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Apex Market Ltd Review: An FCA Blacklisted Broker

Apex Market Ltd is a scam; even the Financial Conduct Authority has listed them as such. So beware and find out more in our detailed review.

We found out regarding this broker that members don’t get to withdraw funds. The broker blocks all attempts to withdraw funds.

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Apex Market Ltd is not the platform you want to use when engaging with online trading. Everything about them is a sham.

It all starts with the website design, which is a black-themed website.

About Apex Market Ltd

Apex Market Ltd Pros and cons

The people listed as the Co-founders of this platform are non-existent. There’s no such user who owns the brokerage platform.

Before joining any online broker, the best way to handle them is by taking charge of the research process.

You need to find out what makes a platform tick. Then, the broker must have the proper license to continue the liquidity business.

It all starts with navigating the platform. And we found out the platform uses a dark theme, contrary to what most expect from brokers.

A liquidity provider should have an engaging and user-friendly website. But, unfortunately, that’s not what offers.

You get to see a dark-themed website that doesn’t have much authenticity. Accountability and transparency are out of the question.

There’s also the issue of the business registry. A legit broker will try and register the business even with a local regulator.

That’s not the case with Apex Market, as you don’t have much protection from authorities.

What happens when the broker decides to close down the shop?

You need to use a reliable liquidity provider that offers much authentic trading. In addition, the platform should be ideal and free from scams.

We recommend doing due diligence before joining any brokerage firm. Please find out from other traders about their experience with the broker.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Apex Market Ltd

There’s no advantage when it comes to dealing with this broker. All you get is a broker who doesn’t offer much accountability.

The members who signed up are ruing the decision. This is after Apex Market Ltd blocked withdrawals and finally deleted their accounts.

Here’s what to look for in a broker, including the trading instruments. Watch out for brokers promising high welcome bonuses as well.

Accounts and plans

Apex Market Ltd offers four packages to anyone willing to open an account with them. The four packages include starter, classic, platinum, and Forex signals.

Here’s what these accounts have to offer;

Accounts Apex Market Ltd


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit £500 to start. The broker promises the minimum expected profit with this account is £3,500.

Other features listed as available include advanced risk management and tax-free spread betting profits.


You have to deposit £5,000 with the broker claiming members receive tight spreads and high commissions.

The minimum expected profit quoted by this broker is £45,000. In addition, members get a promise of getting advanced trading tools and expert news analysis.


There’s a minimum required deposit of £10,000 with the platinum account. The broker claims the minimum acceptable profit with this account is £99,000.

Some of the features found include benefits from industry-leading entry prices. The member also gets full executive benefits.

Forex signals

Then there’s the option of receiving forex signals from the platform. How accurate these signals remain subjective.

Account features

As indicated earlier, the broker blocks withdrawals and sets a high deposit amount. The industry-regulated minimum deposit at $250.

That amount ensures traders won’t risk it all when trading in the markets. But unfortunately, the broker also fails to have a stop-loss feature.

Any broker that guarantees profit margins is a liar. And that’s what Apex Market Ltd tries to sell to users.

There’s no way the broker claims to triple the amount deposited nearly. The broker makes the mistake of not listing the vesting period.

That’s what a get-rich-quick scheme looks like. A platform where you can’t get anything out despite high expectations.

The broker plays with naïve traders who want to earn high profits with little effort.

And it seems the broker takes over the trading as there are no trading conditions set as you would expect from a broker.

There’s no information on leverage or spreads or even any trading condition. And that’s another red flag with

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How the Apex Market Ltd scam works

The broker entices users to sign up and deposit more funds by claiming to offer much in terms of results.

These expected or guaranteed results made many users deposit high amounts expecting to win more.

That’s not the case, as the broker moves quickly to shut you out from accessing these funds. The broker insists the funds are in use for trading in other quarters.

When you insist on withdrawing funds, the broker ensures you won’t get a chance to withdraw funds.

The broker deletes your login credentials. And eventually, there’s no response from the broker.

Features of Apex Market Ltd

FCA warns investors from signing up with

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the broker, as the live chat is an information-gathering tool.

The broker claims you MUST leave your contact information and wait for their response. However, that might take ages, especially if you complain about withdrawals.

You will notice the broker fails to offer much in terms of any direct means of communication. For example, the broker fails to provide a phone number where one can call.

Deposit and withdrawal

There are several payment methods available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers.

Crypto payments are a last resort, with the broker excited since these are anonymous. But, unfortunately, it makes it even harder to recover such funds.

After depositing funds, the amount appears in your trading account within 24 hours. You can then wait for the broker to claim to generate profits.

Withdrawing funds is the biggest hurdle facing members of the platform. But, unfortunately, no one gets to withdraw funds.

License and Regulatory Status Apex Market Ltd

Apex Market Ltd is an unregulated broker that doesn’t offer much in terms of regulation. There’s no certificate to show the broker is legit.

We have here a warning from the FCA regarding the broker.

And that is enough to make us blacklist the broker and warn our readers from investing with the platform.

What to do when scammed?

You can find our recovery team that will try and moves the case forward to the concerned parties. Please check our scam recovery page for more.

Safety of funds with Apex Market Ltd

The platform doesn’t guarantee the funds’ safety, which is a major pain in the neck. You won’t get to move forward with such a broker as there’s no safety even after depositing.

We have a broker who fails to offer insurance coverage for funds deposited by members.

If the platform goes under, no member will receive any compensation.

That’s why you MUST stay away from such brokers.

Our verdict

Please stay away from the broker, or else risk losing it all.

PS: Engage with proper investment tools for a better outcome.

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