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Top Rated Passive Hands-Off Crypto Investment Opportunities and Trading Bots

Finding the best hands-off crypto investment platforms can be a brawl, but not anymore.

We strive to ensure anyone looking to start cryptocurrency investing has a solid footing.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best crypto investment platforms to go for. These are platforms that have been tested over time.

To get the best, we used several factors to determine which is the best crypto investment platform to go for.

As a newbie, you probably want a hands-off investment platform with easy-to-follow guidelines. Automation of investments is the best way to start.

All our investments have pointed out a clear line of thought. There are profitable crypto investment platforms for everyone.

Depending on what you’re looking for, each hands-off crypto investment platform offers something different.

Factors to consider when choosing desirable crypto exchange platforms

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best crypto exchange platform. These considerations save money and time.

What are these factors to consider?

Asset choice

The best crypto investment platforms must have a wide array of asset investments. This is because there are thousands of different digital assets to invest in.

These include both CEX and DEX platforms. And that’s what you need to stay ahead of the industry with reliable assets to trade with.

Customer support

Having 24/7 support is imperative when deciding which trading platform to use. And the difference between one platform over the other.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

You have to know the limits set for deposits and withdrawals. The platform must also offer instant withdrawals with no delays.

FIAT withdrawals should be available, which means quickly exchanging FIAT with crypto on the platform.

Ease of use

The crypto exchange platform of choice should be easy to use. It should have an intuitive, seamless platform, even for newbies.


Your crypto investment platform should have enough liquidity. In addition, the platform must have many users or a large asset base.


Above all else, the crypto exchange platform must have a steer reputation in the crypto community. This is because that’s the ideal way of trading.


Security is a top choice when it comes to crypto investments. These are investments that do offer formidable security against hacks.

Trading fees

Avoid hands-off crypto investment platforms that have hidden fees. Instead, we prefer platforms that are transparent when it comes to setting trading fees.

Here are the best hands-off crypto exchange platforms to go for

RankingHands-Off Crypto Investment PlatformTypeBeginner FriendlyCost
RankingHands-Off Crypto Investment PlatformTypeBeginner FriendlyCost

#1 Forexsignals

Forexsignals Reliable Hands off Crypto investment Platforms

Although not a crypto exchange platform, the robots available are ideal for crypto trading. And above all else, these are highly performing crypto trading bots.

Tested by the crypto community and us, these are the best deals you can go for. In addition, you get a platform that offers expert advice when needed.

Forexsignals is the best place for newbies to begin trading. It would be best if you indulged with experts to get started on how to trade safely and make stable profit margins.

Once done right, these crypto robots offer realistic profit margins.

Advantages of Forexsignals hands-off trading robots

Accuracy and safety are what make forexsignals trading robots stand out. The best way to trade is to have a bot with a stop-loss feature.

Such features guarantee members have a high chance of winning. You also get the protection needed to lose your stake from one trade.

Fast and transparent, these signals are fully backed by traders worldwide.

You have the option of talking to an expert when you need help. That makes it a commendable robot for newbies, expert investors, and traders.

#2. IQCent Crypto Investment Platforms

IQCent is the best hands off crypto investment platforms

This has to be one of the most profitable hands-off crypto investment platforms to use. A chance to increase your ROI by 95% within 5 seconds that’s what IQCent offers.

There are over 100 copy trading tools available on this platform. Another exciting feature is the copy trading tool on offer.

With leverage set at 1:500, traders have the perfect opportunity to earn more with this platform. And that’s the level of trading every trader wants, especially in the crypto sector.

There are over 20 payment methods with instant withdrawals available. It’s a versatile platform that traders can use no matter their location.

With no restrictions, these are the best crypto investments to go for.

Advantages of IQCent Crypto Investment Platforms

High profit within a short time. Crypto traders fully vet IQCent.

#3. Bitsgap


For those looking to automate their crypto trading, Bitsgap is the best platform. With this platform, traders get various tools to increase performance better.

It’s one of the best hands-off crypto investment platforms to choose from. These platforms are ideally what traders use to stay ahead in the game.

There are effective back-tested GRID and DCA strategies on offer. Traders can also build their custom trading strategies to suit their style.

With over 500K traders already on Bitsgap, it shows how trusted the platform has become to investors.

You also get to test over 3 million bots on the platform. That ensures you have a bot for every imaginable trading position.

Advantages of Bitsgap Crypto Investment Platforms

Passive income is exactly what you need when it comes to Bitsgap. Traders make high-profit margins with easy-to-use trading strategies.

Make a high-profit margin within a short period. That’s what Bitsgap offers.

With over 300 billion in trade volume, it shows the platform has many users. And even more interesting, high-value assets.

Security is a guarantee, as these robots have enjoyed a massive fan base.

#4 Spectre AI

Crypto Investment Platforms Spectre AI

Specter AI is what you need if you are looking for a broad crypto asset range. There’s no doubt you will earn with this platform.

With over 85 percent win rate, Spectre AI offers the best possible trading conditions.

Advantages of Spectre AI

Ease of use and high-profit margin. Traders earn up to 100 percent of the returns with Spectre AI.

It’s one of the best crypto investments platform to use.

Our Recommendation for hands-off crypto investment platforms

Go for any of the platforms above for a chance to win big with crypto and other trading tools.

Do join the crypto conversation for more.

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