3 Organizations Poised to Improve Crypto Public Visibility

Crypto has undeniably become more prominent in recent years. However, there remains a distinct divide between the crypto community and everybody else. Many people these days make it their business to monitor crypto news and price swings almost daily. It’s either for investment purposes or simply out of interest.

The NBA Improving Crypto Visibility

But many who aren’t taking this approach remain largely oblivious to the crypto world.


It has long been assumed that one way for this divide to be narrowed is for cryptocurrency to gain more practical utility and visibility. It will help increase visibility in the public eye. In other words, if there are more mainstream examples of cryptocurrency functionally, more people will likely begin to take it seriously.


Where these examples are going to come from is difficult to say. The proposed Nevada “Smart City” we’ve discussed before, and similar crypto-specific projects could certainly represent some progress. But some pretty major organizations are well-positioned to consider emphasizing cryptocurrency in a way that would set a real example for the public.


  1. The NBA Improving Crypto Visibility


The NBA is perhaps the most exciting organization that comes to mind because it has seemed like the league is on the cusp of building a relationship with the crypto world. Years ago, for instance, the Sacramento Kings became one of the first sports franchises in the world to experiment with bitcoin payments in its venue. 

And recently, an announcement on the Miami Herald revealed that the Miami Heat — one of the preeminent franchises in the league — will now see its stadium renamed “FTX Arena.” The FTX cryptocurrency exchange struck a $135 million deal with the county to make its brand synonymous with the Heat venue.


What precisely the NBA’s relative openness to cryptocurrency is leading to is difficult to say. But the branding of FTX Arena alone is a pretty significant development that will undoubtedly lead many people to explore crypto exchanges who may not otherwise have done so. 

That effect will be amplified if similar deals follow. If the NBA starts to deal in cryptocurrency in any form or fashion, a fan base tens of millions strong will suddenly be much more exposed to digital currency.


  1. World Series Of Poker Can Improve Crypto Visibility


The suggestion that cryptos should have more involvement in various aspects of the world of poker comes up quite frequently. Just recently, a post on crypto in poker went as far as to suggest that these currencies could be the key to legalizing online poker in the U.S. — something many who love the game have long hoped for. 

That would be a significant boon to cryptocurrency visibility. In theory, the emergence of online poker platforms that people could play with cryptocurrency could lead tens of thousands of Americans to explore the adoption of cryptos. But this is probably at least a few years down the line.

World of Poker Improving Crypto Visibility

What we could conceivably see sooner is an embrace of cryptocurrency by the World Series Of Poker. Unlike the NBA, the WSOP has not yet publicly experimented with cryptocurrency. However, it’s a reasonable idea and one that the organization could champion very effectively. 

The WSOP still holds regular events with prize pots of up to $5 million, and there is a great emphasis on game pots, player prizes, and so on. Turning even a single one of these events into a tournament with a crypto prize pool would generate a great deal of interest — both setting the tone for broader crypto use in poker and significantly raising the assets’ public profile.


  1. Microsoft 


Over the years, Microsoft has established itself as one of the most curious significant companies concerning crypto flirtation. In 2014, the company generated quite a lot of excitement by announcing that Xbox games and Windows apps could be purchased with bitcoin.

The world viewed them as one of the first significant examples of a large company embracing cryptocurrency as actual, functional money. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last.

Improving Crypto Visibility with Microsoft

Once again, though, there are rumors of Microsoft weighing the benefits of opening up online shopping to crypto holders. Whether this means a reintroduction of bitcoin acceptance for Xbox and Windows mobile stores or something more significant is impossible to know — and there is no guarantee yet that Microsoft will make any new moves. 

But the company always seems to be lurking as a potential influencing presence in the crypto world. Were it to allow cryptocurrency payments for digital assets, and it would represent another massive means of increasing the public visibility of digital assets.


Plenty more organizations have the potential to make an impact in this space as well. However, these three represent some of the more likely options for all of the reasons explored above.

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