners’ decision. They can choose to either vote against the budget or to support governance changes. The new tokens released are distributed among PoSe master nodes and PoW miners.

The Team behind Dash

The founder is known as Evan Duffield. Dash has a social media presence contributing to the transparency of this entity. The CEO of Dash is Ryan Taylor, and the developer is Evan Duffield. The team has adequate skills. Ryan is a graduate of Columbia University with an MBA program. Additionally, he has a finance history.

Glen Austin is the CFO of the company. He also has a strong background in finance. Glen attended Columbia business school and Harvard University. Bob Carroll is also the CTO of the Dash. He is an entrepreneur and a tech guru.

Self-Funding and Governing Features

The block reward is shared accordingly. 10% goes to the development budget, 45% to the masternodes, and 45% to the miners. Master node owners are allowed to participate in decision making, unlike in other cryptocurrencies like BTC.

The currency funds its development and adoption. The usage of the token is decided democratically. The majority of cryptos do not grant their user such privileges. Dash has multiple benefits and has improved over the years.

What Does Dash Coin Deal with?

Every cryptocurrency has a unique feature. It has a problem that it wants to solve in the industry. The government does not control dash coins. The coin is fully decentralized, and all its activities are kept in a distributed ledger.

Dash Review, Dash Company

The currency has two main features, which allow PrivateSend and InstantSend. PrivateSend enables users to stay anonymous. Additionally, account privacy is upheld. Dash verifies the transaction by combining masternodes and miners.

The Algorithm and Mining of Dash

Dash uses a proof of work algorithm known as X11. This crypto developer chooses this specific algorithm because it is not exploitable by ASIC powerful mining rigs. There is a similarity between BTC SHA-256 and X11. It resolves cryptographic challenges by using computer processing power.

The X11 algorithm is secure and effective. Additionally, it saves on power because it uses low energy in mining. It also uses 11 various hashing process. Since the launching of this currency, it has maintained a fair and equal distribution token. There are top notch Dash mining equipment that miners can utilize.

Dash decrease rewards and increases mining difficulties. The current market cap of Dash is $873 million. The total supply in the market is 9,823,848. To become a masternode user, you must deposit at least 1000 Dash.

Performance of DASH

The currency has achieved several milestones. However, it has also faced some challenges. One thing you should keep in mind before purchasing any currency is its future potential. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a worthless coin.

Dash has proven to be both reputable and reliable. The performance of this token has grown. The currency has resolved both low transaction speed and privacy. Some people believe the currency is not entirely decentralized. This is because the masternodes make important decisions.

The company had conducted over 0.64 billion payments since when it was developed. Daily activities addresses are over 85K. You can quickly pay family and friends.

Contact Details

In case you would love to contact the team of Dash, you can email them. The company also is active on several social media platforms. Users can interact with them via Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The support is helpful and ready to answer any of your queries. No one controls the Dash. There are no hidden barriers to owning dash coins. Anyone across the globe can own the token. Dash does not have a hidden fee, traditional system holidays, bureaucracy, or exchange rates.

Completed Milestone

The company successfully launched its masternode in 2014. In 2015 they created an iOS wallet, code rebase, governance system, and InstantSend. Dash also has to scale security, comprising 2MB block votes, x11 libraries, ASIC miners, and FPGA.

The currency has lower fees compared to their competitors. The company has its hardware wallet, DAO Trust, and Sentinel. In 2018 the developer made improvements by bettering their services. Dash wallet is available for both Android and iOS users.

Security of Dash

Dash is a secure currency; unlike traditional methods of payment, you do not need a third party to make a transaction. Payments are completed securely. Moreover, for future references, all transaction is recorded in a secure block.

Sadly, there is also a problem with traditional. If Visa payment or other methods are hacked, then you will suffer high risks. Therefore, when breaches occur, investors end up losing funds. However, Das is a decentralized currency; therefore, it does not rely on centralized systems.

Hence, the currency is secure. Nonetheless, during the launch of this token, a bug was created. Some investors are skeptical regarding this currency. However, no other issues have happened since then.

Due to the anonymity of the coin, some people tend to use the currency for illegal purposes. You can evade taxes since transactions are previous. Overall the company has multiple benefits than shortcomings.


  • High Security
  • Observes Anonymity
  • Fast Transaction speeds
  • Among the private cryptocurrency
  • Among the top 100 in Coinbase
  • Universal
  • Easy to use
  • Irreversible Transaction


  • Previously bugged
  • Might be used for illegal activities
  • Stiff competition from private currency
  • Not widely acceptable
  • Volatile

How to Buy

Dash currency is available in popular exchanges like Binance, Poloniex, Bithumb, Huobi, Coinbase, among others. There are more than 100 exchanges that you can buy and sell the token. Dash can be stored on hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

Final Verdict

Dash is self-funding and self-governing crypto. The developer has made huge improvements that have facilitated the coin being among the market's leading assets. The currency is cheaper compared to Bitcoin. Therefore, you can buy and hold to resell later. Keep watch of the competitors before venturing.

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