Bitcoin Association Presents at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai

The Bitcoin Association President, Jimmy Nguyen, was the keynote speaker at the 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai. Bitcoin Association is known for advancing business with the Bitcoin SV. BSV brings together all types of companies and experts in the Bitcoin SV Blockchain. Sir Anthony Ritossa hosted the event under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. Through his private office, the Sheikh has over 30,000 employees with a group turnover of AED 2 Billion annually.

Bitcoin SV Guests

Guests at the 13th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit Dubai

About the Summit including Bitcoin Talk

Dubai was home to the 250 prestigious family offices. The event hosted private investors, leading businesses, and Royal families. There’s growing optimism in the BSV ecosystem, with more and more investors joining in. The Sheikh has already pledged $70 million to fund new startups. With the meeting theme being Family offices coming together for a better world, it made sense to attend.

The family office delegation represented more than $4 trillion in wealth. Most of the topics ranged from daily events in the world to invest in a better future. The member also debated how to grow and preserve wealth through different industries. Among the topics of discussion include Education, emerging technologies, family legacy, healthcare, and more.

Sir Anthony Ritossa said it was an honor to bridge European and Middle East families. He said the event was an excellent way to interact and share ideas with like-minded peers. The summit was well represented by notable experts in different industries addressing actionable investment strategies. Sir Anthony comes from the Ritossa family, a family business dating 600 years. The family was starting to grow during the Venetian Empire.

Analysis of the Summit’s Topics on Bitcoin Blockchain

Better Data (Information) for a Better world

Everything around us generates data, and this has become one of the essential aspects of wealth. In the 21ST Century, Data is one of the most valuable commodities. Investors should support Bitcoin as a way of meeting tomorrow’s issues and solving today’s problems. Data help keep the world accountable, honest, and transparent. Records of dates and time are well auditable, making it difficult to change them.

Bitcoin is presenting a new fusion between data and money. It’s also reducing the role of intermediaries through connection and re-invention. Blockchain technology is making a healthier and smarter community the world over. Some think of Blockchain as a box, and the truth is Blockchain allows users to reanalyze the box.

Blockchain and Healthcare Presenting New Possibilities

Optimizing and sharing data to help power healthcare solutions is essential. Businesses continue to emerge and meet the needs of global citizens. An excellent example is a blockchain-powered Covid-19 management system. It would provide aid and support to frontline workers. Another way of using blockchain technology in healthcare is tracking prescription pills. Data science has not been fully utilized, and blockchain technology can help change this.

Bright Future of the United Arab Emirates

Nearly all international corporations and institutions are interested in the UAE. The UAE brings numerous benefits, including a high education, healthcare, infrastructure, and technology. Through government support and fair taxation, international Companies want to build there. Dubai has several exciting milestones that help attract more interest in the region. Government services are delivered on time thus, increasing the overall happiness of the people.

The UAE is positioning itself as the global melting point for international companies.

Broad and wide-reaching connection of Machine + Mind

Companies are using Artificial intelligence with Machine learning at unprecedented levels. Experts point out that it’s not a competition between Mind and Machine. It’s a collaboration of both, thereby increasing innovation and productivity. An excellent example is a green revolution that produces gene-editing plants. This may come in handy during drought conditions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have a broad reach in various industries. These include construction, entertainment, media, online learning, sports, and more.

Co Investing and Opportunities

Companies all over the world are seeking strategic ventures in the UAE. Some of these companies are based in Israel and the United States. Most of these companies want to venture into disruptive sustainable energy and ESG. It’s a well-known fact that most of the deals are led by families. Most of these families already know each other and are willing to consider new partnerships.

With some Families having limited domain expertise, their option is to outsource. These families seek co-investment outside their comfort zone. It helps them diversify and have a grip on the international market.

Future of Education

Online learning is skyrocketing, and some Universities are becoming obsolete. Technology had brought positive disruption in the education sector. Education comes into play when the future of a family is at stake. When a family wants their business to last over multiple generations, they have to invest in Education. Families must comprehend their goals and seek guidance to achieve these goals.

Mission and Vision of Bitcoin SV

The opinion movies and other social media platforms insinuate Bitcoin is steeped in criminality. Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned Bitcoin as honest money. His vision was to use Bitcoin for ethical commerce. The white paper he wrote as the word ‘honest’ written 15 times. This goes to show the impression and sincerity he was presenting with Bitcoin SV.

To reinvent the internet payment system, Bitcoin came into the picture. This helped to get rid of intermediaries while using a global distributed ledger. The ledger is set up into blocks that connect across all timelines. These blocks can contain more than just payment, and they can also have data. That’s how Bitcoin fuses data with money to help connect everything.


With Blockchain being a public and immutable ledger, it’s impossible to commit any fraudulent activity. In case you do so, evidence will point back to the culprit. It’s the most secure data vault we have today. You can also use the Bitcoin SV blockchain for various government applications.

The Summit continues to change the course of history. If you get the chance, you should head there are learn more about Bitcoin SV.

It can hold huge volumes of data thanks to the stable protocol. Bitcoin SV protocol is just like the Internet’s, only better. We have over 400 projects and ventures building on Blockchain technology.

Find out more about Bitcoin and other related industries by joining our group. You will learn more on Bitcoin mining and investment.

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