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Best Rated Crypto Exchange Platforms

Most investors wonder, which are the best Crypto exchange platforms to join?

Well, worry no more; our review will help reveal the best crypto investments. These crypto investments were tested over time, and the results were verified.

There are two types of crypto exchange platforms for those who don’t know. Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

CEX platforms operate using an order book system. This system is used by popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and KuCoin.

Decentralized crypto investments use peer-to-peer transactions without going through any third party.

Examples of DEX Crypto Exchange platforms include dYdX, Kyber PancakeSwap, and Unsnap. These exchanges usually rely on smart contracts on a single Blockchain.

DEX platforms are ideal for sophisticated investors.

Advantages of Crypto Exchange Platforms


You don’t have to transfer your funds to a third party. And that decreases any risk of losing your investment or account balance.


Members can leverage their investments using borrowed funds from such exchanges, commonly known as margin trading.

It helps users earn high returns by trading on these platforms.

Less censorship

Traders get or instead enjoy less censorship from crypto exchange platforms. And that means taking advantage of the freedom to participate in several investments at once.

Market Manipulation

DEX platforms prevent market manipulation, enabling users to enjoy market rates without outside effects.


Crypto exchange platforms are reliable in terms of security layers provided by clients. With a centralized system, you get higher levels of comfort.


As a beginner, you will find crypto exchanges easier to use. These exchanges offer intuitive platforms for buying and selling digital assets.

The wallets offer the balance available using all supported coins on the exchange.

Commissions earned from trading assets on crypto exchanges are larger. Therefore, you need to be more careful when engaging with such stores.

Here are the best Crypto Exchanges Platforms to use

RankCrypto Exchange PlatformType Beginner FriendlyCost
RankCrypto Exchange PlatformTypeBeginner FriendlyCost

#1. Bitsgap

Bitsgap Crypto Exchange Platforms

For those looking to automate crypto trading with ease, Bitsgap is the best option for this type of investment.

You get the best crypto trading bots with algorithmic trading orders available. Trusted by over half a million users, it’s best to involve yourself with this platform.

Bitsgap is also the best for beginners as the profits are available even after setting up back-tested grids.

Enjoy DCA strategies available on the platform with ease. There are over 3.7 million trading bots tested on the platform.

And that makes Bitsgap the best platform to use.

With the first trading servers, Bitsgap is the best in-house trading platform for beginners. And this is why Bitsgap made it to the top of the best crypto exchange platforms.

Advantages of Bitsgap

Security is one of the reasons why Bitsgap is the best crypto exchange platform the industry has to offer.

The exchange has over $300 billion in trading volume. And that means we are dealing with a store that offers much sustainability.

You also get to test several trading bots that offer realistic returns. The bots are free to use, and some have a small fee.

One of the issues you might face is slow customer support. As we tested the platform, there was no live chat available.

#2 Spectre AI

Spectre AI best in class crypto exchange platforms

High-frequency, low-risk trading is what SPEECTRE AI offers to investors. You get a platform that’s ideal and offers digital contracts with ease.

Spectre AI may not be one of the most renowned DEX exchange platforms. The reason is the low trading volume.

However, it’s one of the industry’s most secure and trusted Crypto Exchange Platforms.

You get a platform that fails to offer much in terms of sustainability. In addition, the platform fails to deliver much regarding convenient support.

However, all the cons get mitigated by the high commissions earned on this platform. This is because no third parties or brokers can cut the commissions earned.

Advantages of Spectre AI Crypto Exchange Platforms

Traders get the broadest range of trading assets on this crypto exchange platform than on any other.
And that goes to show we are dealing with the best in-house trading platform.

These are the ideal spots to trade and make high returns with crypto trading.

Withdrawal is instant, and no delays make it worthwhile. In addition, the platform is easy to use and intuitive.

There are easy-to-follow guidelines for newbies on the platform. The wallet-based structure is another exciting feature of Spectre AI.

#3. Binance


It’s one of the more stable Crypto Exchange Platforms available in the industry. So go for Binance if you want security for your investment.

Binance is also one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms we have.

It supports various coins, and staking is also available. Trusted by nearly half of crypto users, its reach is beyond question.

Advantages of Binance Crypto Exchange Platforms

Some delays may occur when withdrawing funds from some sellers. Usually, it takes 2 hours for some transactions to be complete.

You would want an instant platform when it comes to withdrawals.

Binance is one of the most secure Crypto Exchange platforms in the industry.

Final Verdict on Crypto Exchange Platforms

Want to earn with crypto trading? Join any of the above-tested crypto exchange platforms for a chance to increase your wealth.

Join the crypto conversation today.

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