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Elite Capital Invest Review: FCA Warns Against Investing with

Elite Capital Invest is a scam, and the Financial Conduct Authority warns investors from signing up.

Nevertheless, here’s our candid review.

The broker claims to be an expert in crypto investing and trading. However, those who signed up felt the heat after the broker blocked withdrawals.

QUICK NOTE TO READER: There are safer ways of investing that need no prior experience; find out the best investment options to use.

Elite Capital Invest even fails to create a luring website with a 90s design website. As a result, navigating through the website is a huge issue for most users.

And that’s why we must find out what makes trading comfortable and safe. We will reveal how best to avoid scammers and find the best investment decisions.

Despite claiming to be an officially registered company, that’s not the case. Instead, we have a broker who doesn’t have what it takes to offer much authenticity.

The broker is a complete sham whose main purpose is to target naïve investors. And the victims are plenty.

You should avoid Elite Capital Invest or risk becoming their next victim.

A Brief Overview of Elite Capita Invest

About Elite Capital Invest pros and cons

There’s no background or history mentioned on the broker’s website. However, the about us page takes you back to the homepage.

None of the other pages seems to work, indicating the broker has left the website to chance.

The broker receives the notification of sign-ups and funds deposited to block withdrawal attempts quickly.

There’s no actual trading taking place on the platform. And that’s why we must expose the broker’s ill attempt to fool investors.

Those who have signed up with the broker have nothing but misery. The broker fails to even respond to emails sent.

Our attempts to reach out and hear the broker’s response hit a wall. The broker hasn’t made a response to our emails.

And that’s another way to test whether a broker is legit. A genuine broker will ensure a quick response, usually within one business day.

It hurts to find out that the broker doesn’t even release funds for members who didn’t trade. Yes, the broker takes your initial investment as well.

Advantages and cons of Elite Capital Invest

Our elite capital investment review reveals the disadvantages of dealing with this broker. First, you must stay away from the broker or risk losing everything.

Despite claiming to offer advanced trading tools and technical analysis, that’s not the case. As a result, the web platform is a considerable risk for investors.

You need to find out what are the aspects of a broker. These include acceptable trading features such as safety guarantees.

When registering the business, the broker claims to have a license from ASIC. That’s not true, as the broker uses false registration documents.

It shows the extent to which the broker will move to fool investors. If they can use false registry certificates, it’s not a wonder they are blocking withdrawals.

Accounts Elite Capital Invest

Accounts features and types Elite Capital Invest

Elite Capital Invest offers three investment alternatives. These investment plans all come with a profit guarantee feature.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these investment accounts;


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit a minimum of $50. The broker promises 5% ROI within 24 hours.

What’s missing is how the broker plans to use the funds deposited to make the ROI. But, again, a little insight would convince us.


With the second investment offer, an ROI of 12 percent is expected after two days. After that, the minimum acceptable deposit jumps to $7,000.

The maximum investors can deposit with the l7 account is $14,999. In addition, you get an instant payout feature.


A minimum investment of $15,000 is required to get started with this account. However, you get a promise of getting 20% ROI in 3 days.

Members can deposit an unlimited number after the $15,000 threshold. And the broker claims there’s an instant payout after the vesting period.

PS: Invest in proven legit investment avenues that offer realistic ROI.

Account features and highlights

What these accounts lack is transparency, as there’s nowhere the broker claims they mine or trade crypto for profit.

Investors are to blindly sign up with the broker and magically wait for the profits to soar quickly.

The vesting period is another red flag as the broker claims you can earn high ROI within 72 hours.

That’s unrealistic, and the broker is targeting naïve investors who have heard of high crypto investment returns.

For a genuine crypto vesting period, expect a minimum of three to four months.

Anyone promising huge ROI in a matter of hours is lying to you. And the guarantee part is another worrying feature.

No expert or robot can guarantee profits, especially with crypto. As a result, the crypto market is volatile, and investors are bound to face losses.

Even with cloud mining services, the payouts are in their 1 percent margins, which is when the market favors the mined coin.

We have a broker who is not keen on protecting investors and only wants your deposit. So once you do deposit, the broker blocks access to your account.

FCA Warns against investing with

Affiliate and partner program

There’s also an affiliate program up for grabs. With the affiliate program, the broker wants to take advantage of your connections.

What seems like a huge commission percentage is a trap to lure affiliates to sign up. The broker promises 5% commissions on all affiliates you bring in.

Those who you direct to sign up eventually lose with the platform. You end up facing the blame for leading investors to a scam.

Contact and support

There’s a live chat feature that stays for hours before responding. So naturally, one would expect a platform bragging of having over 2,000 active members to have a live chat.

That’s not the case, as the chat only gathers email data for users who leave. Instead, the broker wants to contact you using hyper ads sent via email.

We see a broker who doesn’t offer much in terms of support. Instead, the broker wants to hide their support and minimize communication to written form.

There’s no phone number listed that one can use to contact the broker directly.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Funding your account with Elite Capital Invest is fast, as the broker accepts all deposits. These include both Crypto and FIAT.

After depositing funds, the amount may reflect on your dashboard within 24 hours.

Withdrawing funds from the platform becomes the biggest issue facing members.

Elite Capital Invest License and Regulation

Elite Capital is not a licensed or regulated platform. As a result, the broker faces a stern warning from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Be checking whether a broker is legit by confirming with local regulators. The UK’s FCA is one of the best regulators.

What to do when scammed?

Visit our scam recovery page and find out how to recover stolen funds.

Safety of funds with Elite Capital Invest

Your funds are far from safe with this investment platform.

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