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Bitcoin and Blockchain Jobs are Booming | Here’s the know How

Bitcoin’s value was less than a penny in March 2010. Ten years later, in 2020, the price of Bitcoin had risen to $20,000, and early investors were driving high-end cars. The price of Bitcoin would always be inextricably linked to the buzz encompassing it; uniformity thrust the Blockchain professional world into the hot seat.

Between 2017 and 2020, the popularity of Blockchain increased by nearly 2000%, making it one of the most in-demand skills in the sector. The Blockchain market is projected to be valued at around $20 billion by 2024. To add the additional level of protection and render their facilities more convenient, 69 percent of banks are now using Blockchain technology.

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What are the current conditions of the blockchain market? 

As per LinkedIn information, Blockchain has been at the number one spot of skills in high demand in 2020. This ranking was formed by taking into account the expertise in high demand compared to supply. The skillset of frequently hired is strong evidence of Blockchain’s increasing demands.

Increasing demand for blockchain skills 

Bitcoin and Blockchain jobs

The prominent position of Blockchain jobs demonstrates how deeply it has entered the corporate world. Blockchain did not fit the criteria of most in-demand skills only a year ago. In Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, Blockchain is presently the most in-demand skill. Other renowned technologies, like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, are falling behind.

Blockchain used to be tucked away in the dark waters of the world of cryptocurrencies. However, it has now developed as an alternative business solution to various issues. As a result, hiring managers for Blockchain jobs do not need to be in the financial services industry.

The amount of Blockchain revenue, advertising, and design positions has grown due to the refocus on introducing products to the market and revenue growth. The biggest companies in this industry are cryptocurrency transactions. These exchanges hire about 42% of workers in the Blockchain industry, while mining and hardware makers hire 10%.

All major corporations, including American Express, Amazon, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Oracle, and IBM, have embraced Blockchain as a business model. Today, the Blockchain employment market spans a range of sectors, including health care systems, shipments, gaming, amusement, food safety, and agriculture.IBM, Facebook, JPMorgan, and many others are just a few of the names in the mix of businesses hiring in the area.

Skills and location 

The location of the jobs is one of the causes for such rising starting salary with job vacancies. Large cities like New York City and San Francisco, as is often the situation in the technology world, are at the forefront of American cities with blockchain job vacancies, accompanied by probable places like San Jose, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles. Other global hubs are also looking for crypto talent outside of the United States. London, Singapore, Toronto, and Hong Kong are at the top of the list for crypto job openings in the international job market.

The form of talent that employers are looking for is also covered in Glassdoor’s studies. As per the information, software engineering is the most searched occupation, which is understandable given that more companies are looking to integrate blockchain technology into their systems. Software engineer job openings account for roughly 20% of all blockchain-related job openings on Glassdoor. Analyst associations, product, front-end, and technology engineers were also in high demand, with a single-digit percent of vacancies.

The research is not surprising for a new sector like blockchains, but it is reassuring for the industry’s prospects for the future. We’re seeing in the technology world for anyone with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning skills following the usual pattern. Even though the compliance status of cryptocurrencies in the United States is uncertain, the industry’s growth about the core technology is not. Looking ahead, the blockchain market is expected to grow to expand at a rapid pace.

A higher wage for blockchain experts 

Many organizations now use Blockchain to overcome challenges, which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of Blockchain job openings. There is enough evidence to support the increasing demands for Blockchain programmers and their large pay. Compared to 2018, the number of Blockchain-related jobs increased by 300 percent in 2019. The increase in demand for Blockchain jobs has also increased Blockchain job salaries

The pay range for Blockchain developers is not comparable to those operating with Ai Technology, another in-demand technology. Blockchain combines a variety of programming methods and applications, such as ledger economics and object-oriented programming, with a strong cryptographic foundation. This indicates that the industry has a high demand for requirement specialists and product managers.

Companies are embracing blockchain technologies. 

Blockchain and Bitcoin Jobs to Look out for

Since there is a scarcity of Blockchain developers, there is a high demand, fueling the growth of the Blockchain job market. While the advantages of Blockchain are still being debated, the technology is now widely known due to massive media coverage.

Several well-known firms have implemented Blockchain and even launched initiatives devoted solely to this technology. Microsoft is one of the companies that has done this with Azure and has built a Blockchain platform on top of it. IBM also has a devoted Hyperledger-based Blockchain division.

As start-ups grow and mature, those currently joining the industry come from a wider variety of professional backgrounds.

Many people who have experience in advertising, media affairs, and operations are now looking to join the industry, in addition to those with a technological and economic background.

Those who entered the blockchain area last year tended to have technological or financial services experience, as the roles available were mostly restricted to development and trading at the time.


Job seekers are taking notice of the industry’s opportunities. Since last fall, the number of crypto- and blockchain-related search queries has skyrocketed. Within only a few years, crypto and Blockchain have gone from obscure technologies to developing a robust, rapidly increasing share of Indeed job postings. Meanwhile, hiring for support roles such as human resources and advertising has increased in the field. Remote software development job seekers are more likely to discover suitable open spots in crypto and Blockchain technology than general developer jobs.

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